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Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - November 2007

Want - Find - Buy - Build

Abhley Alexander
Nov 1, 2007
Photo 2/6   |   mini Market kinetik
Power when You Need It Most
Kinetik has been producing car audio and power-cell batteries for a number of years and is bringing this award-winning product to the truck and boat enthusiast. Kinetik offers power ranging from 1400W Group 22 to an amazing 2400W Group 31 power cell, guaranteed to give you more power from your amplifiers, better cranking power, and now longer time out on the water. Kinetik's KM-24 fits in the same location as most stock marine batteries, while giving you double the power and more amp hour for longer run time between charges. This means, the party lasts longer with Kinetik! Don't forget the ever-popular KHC-1800 for your tow vehicle or custom show truck, with double the power under the hood, all of your accessories will perform the way you intended them to. For more information about Kinetik and its top-of-the-line car audio and marine power cells, and to find a dealer near you, call (888) 522-8346, or visit
Photo 3/6   |   mini Market stinger Electronics
What's a Farad?
Stinger, AAMP of America's high-performance car-audio accessories division, offers its SPC5010 Pro Hybrid Capacitor for exceptional high-amperage power management. The SPC5010 contains 10 Farads of total capacitance and accepts two 1/0 or 4 gauge inputs/outputs or a combination of one each. By combining the benefits of electrolytic and carbon capacitors, the SPC5010 provides extremely fast cycling and high power, along with tremendous power reserve. Its unique angular design also features a four-digit red LED voltage display and black anodized aluminum housing for killer looks in any install. Stinger Pro Hybrid Capacitors are designed with the same quality and innovation that have made Stinger the industry-leader in high-performance car-audio accessories. For top-notch power, look no further than the SPC5010. For more information or to find a dealer, visit
Titanium Clean
Committed to providing the ultimate shine for every part of a vehicle, the Titanium product line is the newest car care offering from the Black Magic brand. The Titanium line of premium products was developed with car enthusiasts in mind, those who take pride in their rides and want their vehicles to look as good as the day it was purchased. The first products introduced to the Titanium line-up are Black Magic Titanium Tire Wet Gel and Black Magic Titanium Wheel Cleaner. Tires and wheels are arguably the most abused part of your car. Daily exposure to break dust, road grime, salts, and tar can make it difficult for a car owner to maintain. The Black Magic Titanium line provides a lasting shine, while protecting the tires and wheels to help keep your truck looking good, longer.For the ultimate in good looks, check out
Photo 6/6   |   mini Market proform Parts
Go Anywhere with Cargo Safely Secured
Transporting cargo securely in your pickup-truck bed requires the right equipment. Tuff Hook from Proform provides a flexible and reliable way to transport everything from appliances and heavy furniture to powersport toys, and more. If it fits in the truck's bed, Tuff Hook can be easily configured to secure it. Tuff Hook uses a telescoping bar that allows the main tie-down assembly to span the width of any conventional pickup bed. It protects and reinforces the front bedrail, and provides convenient latch-down points. Easy-to-install bolts allow the system to be custom-sized by hand. Heavy-gauge steel side plates secure the system to the truck's bed with three bolts per side, and each plate has three eyelets that serve as secure lash-down locations. The system components are finished in a gray hammer-tone powdercoat for long-term durability and rust resistance. There's also several accessories to fit your needs, including quick-release bicycle mounts, motorcycle wheel chocks, and adjustable anchor eyelets, to name a few. For more information, check out


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