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New Products and Accessories - December 2004

new products and accessories

Calin Head
Dec 1, 2004
Photo 2/13   |   dec 2004 New Products silverado Antisway Bars
Flat Cornering
Hellwig's Silverado HD front and rear antisway bars are made from solid 4140 chrome-moly steel to reduce body roll. Hellwig's antisway bar kits fit both '01-'04 2WD and 4WD Silverado HD pickup trucks and measure 1-1/2 inches in the front and 1-1/4 inches in the rear. Both come with polyurethane bushings and heavy-duty hardware. The rear bar also comes with adjustable rear endlinks to accommodate various amounts of lift.
For more information, contact:
Hellwig Suspension Products
(800) 367-5480,
Photo 3/13   |   dec 2004 New Products piaa Usa Rims
New Rounds
PIAA USA rolls into the road-wheel market with the introduction of the X-1 in 20x9, 22x9.5, and 24x10 sizes. This five-spoke, three-piece truck/sport utility wheel features a wide-spoke and covered-lug design.
For more information, contact:
(503) 643-7422,
Photo 4/13   |   dec 2004 New Products roll Pans
You Think It, They Cut It
Chassis Tech offers designer roll pans as shown, or will make you any design. You draw it out and send it by e-mail or fax, and if it can be done, it will be done. The stamped-steel pan will then be CNC-laser-cut to perfection and shipped to your door.
For more information, contact:
Chassis Tech
(800) 682-8789,
Photo 5/13   |   dec 2004 New Products carburetor Inlet Kit
Hook It Up
Professional Products now makes hooking up a Holly or Barry Grant carb a little easier with its polished stainless steel and aluminum carburetor inlet kit. Each fitting has a built-in stainless-steel screen filter, reusable nylon gasket, and 1/8-inch NPT standard fuel gauge port, and the dual brass fuel inlet fittings provide more wrench-to-nut contact area for easy line installation and removal.
For more information, contact:
Professional Products
(323) 779-2020,
Photo 6/13   |   dec 2004 New Products water Based Pigments
Get Flaky
Auto Air Colors, makers of fine water-based pigments, now has 25 new metalflake colors that can be used as a basecoat, or as a stand-alone for paint enhancements or graphics. This cuts down on the steps that were needed with older paints and reduces the layers and the sanding need to get the same results. They come in a variety of sizes, and since they are water-based, you don't have to add it to the clear; you can just spray it right on.
For more information, contact:
Auto Air Colors
(800) 509-6563,
Photo 7/13   |   dec 2004 New Products snap On Multiprobe
What Kinda Probe?
Snap-On's multiprobe handheld tester takes the guesswork out of checking electrical systems on vehicles. Powered by the truck's battery, this probe works like a testlight but with a few added bonuses. You can use it to provide power by pushing the button on the side, eliminating the need for jumper wires. The unit operates on DC systems ranging from 6 to 48 volts, and has a 20-foot extension cord that offers sufficient reach for operators to move around the vehicle in service.
For more information, contact:
(877) 762-7662,
Photo 8/13   |   dec 2004 New Products audiobahn Excursion Subwoofer
Affordable Bass Solutions
The 10-inch AW100T Subwoofer in Audiobahn's Excursion Subwoofer series is just one of the company's wallet-friendly products. Its 60-ounce strontium magnet and 2-inch four-layer ASV voice coil merge to create a subwoofer that delivers an authoritative sound capable of handling 400 watts RMS. The AW100T retails for just more than a C-note, and a 12-inch and 15-inch model are also available.
For more information, contact:
(800) 488-8595,
Photo 9/13   |   dec 2004 New Products peripheral Electronic
Make It Easy
Peripheral Electronic's PXGM24 is a stand-alone auxiliary input for GM Class 2 vehicles such as the '03-'04 fullsize pickups, SUVs, and Trailblazers. This allows you to tap into your truck's factory head unit with, let's say, a DVD player, and hear it through your factory speakers. This is usually done with an RF signal, but thanks to Peripheral Electronics, all you have to do is plug it in line and listen away.
For more information, contact:
Peripheral Electronics
(727) 572-9255,
Photo 10/13   |   dec 2004 New Products aluminum Small Block Chevy
Big-Inch Mouse
You got to love the latest offering from World Products. It's an all-aluminum small-block Chevy that displaces 427 ci, is dyno-certified to produce 550 hp, and weighs only 435 pounds. Each engine is individually assembled by experience technicians to high "race shop" standards and as mentioned before, is dyno-tested prior to shipment.
For more information, contact:
World Products
(631) 981-1918,
Photo 11/13   |   dec 2004 New Products black Magic Cleaning Tools
Cleaning Tools
Black Magic now offers a complete line of detailing tools to keep your investment clean and shiny. The kit includes fine interior brushes, sponges, microfiber towels, applicator pads, exterior brushes, drying cloth (chamois), and a couple buckets.
For more information contact:
Black Magic
(800) 844-1080,
Photo 12/13   |   dec 2004 New Products matworks
Coolness Under Your Feet
With more than 5,000 templates available, MatWorks can cut you a custom set of floor mats for your truck in more than 15 colors. The company also embroiders club logos, custom designs, as well as most automotive and stereo company logos. MatWorks can build you a set to go around your custom kick panels and even make you one for the bed. All the MatWorks carpeting is 100 percent waterproof, UV-stable, and backed with a rubberized backing. The mats can easily be cleaned with soap and water or even pressure-washed.
For more information, contact:
(800) 795-6287,
Photo 13/13   |   dec 2004 New Products seidie Sales Door Buckets
H2 Bling-Bling
Seidie Sales' door buckets and handles are being offered with select patterns machined into the face. Styles available include Plain Smooth, Easy Money, Iron Cross, or Ball Milled, all finished with a chrome plating. CNC-machined from a solid block of aircraft-quality billet aluminum, each bucket and handle is precision-fabricated to be a direct bolt-on replacement for stock components.
For more information, contact:
Seidie Sales
(626) 617-1495,



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