Custom Hood & Grille - Just The Basics

Adding A Hood and Grille with Godfather Customs

Harley Camilleri
Mar 1, 2012
It can be quite easy to over think your truck or SUV project. Ideas start rolling off the top of your head and start picking up speed with ease. Add a friend or two and maybe you will get the recipe right. Then again, maybe you won’t. Godfather Customs had a basic recipe for a clean Ford F-150 that was able to be cool enough to turn some heads, and easy enough that everything could be bolted on. The vision began with a mild suspension lift with enough room to clear a set of KMC Rockstar wheels and Nitto Terra Grappler tires. Of course, that alone would not be enough, so the need for visuals was attended to. We caught up with the crew at Godfather Customs for the installation of a Reflexxion hood and T-Rex X-Metal grille with a matching, mesh bumper insert. A couple of parts can have a big impact on your truck.
Photo 2/12   |   Sporting a suspension lift with an appropriately tough set of wheels and tires, this Ford F-150’s personality didn’t really start to take shape until the custom Reflexxion hood and T-Rex mesh grille inserts were installed.
From The Driver Seat
Many would consider a new hood to be a large modification due to the requirement the new hood be paint matched to the truck. We can see both sides of the issue but to be fair, the Reflexxion hood is a bolt-on part that does not make any permanent modifications to the vehicle. The additional cost of painting will be dependent on what color and condition your truck is in already, but we believe it is a worthwhile modification. We really like the new hood as it adds a muscular tone to the truck’s nose that is translated to the driver seat. Over the dash, the raised rear portion of the hood is easily visible so it is a modification that can be enjoyed from inside and outside the vehicle. The X-Metal grille and Upper Class bumper insert add upscale looks with the right amount of muscle tone to the Ford’s image.
Photo 12/12   |   10. The installation was finished up with the reinstallation of the grille support rods that flank the grille shell. With the hood closed, it was time to admire all the handiwork.
Your Questions Answered
Time Spent Working: 2 hours
Degree of Difficulty: Beginner
Tools Needed: 8mm, 10mm, and 13mm wrenches or sockets, saw, file
Parts Used:
Reflexxion 705700 hood $625.64
T-Rex 6715560 X-Metal main grille $690.00
T-Rex 55555 Upper Class bumper grille $180.00
Total: $1,495.64


T-Rex Grilles
Corona, CA 92880
Reflexxion Automotive
Godfather Customs
Decatur, GA 30032



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