Mini Truck Parts And Accessories - Mini Market - August 2008

Want, Find, Buy, Build

Ashley Alexander
Aug 1, 2008
Drop 'Em Wear?
The '08-'09 Drop 'Em Wear? line is here and hotter than ever! T-shirts are now in stock and available to order on the website. Also, if you attended the ECBN and didn't get a shirt, you're in luck, because there just happens to be a few left. However, if you attended Blood Drag and didn't get a shirt, you're out of luck, because they just sold out. Drop 'Em Wear? is proud to be printing some of the hottest event shirts for the best shows in the country. If you'd like to inquire about them designing and printing shirts, or building trophies for your event, call today for your custom estimate. For more information, call (336)-774-9612, or log onto
Photo 4/5   |   mini Truck Parts And Accessories sly Machines
EZ to Use Carbon Fiber
Sly Machines is proud to introduce Performance Carbon(tm) sheets, which are available in five colors: black, silver, red, blue, and pink. Performance carbon sheets are perfect for do-it-yourself projects to add a carbon-fiber finish to any automotive application. Each sheet is made of real carbon or glass fibers, is easy to cut with scissors, and features an automotive grade adhesive for easy peel-and-stick applications. The twill weave proves its authenticity. Performance Carbon easily forms to curved surfaces, withstands extreme temperatures, abrasion, and UV exposure; all of which makes it perfect for both interior and exterior applicationsFor more information, visit
Photo 5/5   |   mini Truck Parts And Accessories oreilly Auto
Goodwrench, Literally
The Goodwrench Ratchet Wrench line offers four unique wrenches that will make any job easier and quicker. The wrenches feature a patented 72-tooth design and a 5-degree sweep space for those hard-to-reach spots, three layers of nickel, and one layer of chrome. This allows for a lifetime guarantee of durability and patented deep teeth, which are perfect for higher-torque applications. Goodwrench Ratchet Wrenches feature a Grips-All(tm) Socket, which allows stress to be placed on the stronger and broader contact surfaces of the wrench, allowing for greater socket torque strength without the risk of cracking the socket or slippage. These wrenches are also special in that a ratchet is included in the boxed end of the tool. These ratchets have unlimited movement, so there is no need to stop and manually adjust the wrench to continue; the ratchet repositions itself for easier flow of movement. Each Goodwrench Ratchet Wrench comes with a lifetime warranty, which is easily redeemed by calling (800)-592-8665. These incredible Goodwrench Ratchet Wrenches are available exclusively at O'Reilly Auto PartsFor a store near you, visit



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