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Adding Louvers to a 2000 Chevy S10 - Certified Cheese Grater

Getting Louvers From Sir Michaels

Kevin Aguilar
Mar 1, 2008
Photographers: Kevin Aguilar
Photo 2/22   |   2000 Chevy S10 louvers
What's are louvers you ask? in case you haven't heard of them before, the dictionary defines them as "angled slats or flat strips in regular intervals to allow light or air to pass through." They have been used throughout the history of the automobile for various applications of aerodynamics, as well as providing ventilation for closed-off engine compartments. They have many uses and can be found everywhere, including on gym lockers, the most recognizable example of them.
The hot-rod scene is where they can be primarily seen on vehicles. early and current hot-rodders use them for functionality and aesthetic touches. Most of the time they work as minor styling touches, just like how pinstriping can accent with just a small amount. On the other hand, you can get completely carried away with louvering an entire vehicle and end up with nice results. This is entirely possible because they can be addictive.
With that said, louvers are a great styling addition to consider when building a truck. in case you don't know, Sir Michaels has the capability to add louvers to any piece of sheetmetal that can reach its facility. Yes, that is correct. The same company that is known for making the most widely used line of roll pans also punches these cool louvers. furthermore, it's a pretty interesting process, so read on to see what it takes to create a louver.
Part One: Prep It!
While pondering what direction to take my Chevy S-10 project, i decided to go with a retro theme. i love hot rods, and i figured that louvers would be a great way to add some nostalgia to my plain old hood.
Photo 15/22   |   2000 Chevy S10 sir Michaels Louver Company
Old - Skool Louver Roots :
Sir Michaels Louver Company

Over recent years, Sir Michaels has done well in the market of producing quality steel roll pans. Originally, Mike Burley started his business in SoCal punching louvers. This photo goes to prove that Sir Michaels used to be followed by the words louver Company. When Mike closed down his smaller shop to go into the roll pan biz, he made sure to keep this old sign. it now resides over the louvering area of the current shop as a testament of the company's roots.
Photo 22/22   |   2000 Chevy S10 finished Hood
The Final Word
Now that the work is completed, the hood of this S-10 stands out as one of the defining points on the truck. Although the painted-on graphics help in making this hood special, the louvers alone made it look more aggressive than the flat factory version. it is very simple to get a hood like this because Sir Michaels now offers a few different options for you. You can now either drop off or ship your hood directly to the shop for all of your louver needs. if that doesn't work, Sir Michaels can also find and louver a replacement hood for your specific project. it doesn't end there: You can also get them on tailgate skins, roll pans, and any other sheetmetal that can fit on the press. The possibilities are endless, and your imagination is the only limit.


Sir Michaels
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
Kustom Werx Autobod


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