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Mini Truck Parts And Accessories - Mini Market - April 2007

Want - Find - Buy - Build

Ashley Alexander
Apr 1, 2007
Photo 2/5   |   mini Market fuelairspark
Fast Fuel
Fast Precision's new Fuel Injectors offer the right selection for your performance application. With the wide number of fuel injectors currently on the market, FAST Precision Fuel Injectors are the perfect solution and offer the largest selection of injectors for numerous applications. Available in packages of 1, 4, 6, or 8, they cover a wide range of engine configurations and horsepower levels. The fuel injectors are also available in nine fuel-flow ratings from 19 lb/hr to as much as 160 lb/hr. You can count on one being the right fit for your application. For more information, contact Fuel Air Spark Technology, (901) 260-FAST (3278), or
Photo 3/5   |   mini Market sirmichaels
Colorado Steel
One of the best ways to enhance the look of your Colorado, whether it's lowered or lifted, is to replace the rear bumper with a steel roll pan. Sir Michaels has been manufacturing quality steel components for your truck since 1976. Now celebrating their 30th year in business, all of Sir Michaels roll pans are made in the USA from heavy, 18-gauge steel and are 100-percent TIG-welded. Sir Michaels also manufactures a hidden hitch that hides behind the roll pan when not in use, and a tailgate handle relocater kit that smoothes out and finishes off the rear of your Colorado beautifully. For more info, check out their new website at:
, or call (800) 900-4944.
Photo 4/5   |   mini Market autometer
Mini Tachs
Auto Meter Products introduces the newest member to their performance tachometer family, the Mini-Monster. A fusion of styling and performance in a compact and versatile package, Mini-Monster's fully loaded features make this 3-3/4-inch tachometer perfect for street, performance, and race applications. With such features including Auto Meter's signature, intense, LED through-the-dial lighting; rugged and quick reacting, air-core movement, a glowing, lit pointer for high-contrast night-time viewing, and user-programmable instant-response, with a LED Quick-Lite shift light. Mini-Monster tachometers are available in six popular designs to match your existing Auto Meter Cobalt, C2, NV, Sport-Comp II, Phantom II, or Ultra-Lite II series gauges. For more information, contact Auto Meter at (815) 895-8147, or check out
Photo 5/5   |   mini Market streetwires
Power When You Need It
StreetWires announced its new capacitors to its Power Station line, giving car-audio enthusiasts a bold new way to enhance the performance of their systems. Featuring 1-farad capacities and a stylish design, StreetWires' new capacitors smooth out the highs and lows of electrical-system resources, thereby ensuring that premium audio systems have sufficient power when they need it most. Deep bass notes, in particular, can draw power away from other critical vehicle systems, which causes them to underperform. A capacitor, mounted in close electrical proximity to the amplifier, can repeatedly store and quickly discharge electrical power to the amp when needed, eliminating momentary drains on electrical resources. StreetWires' new capacitors, Models PSC401 and PSC401D, offer not only state-of-the-art performance, but also a new graphic design that is attractive enough for prime-time placement, even in the hottest audio installs. For more information on StreetWires' products and available authorized retailers across the U.S., check out


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