With the introduction of a new-model truck comes the need for custom parts. The problem is that companies have to wait for the truck to hit the lot before they can tool up and produce their goodies. That doesn't change the fact that we as enthusiasts want custom stuff for our trucks. But shy of going out and spending thousands on the tools, where do we get, let's say, a billet grille for a brand-new Colorado? Kaik Products in Arlington, Texas, has a solution to that particular problem. These guys are in the business of producing one-off products and are no strangers to the need for billet accessories. They took the time to design and cut out a grille set for the newest Chevy. The grille is now in full production and is available off of Kaik's Web site, but let's get into how it's installed. We had John Meyer of Clean Cut Creation, who built the Colorado on the cover, show us the finer points of the install.