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Mini Truck Parts And Accessories - Mini Market - February 2008

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Ashley Alexander
Feb 1, 2008
Photo 2/5   |   mini Market irtools
Portable Cutting
Ingersoll Rand has extended its line of IQ Series cordless tools again, this time including the GC25 cut-off tool. As the first of its kind, the GC25 3-inch cordless cut-off tool joins a platform of some of the most powerful cordless tools on the market. The 14.4-volt GC25 is compatible with standard 3-inch cutting wheels to as much as 1/16-inch thick for light-duty cutting jobs, including muffler and exhaust cutting, bolt cutting, tube cutting, and general sheetmetal cutting and trimming. The lightweight GC25 weighs less than 2 pounds and has a powerful 0.35 horsepower motor. Like the IQ Series grinders, the GC25 features a microprocessor-controlled motor. By continuously monitoring tool operation and motor temperature, the microprocessor warns the user by pulsing the motor on and off repeatedly if the tool begins to overheat. If the maximum temperature limit is reached, the microprocessor disables the tool until it cools to the optimum range. By ensuring the tool is always operating optimally, the protection feature prevents misuse, improves battery run time, and drastically prolongs tool life. With a variable speed trigger and an adjustable guard, the tool delivers excellent control and ease-of-access in tight work areas. For more details on the Ingersoll Rand GC25 cordless cut-off tool, call (800) 376-TOOL (8665), or visit the website,
Photo 3/5   |   mini Market finalfab
Linked Up
Seriously Insane Auto Concepts has introduced its new line of four-links. These highly designed five-bar systems will fit virtually all minitrucks. After receiving your new four-link, it's just a few welds away from being installed, by following the supplied installation directions and drawings. Then, after a few hours, you're done. These links are best suited when a new frame is built, or if your stock fuel tank is moved. All four forward bars sport adjustable ends that give you infinite pinion-angle geometry. When your link is adjusted correctly, pinion angle change will be no greater than 6 degrees of travel. Our link capacity on wheel sizes will tuck a 22 with ease, or tuck a greater size with some minor adjusting. For more information, please contact Seriously Insane Auto Concepts at (865)689-1179, or visit
Photo 4/5   |   mini Market usa Weld
Clear View
HTP America announces a lineup of advanced Pyrex cup kits, which have been designed to fit all standard TIG torches. The unique Pyrex design of these cups, which is used instead of alumina or ceramic; allows a clear unobstructed view of the arc and working area. Since the operator is better able to see what they are doing, the welding process is both easier and quicker, and therefor leads to more professional results. A special gas-saver gas lens kit, standard with all HTP Pyrex Cup kits, delivers a more even and uniform gas flow, which saves gas and provides better gas coverage. The kit also eliminates gas turbulence, which can cause weld-quality problems and inconsistencies. Pyrex cup kits are available in a variety of diameters to fit all standard size torches. For more information, contact HTP America at (800) 872-9353, or visit
Photo 5/5   |   mini Market calcarduster
Keep 'Em Clean
The Original California Car Duster Company has added another highly-effective specialized car care product to its line, in the form of the new Wheel Duster. This exclusive device features a prong-like design, so it can literally clamp around a spoke and clean both sides simultaneously. It's perfect for removing annoying brake dust. The clamping action is also great for cleaning grilles, bumpers, roof racks, etc. When the two prongs are together, it operates just like a regular duster. The Wheel Duster features microfiber technology and loop-string construction. This provides a larger and more efficient dusting surface. It is easily cleaned and can be used repeatedly. The Wheel Duster joins a half-dozen other specialized duster models in The Original California Car Duster lineup. For additional product information, call (818) 998-2300, or visit its website at


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