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Meguiar's D/A Polisher Will Be The Death Of Swirl Marks

Calin Head
Sep 1, 2008
Photographers: Calin Head
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Last month, I showed you the steps needed to properly detail your truck by hand. This month, we're stepping up the game and moving to something a little more involved: swirl removal. Before I go any further, I want to state you can remove swirl marks by hand but you better have the hand speed of Bruce Lee and the endurance of Lance Armstrong. Because I posses neither of these traits, I need the assistance of a power tool and the guidance to use it right. This is where the professional steps in to help. Mike Pennington, detailing guru at Meguiar's, has the knowledge and a new tool to get the results.
A dual-action polisher like the one featured here is great for the beginner because these buffers oscillate back and forth while spinning to provide a deeper cleaning while safely removing swirls. Since space is limited I'll keep the opener short, but I will say this: No matter if you're an average Joe or a detail fanatic, Meguiar's new D/A polisher will help you keep your paint looking great.
Photo 3/18   |   meguiars Dual Action Polisher meguiars Polisher
What's In The Box?
The new G110 dual-action polisher that the professionals at Meguiar's had specifically made for car detailing offers a lot of cool features a gearhead can appreciate like a soft-touch rubberized coating to prevent the polisher from scratching if it happens to come in contact with the paint. It also has an extra-long cord that is angled upward so it sits over your shoulder and stays there. The polisher's one-piece backing plate prevents delamination for longer service life, and its variable-speed dial adjusts the oscillations per minute (opm) for a specific task. Lastly, the ambidextrous D-handle is made for lefthand or righthand use.
Photo 4/18   |   meguiars Dual Action Polisher scratch X Tech Wax
Let The Polish Begin!
This polisher would just be something that spins around if not for these sundries. To remove swirl marks, you will need a product that has some cut to it like Meguiar's ScratchX and the proper polishing pad. After the cut is made, the paint will need protection. The company's new Tech Wax 2.0 with a finishing pad is perfect for the job.

Tech Tip
Pad Storage
To keep the pads ready to use, Mike offers these small tips:
Photo 18/18   |   meguiars Dual Action Polisher dual Action Polisher
The Final Word
After the day I spent with Mike, I felt confident enough to run home and try the D/A out for myself. The tool is very easy to use, and I can't believe I went this long without one. It made quick work of some very stubborn blemishes on my truck, and I felt safe knowing it would be hard to damage or burn the paint with this D/A. Come back next month for the final installment in our detailing series: color-sanding and buffing.


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