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New Products - Custom Truck Parts - May 2005

Calin Head
May 1, 2005
Photo 2/11   |   custom Truck Parts May 2005 billet Parts
Have Your KAIK and Billet, Too
Have you been looking for a custom billet part for your truck that no one makes, or just need something truly custom? Well, KAIK Products is a machine shop that specializes in custom-truck one-off accessories for the discerning truck builder. From grilles to one-of-a-kind interior pieces, everything is made using state-of-the-art design software and precision CNC equipment.
For more information, contact: KAIK Products(903) 561-6200,
Photo 3/11   |   custom Truck Parts May 2005 tshirts
Flex Your Muscle
Want to show the world you're a gearhead even when you're not in your truck? Then check out these Detroit Muscle Authentic Speedwear T-shirts. Each shirt is 100 percent cotton and pre-shrunk. They're available in large and extra-large sizes in the only two colors that count: black and white.
For more information, contact: Ramchargers Performance Connection (888) 293-7267,
Photo 4/11   |   custom Truck Parts May 2005 bedrug Bed Liner
Make Your Bed
Bedrug, now available for the Colorado, is made from rugged polyester fiber bonded to water-resistant closed-cell foam. It is die-cut and molded to form the original-equipment fit in the bed area and can readily withstand almost anything thrown at it, including oil, grease, chemicals, acids, and so on Bedrug installs in a few minutes with hook-and-loop fasteners, is easy to clean, and is backed by a complete customer satisfaction warranty.
For more information, contact: Wise Industries (800) 462-8435,
Photo 5/11   |   custom Truck Parts May 2005 floor And Tunnel Shield
Hot Floor No More
Design Engineering has come up with a versatile thermal and sound-control barrier product to cut the heat in the cab. Unlike other products, the Floor and Tunnel Shield is designed to be used underneath (outside) the truck to stop heat before it gets inside. It can withstand 1,750 degrees F direct continuous heat while reflecting almost 90 percent of that heat away and only needs a 1/2 inch of clearance. In addition to the great thermal properties, the Floor and Tunnel Shield also offers relief from unwanted noise.
For more information, contact: Design Engineering (800) 264-9472,
Photo 6/11   |   custom Truck Parts May 2005 install Kit
Install It Right IF You Dare
IF Customs introduces an install kit for the popular Oasis HP1000 Trailhead compressor. This 2.5hp 12-volt motor pumps out 8 cfm at 100 psi (14 cfm at 0 psi), but it draws 180 amps. IF has found that one Optima run in parallel with the vehicle's primary battery increases overall system efficiency and keeps the computer from killing the battery. The complete kit comes with everything you see here. The brackets are tough enough to install under your truck's bed, either bolted or welded on. The kit can be purchased complete, or just order the parts you need.
For more information, contact: IF Customs (818) 837-3000,
Photo 7/11   |   custom Truck Parts May 2005 combination Tubing
Extreme Flexibility
Being flexible is the key to accomplishing any task. Flexibility solves problems, creates shortcuts, and generally makes the job easier. Classic Tube's handy new combination tubing is just that - flexible. It allows you to adapt brake, fuel, transmission, vacuum, or hydraulic lines to your application, solving almost any fitment problem.
For more information, contact: Classic Tube (800) 882-3711,
Photo 8/11   |   custom Truck Parts May 2005 nozzles
A Better Nozzle
Nitrous Pro-Flow, a division of Wilson Manifolds designed its patent-pending V-Force nozzle to provide a unique flow of nitrous and fuel that actually prevents excessive fuel wash, thus resulting in more power. The oval spray pattern completely fills the port unlike other nozzles that use a fan or wedge spray pattern that can cause a power-limiting disruption in flow. Each nozzle is CNC-machined from 303 stainless (with 1/16-inch NPT thread) and uses stainless entry fittings, not zinc-plated steel, so corrosion is never an issue.
For more information, contact: Wilson Manifolds (954) 771-6216,
Photo 9/11   |   custom Truck Parts May 2005 subwoofer System
Sneaky Subs
JL Audio Stealthbox subwoofer systems are designed to bring vastly improved sub-bass performance to a variety of trucks and SUVs without interior modifications and without compromising storage, passenger, or driver space. Today, JL Audio offers more than 75 different vehicle-specific Stealthboxes are designed to fit into locations that have been previously ignored - under seats, in the rear-panel storage area, or inside center consoles - blending seamlessly and remaining hidden from view.
For more information, contact: JL Audio (954) 443-1100,
Photo 10/11   |   custom Truck Parts May 2005 shock Absorbers
Superlift Superide Superfly
Superide shock absorbers have a 10-stage velocity-sensitive valving, which allows for great control on- or off-road, without sacrificing a comfortable ride. This new valving continually adjusts the dampening depending on terrain and vehicle speed. Other features include O-ring piston seals, a hardened-chrome piston shaft, a high-fluid-capacity twin-tube body, multiviscosity fluid, urethane eye bushings, double-welded eyes, and a durable enamel finish.
For more information, contact: Superlift Suspension Systems (800) 551-4955,
Photo 11/11   |   custom Truck Parts May 2005 disc Brakes
Better Binders
GM knew it scored a touchdown when it designed the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado. Good things can always be made better, though. Check out these front and rear disc brake upgrade kits from Stainless Steel Brakes. Starting with the front, the Force 10 Front Disc Brake Upgrade Kit consists of beefy Tri-Power calipers, 14-inch rotors, and CNC-machined caliper mounting brackets. Out back, the Force 10 Sport R1 Disc Brake Upgrade Kit includes single-piston aluminum calipers, 13-inch rotors, braided-stainless-steel flex hoses, CNC'd mounting brackets, and an integrated mechanical parking brake.
For more information, contact: Stainless Steel Brakes (800) 448-7722 ,


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