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Custom Mini Truck Modifications - Minitrucker Modifications Defined

What Exactly Do They Mean?

Mike Alexander
Jun 1, 2007
Photographers: MT Staff
Photo 2/5   |   chevrolet S10 front Drivers Side View
Minitruckers are all about crazy modifications. It doesn't matter if it's a body mod, suspension mod, engine mod, interior mod, or any other kind of mod. Mod this, mod that-you hear it all the time. But what exactly does each one of these modifications mean? Here, we'll shed some light on some of the more common modifications that minitruckers use to personalize their ride and set it apart from the rest.
Air Bagged:
There's quite a few terms associated with air-baggin' a minitruck. 'Baggin' your ride simply means installing an adjustable air-ride suspension on all four corners. But from there, it can get more complicated when you hear about people layin' frame, and other terminology.
A four-link suspension refers to using four bars-which come in many different forms such as parallel, triangulated, and reverse-for your rear suspension to hold the rear end in place.
Layin' Frame:
This refers to air-baggin' a truck to lay the frame completely flat on the ground, which will always involve notching the frame, and generally will involve reworking crossmembers, exhaust, gas tank, and anything that hangs below the frame from the factory pieces.
Laid Out on 22s:
This refers to laying flat frame on the ground and tucking 22-inch wheels, or whatever given size you have.
Photo 3/5   |   chevrolet Colorado front Passenger Side View
This is sometimes referred to as pinched. To section, or pinch, a ride completely means to cut out a given amount from all the way around the body to lower the overall height and keep the body proportioned. For example, a 2-inch section would mean that 2 inches were taped off and cut completely out of the vehicle from the doors, fenders, bed, and etc.
Chop Top:
To chop the top refers to sectioning-or cutting out-a given amount out of the pillars to lower the roof line. For example, a 2-inch chop top means that the roof line is 2 inches lower, because 2 inches have been cut out of all of the pillars, and the glass has been addressed with either new or modified glass.
Photo 4/5   |   custom Mini Trucks front View
Basically, a body-drop is to lower the body down over the frame so that it rests on the ground even with the frame. This is accomplished in many different ways. There are a few different body-drop terms: a stock floor, traditional, to the pinch, to the rocker, and channeling, among other terms.
Stock Floor:
This is when the floor height-aka the seat height-in the truck is kept the same by either modifying the frame, the body mounts, or a combination of both. However, don't be fooled, as you will still have to modify the floor to clear things such as the tranny tunnel and any other clearance issues that can arise.
A traditional body-drop refers to cutting out the floor, dropping the body down, and then welding the floor back into place and capping the ends. It sounds easy, but again, many other clearance issues can, and will, arise.
To The Pinch:
This is when the truck is body- dropped to the pinch weld, which generally hangs below the rocker.
To The Rocker:
This is when the truck is body-dropped to the lowest point of the rocker panel.
Layin' Flat Rocker:
The rocker is modified-cut lower-so that the truck lays out on a flat rocker, rather than the general curve of the rocker.
This is the original hot-rod body-drop, which is accomplished by cutting two channels into the body to let the body rest down over the frame.
Shaving refers to removing a factory item-such as door handles, tailgate handle, and emblems-and welding and body working it to smooth out the overall lines of the vehicle.
Photo 5/5   |   toyota Truck rear Drivers Side View
This is along the lines of shaving and smoothing things out on the vehicle. To mold something-such as a molded roll pan, molded dash, etc.-refers to permanently bonding it and smoothing out all of the lines or joints of the vehicle.
To french an item-such as a license plate, taillights, or antenna-means to mold it and sink it so that the item is flush with the body or other given area.


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