For almost 50 years Chevy’s flagship has been the Corvette, and for good reason. The Vette has power and handling, with looks to back both up. The new Chevy Silverado has learned a lot from its athletic brother, and applied many of these lessons under the hood, which has resulted in a truck that runs stronger than a workhorse should.

With so much of the Vette’s power under the hood, it was only a matter of time before some of the Vette’s styling was incorporated above the engine compartment. The new C5 Corvette has the type of styling that makes any gearhead stop in his tracks. Now thanks to this new steel replacement hood from Goodmark Industries, some of this styling can be brought to your Silverado. The hood borrows the Corvette’s raised hood portion and blends it with the Silverado hood lines to create a modern interpretation of the classic ’69 Z/28 cowl induction hood. Choo-Choo Customs helped us demonstrate how easy the hoods are to install, and how well they fit.