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Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - December 2007

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Ashley Alexander
Dec 1, 2007
Photo 2/5   |   mini Market get Stroked
Get Stroked
Custom doesn't come in a box; it comes one brushstroke at a time. Get Stroked is an all-encompassing custom pinstripe and art extraordinaire store to cover all of your custom pinstriping needs. It offers patented, custom toilet seats, light switches (for the garage junkie who has it all), beer bottles, and awesome plaques that are being praised as the "next big thing." Let Get Stroked customize your club logo onto any of its products to show your club pride. Stop in now and pick up a gift for the hardcore minitruckin' man or woman in your life. Get Stroked can also customize event trophies that will leave your attendees wanting more. Group discounts are available. For more information, contact Jen of Get Stroked at (281) 642-6881, or check out the website at
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Photo 3/5   |   mini Market cando Specialties
New Six-Link
CanDo Specialties just released its new CanDo S-10 six-link, which features a new raised gas-tank crossmember, and includes the upper four-link mounts TIG welded on the crossmember. The upper four-link bar ends are angled, instead of the brackets; that way they won't bind up side to side. The lower bars are shorter to correct pinion-angle problems, which requires the relocation of the front lower hangers pushed back 10 inches. Also included are notched axle brackets to allow more travel, and new 'bag mounts on top of the cantilever bars. A new 10-bolt differential bracket holds the upper four-link bars and is now stronger than ever. All parts that CanDo produces are machined, or laser cut, and then TIG welded. CanDo's motto: High quality means the product must look great, function and perform to its utmost ability, and be built the best that it can be. This new S-10 six-link has been revised several times to ensure the CanDo motto. For more information and to order yours today, go to
Photo 4/5   |   mini Market tm Flooring
Garage Style
Millennium Modular offers two new garage flooring options for car enthusiasts and homeowners, called the TrafficMaster Garage and Drain Tiles. These new modular garage floorings are available for in-store purchase and is sold exclusively at The Home Depot. TrafficMaster Garage and Drain Tiles deliver the performance of commercial-grade flooring at a great value. Also, there are a variety of colors: silver, charcoal, red, blue, yellow, white, and black. This gives you endless options when it comes to personalizing your garage floor. TrafficMaster Garage and Drain Tiles are easy to install using a simple overlap and tap process. There's no adhesives and minimal floor preparation. These durable tiles are made from high-impact polypropylene and can support as much as 10,000 lbs with a 10-year residential guarantee. Transforming your garage floor is a do-it-yourself project that takes as little as two hours, and can be used immediately, unlike epoxy floor coatings. For more information, please call (866) 380-6481, or visit
Photo 5/5   |   mini Market spalusa
Blown Away
Spal centrifugal blowers provide a high-performance solution to heating, cooling, and ventilating your ride with limited space. Now available from Spal are 12-volt and 24-volt, single- and double-wheel blowers to suit most HVAC system needs. The high-efficiency blowers are low-profile, lightweight, and easy-to-install where space is limited. Spal blower assemblies are dynamically balanced to ensure low vibration and quiet operation. Spal offers single-, three- and four-speed versions, as well as a selection of adjustable rectangular and circular louvers to complete a system design. Spal recently introduced a new family of waterproof and dustproof blower assemblies, which are ideal for applications where dust and debris are a prime concern. To learn more about Spal centrifugal blowers, or to place an order, visit


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