It just makes sense to buy the much cheaper-based package, right? Considering all of us have plans whether the truck is still on the dealership lot or not, no truck will stay stock for long. So why pay for all of the expensive upgrades when you are planning on changing so many things anyways? That was how we felt when we picked up an '06 Ford Explorer XLT, which came complete with the factory 16-inch wheels, black side trim, and stock everything. By agreeing to the lower-optioned XLT package, we saved thousands and still had a great platform to customize. There were no over-the-top tricks here, just a clean look that appeared upgraded and still left money in our pockets. To help us achieve our goal, we contacted ATS Design in Cerritos, California, for a set of its color-matched running boards, and they helped us smooth and paint the ugly black plastic trim, bumpers, and door handles, as well. Other easy upgrades included 20-inch Incubus wheels, Falken Ziex S/T tires, and a MagnaFlow exhaust. Check out how much nicer our Explorer looked after a few well-selected parts and upgrades. You can change the way your truck or SUV looks by contacting the companies in the source box.