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New Products - Custom Truck Parts - September 2004

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Calin Head
Sep 1, 2004
Photo 2/15   |   new Products September 2004 firstech
I Can Still See You
The all-new CompuStar from Firstech gives you just about every feature imaginable from a key fob. It's a two-way communication remote pager that incorporates a liquid-crystal display to provide full surveillance of your truck. The new CompuStar provides as much as 3,000 feet of range thanks in part to two-way technology. It also features 25 icons on the large LCD and a vibration alert, and is even compatible with existing systems.
For more information, contact: Firstech
(888) 820-3690
Photo 3/15   |   new Products September 2004 castrol Oil
No Sludge Here
Synthetic oils such as Castrol Syntec 5W-20 are made from a base oil of much higher quality than conventional oils, having been chemically changed to provide consistent and superior performance. Syntec motor oil is engineered with a powerful additive package, which battles sludge and engine deposits while providing engine protection. Castrol Syntec 5W-20 and other premium grades, including 0W-30, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40, 5W-50, 5W-40, and 20W-50, are available at leading retailers and dealerships nationwide.
For more information, contact: Castrol Consumer North America Inc.
Photo 4/15   |   new Products September 2004 faze Gauge
NASA would be Proud
Faze Gauge, manufacturer of performance automotive instruments, introduces Reverse Street FuzionEL meters featuring a black face, blue electroluminescent backlighting, and a red LED-lined pointer. The FuzionEL line currently includes a tachometer, oil pressure, water/oil temperature, voltmeter, air/fuel ratio, boost, vacuum/boost, fuel pressure, and exhaust gas temperature. All meters come standard with necessary sending units, a wide assortment of metric adapters, EL power supply and accessories, as well as a highly detailed instruction manual. All Faze products are backed by a full one-year warranty.
For more information, contact: Faze Gauge
(800) 228-7667
Photo 5/15   |   new Products September 2004 astro Lids And Tops
Tonneau Time
Astro, maker of tonneau covers and bed caps, now offers a lid for the new Colorado. Astro Lids feature zinc-plated, gusseted corners and a through-bolt design on the stress points, so there is no need for extra hardware to harness the energy of the gas props. All Astro Lids feature no-drill perimeter mounting systems and can be ordered painted to match your Colorado's hue.
For more information, contact: Astro Lids and Tops
(800) 983-2787
Photo 6/15   |   new Products September 2004 autotech Accessories
No Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card Here
The new Monopoly is the latest release from Demoda Concept wheels. The Monopoly boasts a six-split-spoke design set in place by its concave face that's designed to provide lots of flash and highlights. They are available for trucks and SUVs in 20-, 22-, and 24-inch sizes in either chrome or hyper black.
For more information, contact: Autotech Accessories Inc.
(661) 250-3000
Photo 7/15   |   new Products September 2004 turtle Wax
Hard Shell
Turtle Wax Inc. introduces its Platinum Series, a premium car wax designed to provide lots of shine and depth of gloss to automotive finishes. This formula contains a blend of Brazilian carnauba waxes to create a mirror-like shine with long-lasting durability. Available in liquid and paste, Turtle Wax Platinum Series will protect your show truck and daily driver.
For more information, contact: Turtle Wax Inc.
(800) 227-9291
Photo 8/15   |   new Products September 2004 air Ride Technologies
Tubular Dime
Air Ride Technologies is proud to announce another bolt-on system: the S-10 Tubular Control Arm. It's completely bolt-on - that's right, no welding involved - and it gives you 8 inches of drop with 8 inches of suspension travel; even the shock mounts are bolt-on. The S-10 Tubular Control Arm system comes complete with tubular upper and lower control arms, upper shock mounts, bushings, cross-shafts, and ball joints. All Air Ride Technologies products are engineered for the best in positive ride stability and comfort.
For more information, contact: Air Ride Technologies
(812) 482-2932
Photo 9/15   |   new Products September 2004 demon Carburetion
Color Carbs
Demon Carburetion, a Barry Grant Inc. company, announces the availability of custom powdercoating of carburetors and components. The powdercoating is applied to the float bowls or center sections. Only the exterior surfaces are coated; all internal areas are carefully masked to prevent the coating from deviating. These powdercoated items are available in a wide range of colors, including some candy colors. For that added touch, Rush air filter assemblies will also be coated to match the carburetors.
For more information, contact: Demon Carburetion
(706) 864-8544
Photo 10/15   |   new Products September 2004 flex A Lite Consolidated
Big Heat, Little Box
If you cut the heating system out of your truck when you did the body drop, Flex-a-lite has a come to the rescue. The Mojave heater is designed to simplify the task of providing heat and comfort to your ride. It uses your engine's existing cooling system, not an electric or gas heater, to heat air. It's small enough to mount underdash or even under some seats. An optional plenum box has two directional vents and an outlet for a 2-1/2-inch vent hose for use with the defroster to keep the windshield clear. The unit includes a three-way switch and all the necessary wiring to complete installation.
For more information, contact: Flex-a-lite Consolidated
(800) 851-1510
Photo 11/15   |   new Products September 2004 socal Speed Shop
Cool Clevises
SO-CAL Speed Shop has announced the introduction of new American-made stainless-steel clevises. Highly polished, these clevises are made in the USA from 303-grade stainless and come complete with a stainless jamb nut. They are ideal for race truck applications, street machines, sandrails, and even boats.
For more information, contact: So-Cal Speed Shop
(909) 469-6171
Photo 12/15   |   new Products September 2004 advanced Flow Engineering
Go With The Flow
Advanced FLOW engineering (aFe) introduces the Magnum FLOW high-flow, high-performance OE replacement filter for the new '04 Ford F-150 V-8 5.4L. Using medical-grade cotton gauze and deep open pleats, this washable and reusable filter allows more air to the engine, resulting in more horsepower, greater torque, and improved throttle response.
For more information, contact: advanced FLOW engineering
(909) 279-4050
Photo 13/15   |   new Products September 2004 godfather Customs
But It's So Small
Godfather Customs is introducing Superchips, the newest part for gas-powered Ford pickup trucks and SUVs. Dubbed the TriTune MAX MicroTuner, this new Superchips part features three different tuning options: an 87-octane program, a 91- to 93-octane-towing program, and a 91- to 93-octane high-performance program. This programmer has the ability to program 5.0L, 5.8L, and the 7.5L V-8s, plus the newer 4.6L, 5.4L, and 6.8L V-10 motors. This programmer is capable of giving your vehicle a 10 percent gain on horsepower and 13 percent more pounds of torque on gas vehicles. The MAX MicroTuner is able to adjust automatic transmission shift points and shift firmness and calibrate for changes in tire size and gear ratio.
For more information, contact: Godfather Customs
(800) 231-8789
Photo 14/15   |   new Products September 2004 extang Corporation
No Leaky Bed
Extang Corporation has introduced its new MaxSeal Tailgate Seal. MaxSeal creates a tight seal along the sides and bottom of a truck's tailgate to keep out dust, rain, and snow. It is very quick and easy to install: just cut, peel away backing, and stick onto a clean surface. It's made of all-weather grade, UV-, gas-, and oil-resistant rubber.
For more information, contact: Extang Corporation
(800) 326-1982
Photo 15/15   |   new Products September 2004 stylin Concepts
Harley Grilles, Not BBQ
Make your truck or SUV worthy of bike night with a Putco Harley-Davidson grille available through Stylin' Concepts. Mirror-finished stainless-steel grilles are available in four different styles to accent your rig. All the grilles are constructed from solid billet aluminum and feature easy bolt-over installation for most fullsize trucks and SUVs.
For more information, contact: Stylin' Concepts
(800) 434-4381


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