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2002 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty - High Steppin'

AMP Research Phantom Power Step And Bedstep

Bob Ryder
Dec 15, 2007
Photographers: Bob Ryder
Photo 2/28   |   2002 Gmc Sierra entering Door
We have witnessed an invasion of lifted trucks over the past couple of years that has caused a particular inconvenience. How does one get in and out of them? We have seen tube steps, stirrups, and individual motorized step pads, but AMP Research has developed an automatic, activated, motorized running-board system that accommodates both the front and the back doors of extended cabs, crew cabs, and four-door SUVs simultaneously. These action running boards activate when a door is opened. A board extends out, then when a door is closed, the board retracts and tucks up against the rocker panel.
Photo 3/28   |   The AMP Research Power Step running board system comes complete with two heavy-duty motorized weatherproof electric motors, one per side. Front and rear connecting linkages, two idler linkages, one per side; an electric-power controller, wiring harness with connectors, and two corrosion-resistant-coated aluminum running boards with a 600-pound load capacity per side.
AMP Research has also developed a self-activated BedStep for easier tailgate and bed access. This no-hands foot system works with the tailgate, open or closed. Made from high-strength aluminum, the step framework is protected with a durable powdercoated finish. The BedStep is an easy, 10 minute, bolt-on installation, with no required electrical wiring, welding, or cutting. This manually operated BedStep snaplocks into the up or down position. The patented multilink design allows the BedStep to deploy at a convenient angle, from the rear bumper with an effortless step-down motion with your foot.
We stopped by Traders Sport Trucks in Santa Fe Springs, California, to chat about business with owner Simon Purves and visit with the installation specialists, Ox Higgins and Mike Bogart. Ox installed a pair of AMP Research Power Step running boards and an AMP Research BedStep on an '02 GMC Sierra Crew Cab "Fantastic Four" that had recently received a 6-inch RCD lift kit, Ultra wheels, and Cooper A/T tires.
From the Driver Seat: Power StepThe AMP Power Step running boards don't take away from the totally aggressive, rugged off-road appearance, because the running boards are hidden up against the rocker panels. After installing the AMP Research Power Step running boards, even your grandmother could ease herself into your lifted ride.
One concern we had pertaining to the AMP Research Power Step kit, PN10-03057-10 for the '02 GMC Sierra HD 2500 Crew Cab, was the kit came with no diodes. Ox made a run to Radio Shack and purchased four diodes. We called AMP Research to inquire about our concern. Their reply was directly from the AMP Research Power Step application guide:
"Diodes required. GM trucks and SUVs, model years 1999-2002, require four additional diodes that are not included in the standard parts kit. When ordering, please specify the vehicle model year so the diodes can be included. If needed, additional diodes, PN 10-02727-90, may be ordered at no charge and shipped UPS Ground by calling (800) 983-2206." For referrence, you can view this at: step/index.asp.
So, be sure if you are ordering an AMP Research Power Step to pay close attention to your specific vehicle's diode needs.
Manufacturer Part Number Price
AMP Research Power Step PN10-03057-1 $1,375.00
Time Spent Working: 3 Hours
Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate
Tools Needed: An electric drill, assorted drill bits, 3/8-inch ratchet, assorted combination wrenches, assorted sockets, electric wire snip-pliers, electrical test probe-light, and a soldering gun solder/flux.
Photo 28/28   |   Notice how the BedStep tucked up snugly underneath the rear bumper.
From The Driver Seat:BedStep Getting into the bed of any truck is an effort, whether the truck is stock height or lifted. Now AMP Research offers their BedStep for effortless access to your truck's bed. Flip it down when needed, or up to stow under the rear bumper. A spring-loaded cam allows the step to deploy and retract with a simple push of your foot. The BedStep can be used with the tailgate up or down. Just step up on the BedStep, then onto the tailgate, and into the bed. After using the BedStep, we simply gave it a tap with our foot from underneath, and it instantly retracted underneath the rear bumper.
AMP Research BedStep PN10-03444-10
Time Spent Working:   45 Minutes
Degree of Difficulty:   Easy
Tools Needed:17mm socket, pneumatic ratchet wrench, or hand ratchet, and a 3/16-inch Allen wrench.


Amp Research
Tustin, CA 92780
Traders Sport Truck
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670


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