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New Products - Custom Truck Parts - October 2004

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Calin Head
Oct 1, 2004
Photo 2/14   |   new Products October 2004 american Products Company
Corners of Fire
You can light up the road with APC Flame Corner Lenses. Designed as a direct-replacement lens for a variety of truck models - Chevy S-10, Silverado, Dodge Durango, Ford F-150, and more - these lenses each have a raised-amber-flame design that uses the same reflective materials found in standard OEM corner lenses.

For more information, contact: American Products Company
(800) 594-4272,
Photo 3/14   |   new Products October 2004 ground Force
Less Bounce Per Ounce
Ground Force suspension systems has an extensive line of high-pressure nitrogen gas-charged shocks for lowered sport trucks and SUVs. The shocks feature an internal bumpstop that has been engineered exclusively for lowered vehicles to cushion full rebound impact. Other elements include a sintered iron piston to help eliminate fluid bypass, 10-stage full-displaced valving, 1-3/8-inch bore, 5/8-inch rod, and urethane bushings.

For more information, contact: Ground Force
(724) 430-2068,
Photo 4/14   |   new Products October 2004 mh Electric Fabricators
Plug It In, Plug It In
Upgrade your '63-'72 GM truck to a readily available and more powerful internal regulated alternator with the M&H Electric Fabricators Alternator Conversion Kit. The kit requires no splicing and comes with M&H's Regulator Adapter. This adapter routes the old external voltage regulator wiring together through a connector block for a factory-installed look.

For more information, contact: M&H Electric Fabricators
(562) 926-9552,
Photo 5/14   |   new Products October 2004 off Road Unlimited
9 Inches for More Fun
Off Road Unlimited (ORU) has just released its 9-inch suspension system for the '99-'04 Ford F-250/350 and Super Duty. The system incorporates some of ORU's exclusive components, such as crossover steering, adjustable track bar system, and custom-rate springs at all four corners. Available options include: multiple front or rear shocks, rear air overload system, traction bars, hydraulic ram-assist steering, brake upgrade, and more.

For more information, contact: Off Road Unlimited
(818) 563-1208,
Photo 6/14   |   new Products October 2004 cando Specialties
Bolt-On Suspension
Now available from CanDo Specialties are these complete bolt-on rear suspension kits capable of 14 to17 inches of lift. You can drive it slammed, dragging, or raise it up, and the rearend pinion angle stays straight, making for an excellent ride at any height. All parts are laser-cut from 1/4-inch steel and TIG-welded for strength. Available now for Chevy S-10s and Toyota Tacomas, other bolt-on kits are in the works.

For more information, contact: CanDo Specialties Inc.
(530) 533-8680,
Photo 7/14   |   new Products October 2004 macs Springs
Go Ahead, Abuse Them
Mac's Springs is proud to introduce the new standard for high-pressure airbags. If you are planning on pushing some serious psi to your 'bags, then you have been looking forward to this airbag. The Contitech 4-Ply Airbag is rated to take pressures as high as 300-plus psi. This is a true hopper's 'bag, with port sizes available in dual 1/2-inch and dual 3/4-inch ports.

For more information, contact: Mac's Springs
(800) 585-5117,
Photo 8/14   |   new Products October 2004 optima Batteries
Dry Cell Accessories
Optima, maker of the well-known dry cell battery, now offers a line of accessories to help with installation. The company has created customized covers and adapters designed to fit its Yellow Top and Red Top batteries. The covers completely conceal the top terminals and can be painted to match the color scheme of your truck. Optima Batteries also supplies an extensive line of adapters so that you can install these accessories in anything.

For more information, contact: Optima Batteries
(888) 867-8462,
Photo 9/14   |   new Products October 2004 performance Truck Accessories
It's Like Nitrous for Diesels
Performance Truck & Accessories sells the at-the-touch-of-a-button power you're looking for your diesel truck. The product was developed and designed by Bully Dog to increase horsepower, torque, and diesel mileage. By fumigating the intake air with a propane vapor, increases in every category are experienced. With this propane-charged system, exhaust temperatures in many cases are decreased, which makes this one safe horsepower upgrade. This system can be adapted to all diesel engines on the market and is easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

For more information, contact: Performance Truck & Accessories
(877) 388-6552,
Photo 10/14   |   new Products October 2004 autoloc
The Big Shave
The Hoffman Group presents another solid addition to the AutoLc custom auto accessories: the six-channel 75-pound remote shaved door kit. At the heart of the shaved door handle system is the 75-pound AutoLc solenoid. The kit also includes a six-function computerized remote control system with two long-range remotes, self-grounding bracket, 10-gauge wire, heavy-duty back-up button, three heavy-duty Keep It Clean 40-amp relays, 1/16-inch prestretched stainless-steel cable, retention springs, code-rolling technology, and detailed instructions. The kit is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

For more information, contact: AutoLc
(800) 873-4038,
Photo 11/14   |   new Products October 2004 wilson Manifolds
Get 'er Done
Most carburetor adapters allow you to bolt on a carburetor that wasn't designed to fit a particular manifold. They rarely take into account air and fuel distribution problems. Wilson Manifolds has changed all that with its low-profile lightweight carb adapters. These adapters provide an efficient transition from carb to manifold to optimize flow and distribution while minimizing fuel separation. All Wilson carb adapters are 1-1/2 inches tall or less, are CNC-machined from aluminum billet, and are anodized to resist corrosion.

For more information, contact: Wilson Manifolds
(954) 771-6216,
Photo 12/14   |   new Products October 2004 stainless Steel Brakes
I Said Stop!
Brake booster performance suffers any time you reduce engine vacuum with a hot cam, free-flow intake, or other modification. Stainless Steel Brakes developed this Electric Vacuum Pump Kit to cure the low-vacuum issues created by those mods. The pump only comes on when you need it: An inline pressure switch turns the pump on at 18 inches of vacuum and shuts it off at 22 inches. The SSBC Electric Vacuum Pump Kit includes the pump, a switching relay, vacuum line and control, mounting insulators, and hardware.

For more information,contact: Stainless Steel Brakes Corp.
(800) 448-7722,
Photo 13/14   |   new Products October 2004 airbrush Fitto
This cool-looking reinforcement ring system for wheels are created by Fitto. Each piece is whittled out of 6061-T6 aluminum and polished. This adds strength to your rims and a whole new element of coolness. The ring system can be installed by welding, screwing, or gluing it on with urethane. These rings are available in different sizes, from small ATV rims all the way up to 17-inch truck wheels.

For more information, contact: Airbrush Fitto
(450) 347-3948,
Photo 14/14   |   new Products October 2004 holley
Want power like right now? Then check out this setup from NOS. This "dry" nitrous system for the '99-'00 GM pickups will kick you truck in the butt with a 75hp boot. The system injects nitrous directly into the air intake and use the factory EFI system to provide the extra fuel necessary. All the required electronics are included to enable the OEM computer to compensate for the extra fuel requirement on demand. Jets are included that allow the user to adjust power outputs to match available traction.

For more information, contact: Holley
(800) 246-5539,


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