Ford F-250 Heavy-Duty Bumpers from Fab Fours - Tech and How-To

Solid Protection

Adam Blattenberg
Sep 16, 2013
Keeping with our overlanding theme for this issue, and due mostly to how tattered our factory tin-can bumper has become after being used as a “bumpstop” during our intern’s "learning to hook up a trailer" days, we decided it would be a good idea to upgrade our go-to tow rig’s back bumper.
We needed something that would hold up to the beatings we submit the F-250 to daily, so the new bumper had to be stronger than an ox. We needed good winching points for when we camp out in the middle of nowhere (yes, we’ve gotten both truck and trailer stuck in the sand, up to the axles, on more occasions than we’d care to mention). The choice for us was obvious -- we really trust the crew at Fab Fours and they make some great bumpers, so we gave them a call and they recommended one of their new Premium Plate Bumpers. As an added bonus, the Fab Fours bumper came with integrated steps on either side, which will make getting in and out of our Six-Pack cab-over camper eons easier. So with the new bumper in hand, we headed down to Pick-Up Parts in Mission Viejo, California, for the install.
Photo 2/10   |   1: First off, Justin from Pick-Up Parts disconnected all the electrical on the factory bumper, including the tow plug, license, and backup lights. Once that was done, all that was needed to remove the bumper (same for any year Super Duty) is to remove four 21mm bolts and she’s free.
Photo 6/10   |   3: The guys at Pick-Up Parts found it easier to bolt the brackets to the frame first, making sure to keep them extremely loose as this will help in lining up the boltholes in the bumper next.
Photo 7/10   |   4: This new bumper weighs 120 pounds, so the install is not a one-man job. We were able to set the bumper in place with a couple extra hands and start a few of the eight Grade 8 bolts needed to secure the bumper for good. A floor jack helped in keeping it aligned while the bolts were torqued to spec.
Photo 8/10   |   5: Fab Fours builds these bumpers to be a true bolt-on upgrade. The only holes we had to drill were for our aftermarket backup lights, while everything else was plug and play. One thing we were worried about was interference with our existing camper tie-down system, but the Fab Fours bumper cleared it with no problem.
Photo 9/10   |   6: A nice touch, our new bumper is equipped with steps placed perfectly for accessing the bed with the gate down (or up!). This will make it much easier to get in and out of our cab-over camper.
Photo 10/10   |   Ford F 250 Fab Fours Heavy Duty Bumpers Install Rear Bumper


Fab Fours Inc.
Pick-Up Parts



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