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  • Basic Mini Truck Modifications Under 100 Dollars - Cool Mods That Won't Break The Bank, Part 1

Basic Mini Truck Modifications Under 100 Dollars - Cool Mods That Won't Break The Bank, Part 1

Mods Under $100

Mike Alexander
Dec 1, 2008
Photo 2/13   |   truck Mods money
With the rising gas prices and the "back to the basics" approach to customizing our trucks, we wanted to put together a small series to show you some of the cool mods out there that are cost-effective and won't break the bank. Everybody's budgets are different so we're starting the series off with some of the cool basic mods under 100 bucks and we'll be doing this story every month all the way up to the coolest things you can do for around 5,000 bucks. So break open those piggy banks and check out some of these cool and simple tricks for under a bill.
Photo 3/13   |   truck Mods pinstriping
Cool Mods For Under A Benjamin
1. Stripe For Less

When it comes to budget mods that can add instant appeal and style to your ride, nothing screams custom like some custom pinstriping. If you know anyone local that can lay down some cool licks for you, you should be able to get a nice hood piece down for under 100 bucks. In SoCal we call Tom at (562) 712-0623 you can see his work online at If you're ready to try your own hand at laying down some stripping check out for all your supply needs.
Photo 4/13   |   truck Mods mteal Fillers
2. A Little Skill Goes a Long Way
If you have the patience and the talent that entails welding, shaving, and bodywork, then there's nothing cleaner (and cheaper) than a smooth body. You can buy prefab metal fillers all for under 50 bucks and then a little welding wire, filler, sandpaper and primer, and you can shave your door handles, tailgate handle, hood squirters, etc. Go shave crazy! Just take it nice and slow. It would be a costly mistake to try and buy new doors because you warped the crap out of yours! For filler panels visit the following websites
Photo 5/13   |   truck Mods smooth Roll Pan
3. Smooth Out Your Rear
Everybody loves a smooth behind, and for around 75 bucks you can have one. Smooth roll pans clean up the rear end of any mini and add a touch of custom and class. Again, if you have the talent to accomplish this modification yourself you'll be able to save roughly $500 over a body shop installing and painting it. You can also find roll pans at the following websites:
4. Billetize Your Ride
Ok, so billetize isn't a real word, but it should be! There's so many cool billet parts out there that can spice up the interior of any truck it's a no brainer. Collect the change from the couch and scrape together a hundred bucks and you'll be glad you did when you're looking through your nice shiny billet rearview mirror. For the coolest billet accessories around check out the following sites:
Photo 8/13   |   truck Mods intake
5. Breathe Easy
For under $100 bucks you can find an intake for your minitruck. It might take a little digging, but an intake not only will help your truck breathe a little easier, they look and sound as cool as they perform. You can check out the gas mileage story in this issue for more on performance and gas-saving modifications. Visit these websites to shop around for the best intake for your hard earned Benjamin:
Photo 9/13   |   truck Mods valves
6. Valve Upgrade
If your still using the "Home Depot" package of ball valves, or you only run four valves to your air system, now would be a good time to upgrade your valves. This will give you the best results and you'll be much happier with your air system. For the best valves and best deals check out:
Photo 10/13   |   truck Mods air Gauge
7. Pressure Check
Another way to gain reliability and ultimate air suspension bliss is to add an air gauge to your system. This fairly cheap mod can go a long way in keeping your air system operating it's best. For air gauges check out:
Photo 11/13   |   truck Mods switch Box
8. Switch It Up
If you're tired of switches sticking then it might just be time to upgrade that old switch box. There's a few cool, easy-to-use switch boxes on the market currently for under 100 bucks that will give you years of happy switch hitting. Check out:
Photo 12/13   |   truck Mods billet Grille
9. Grilled Up
It's no secret that billet grilles are a great exterior bolt on from a full built show truck to the everyday driver. So don't hold out any longer, check out these great billet grilles at:
Photo 13/13   |   truck Mods firewall Tubs
10. Lay It Out
If you have more spare time and skill than cash in hand, now is a good time to work on laying your frame flat to the ground. If you have pesky crossmembers hanging below the frame, or your wheels are hitting your firewall it's time to remedy those trouble spots. For prefabbed crossmembers and firewall tubs visit:


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