Being unique is one of biggest reasons people build custom trucks and cars. It's how hot rods got started and why OE manufacturers offer so many build options. No one wants to drive a tan Camry around and those people that do, see their cars as point A to B devices-it might as well be a washing machine. For us, the guys and gals who don't want the same thing as the next person, custom touches are important. When it comes time to make your truck stand out, the body is one area that must be thoughtfully modified. Last month, we showed you how we started the transformation of a base-model '06 Chevy Silverado by lowering it with a Belltech 5/7 kit from Stylin' Trucks. This month, we ordered more parts from Stylin' as we addressed the body of the stock truck by adding a Sir Michael's steel roll pan, Street Scene tailgate handle flip kit, and Street Scene Cal-Vu mirrors. The Sir Michael's roll pan can simply be bolted on in place of the rear bumper, but to clean up the body, the decision was made to weld it in place. Handling the install, Mouse's Fab, in Phoenix, did the wrenching and welding. It didn't take much time at all to install these three parts, but the end result is a cleaner look and a truck that is different than the one you're driving next to.