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Adding a BedRug Bedliner to Our ’09-’14 Ford F-150

Our project continues by covering up the well-worn bed area.

May 4, 2020
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At this point we're knee deep in the latest Truckin project, this 2010 Ford F-150 SuperCrew XLT. It was pretty well used but definitely not beat up. We decided that a full build-up was in order, where we would hit several areas of the truck with simple but effective upgrades that would enhance both its form and function without breaking the bank.

The first installment included Readylift SST lift kit and EBC Brakes rotors and pads, followed by the Fuel Vector 18-inch wheels and Fuel Gripper A/T tires. Then for our second act we ditched all the exterior chrome for a mix of parts that included a Raptor-like front bumper and grille, a factory Raptor rear bumper, and a killer set of flush-mounted side steps from Addictive Desert Designs. This is where most people call it a day, but we still have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Photo 2/19   |   As simple as it seems, the BedRug is actually pretty innovative. The "carpet" is 100% fade- and UV-resistant polypropylene. It will protect your truck bed from impact dings and damage and will stand up to everything from gravel to battery acid, while protecting your cargo and your knees! Each BedRug is molded to each make and model and creates a void-free, non-skid surface that keeps cargo in place. A built-in hinge between the truck bed and tailgate prevents debris from collecting. Made of foam similar to that used in life jackets, it doesn't absorb water and will not mold or mildew. It can be cleaned with a hose, power washer, or vacuum, and the BedRug is back to looking new.

We were lucky that the one accessory that this truck already came with was a paint-matched SnugTop lid. It's their top-of-the-line model, which includes the underside of the lid being carpeted gray. We were not-so-pleasantly surprised when we raised the lid to find that this truck had evidently served the previous owners well. The bed floor and inner bed sides had taken a beating! It's not like it had holes or rust or anything, but small dents and deep scratches were everywhere.

One of our favorite solutions for cleaning up the bed area of truck is installing a BedRug. Why? It's super easy to install and looks really good. It will even match the SnugTop lid perfectly! We placed our order for part number BRQ04SCK and had the large box at our doorstep in just a few days. We headed back over to the MotorTrend Group tech center, and an hour or so later all the damage to the bed was forgotten. We were one step closer to calling this F-150 transformation done. Stay tuned, we have a couple more surprises left before the big reveal!

Photo 3/19   |   The battered bed of our 2010 F-150 SuperCrew stayed hidden thanks to the SnugTop lid, but since we were aiming for a complete transformation, this was an area that could not be left alone. We scrubbed it out at the local DIY car wash before we got to the tech center.
Photo 4/19   |   It's recommended that you pull the BedRug out of the box, unroll it and leave it in the sun for a while to make the installation easier. We did just that, then proceeded to zip the floor and the sides together with the attached heavy-duty zipper.
Photo 5/19   |   With the BedRug foam side up, we laid out all the hook sides of the hook-and-loop fasteners that hold the kit in place. The loop side is already sewn into all the right areas.
Photo 6/19   |   Here, the adhesive-backed hook sections are strategically placed on the loop strips. But we're not pulling the adhesive backing just yet.
Photo 7/19   |   Over on the truck, we removed the tie-down hooks that were in each corner. Reinstalling them back on top of the BedRug later is optional.
Photo 8/19   |   There's 10 different names for lacquer thinner these days, but we used some of this for a final wipe-down of the bed.
Photo 9/19   |   We slid the BedRug right into the bed in preparation for sticking it in place.
Photo 10/19   |   Once we had the kit laying exactly where it's going to stay, we rolled back one side of the floor at a time, peeled back the plastic on the adhesive tape, and pressed each floor section in place.
Photo 11/19   |   The next area to be laid down was the bulkhead. First, we pulled the adhesive backing across the bottom section.
Photo 12/19   |   Then we pressed the bottom edge down into the corner.
Photo 13/19   |   We were a little worried that the toe hardware for the SnugTop lid would interfere with the installation of the BedRug and would have to be temporarily removed. But we started up under the mounting and hinge brackets, sticking down one section at a time, and everything slipped under the bracketry with no issues.
Photo 14/19   |   Then we pulled off the adhesive backing for the upper bulkhead section. At this point we were feeling pretty confident.
Photo 15/19   |   Again we stuck the section in place and smoothed it down.
Photo 16/19   |   We still had the rear upper corners to contend with, as well as the tailgate, which are the hardest areas to do, mostly because if you're off, you'll see it every time you open the tailgate. The goal is to get a nice, even line along the rear edge of the bedside.
Photo 17/19   |   When we reached the corners, we were looking pretty good. The BedRug just cleared the latches for the lid.
Photo 18/19   |   The trick with the tailgate is to not pull it tight before laying it down. The top edge actually adheres to the metal, not the tailgate cap, and there should be some slack in the "hinge" of the softer material that pushes down slightly between the bed and the tailgate.
Photo 19/19   |   As always, we were impressed with the final result. Years of abuse was gone, and the bed area looked brand new. The BedRug even matched the tonneau perfectly! Stay tuned, we've got a few more items to get on this F-150 before we call it done!

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