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New Products - Custom Truck Parts - October 2005

Calin Head
Oct 1, 2005
Photo 2/14   |   custom Truck Parts October 2005 hurst Sidewinder Shift Knob
Gnarly Knob
The Hurst Sidewinder Shift Knob is equipped with a side button switch, conveniently located for driver hand comfort, which can be used for a line lock, nitrous operation, or anything else you might need a button for. This 2-inch knob with a threaded brass insert features a heavy-duty quick-release normally open 12V switch. It can be screwed onto any shifter with either a 7/16-20 or 3/8-16 threads like Hurst's Quarter Stick. It comes with a jamb nut, and for now is only available in black.
For more information, contact: Hurst(216) 688-8300,
Photo 3/14   |   custom Truck Parts October 2005 shifter Handle
This One Has A Button, Too
This is a CNC-machined billet aluminum column shifter handle for GM '99-'05 fullsize trucks, including the Avalanche, Silverado, Denali, Sierra, Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, and Escalade. The handle is a two-piece billet aluminum design that is held together with stainless steel flat-head cap screws. The button is located in the end of the shifter handle, just like the factory shifter. The column shifter kit comes with the shifter assembled and ready to be installed, including detailed instructions and wire connectors.
For more information, contact: Machined Products Inc.(920) 206-9464,
Photo 4/14   |   custom Truck Parts October 2005 utility Jugs
Once You Go Black
VP has added black to its lineup of 5-gallon utility jugs to provide ultimate protection for its contents against harmful UV rays. Like the other jugs in VP's product line, its black jug is made of virgin high-density polyethylene, featuring an ergonomically contoured handle and bottom grip for easy pouring. With a retail price of $26.66, it includes a nonbreakable multipurpose cap and is subjected to a 15-point quality test.
For more information, contact: VP Racing Fuels(210) 635-7999,
Photo 5/14   |   custom Truck Parts October 2005 phlat Out Video Magazine
Phat DVD
Phlat Out Video Magazine covers many aspects of today's custom truck lifestyle. You will find show coverage, dragging action, shop tours, tech articles, bikini babes, show nightlife, funny outtakes, and vehicle features as told by the owners themselves. There are five 60-minute issues available to fill your couch-potato trucker needs.
For more information, contact: Phlat Out Video
Photo 6/14   |   custom Truck Parts October 2005 air Lift Roadtamer
Hauling Heavy Loads?
If you are looking for comfort and control when you are towing a heavy load, check out Air Lift's RoadTamer. This system replaces the truck's leaf springs with a scaled-down version of the air spring setup used on commercial semitrucks. Also added to the system is Air Lift's exclusive SmartAir electronic leveling system. The system features an ECU that is calibrated to the truck's ride height at the time of installation. When the truck is loaded, the ECU automatically senses the truck sagging and turns on the compressor, filling the air springs to level the truck. The system comes with a 2-year limited warranty and can be installed in a few hours.
For more information, contact: Air Lift(800) 248-0892,
Photo 7/14   |   custom Truck Parts October 2005 journey Electronic Brake Control
Whoa, Buddy, Keep It Under Control
Valley Industries has introduced the Journey Electronic Brake Control, featuring a compact design that can be mounted in any position, with reliable solid-state electronics for trouble-free stopping of trailers with electric brakes. With a thumb-wheel to control, Power to stop and Ramp Speed to activate, the Journey brake control is intended for use on trailers with two- and four-brake systems. For quick and easy installation, the company offers a line of OEM-style wiring harness connector kits. All mounting hardware and detailed instructions are included, and it's backed by a 5-year warranty.
For more information, contact: Valley Ind.(800) 344-3112,
Photo 8/14   |   custom Truck Parts October 2005 stormweave Car Cover
Cover Your Baby
Maximize the protection for your ride, whether it's in a garage or parked outside with the Stormweave Car Cover from California Car Cover Company. The cover's unique four-layer fabric construction includes two center layers composed of short, dense fibers that act as a barrier to repel moisture, snow, rain, dew, and even industrial pollutants. The cover's new dense construction also cushions vehicles against parking lot dings. It is available in three colors and is designed to fit a variety of trucks and SUVs.
For more information, contact: California Car Cover Co., (800) 423-5525,
Photo 9/14   |   custom Truck Parts October 2005 shock Absorbing Ball Mount
Vibragard, Elastomeric, Versadur, And Other Fancy Words
The Shock Absorbing Ball Mount or SABM, manufactured by Robin Industries, is constructed with the company's VibraGard technology, which uses an elastomeric element to isolate shock and vibration when towing. The torque tube design absorbs shock and vibration in all directions: up and down, front to back, and side to side. The mount is unlike a standard trailer hitch in that it isolates vibration and provides smooth and comfortable towing. The SABM is available in four models and comes with Robin's Versadur specialty coating.
For more information, contact: Robin Ind.(216) 631-7000,
Photo 10/14   |   custom Truck Parts October 2005 silverado Front End Stuff
Silverado Front-End Stuff From Aim
AIM has what you need to make over your Silverado in no time. A cowl hood, mirrors, and a factory stamped steel bumper that incorporates the top and bottom valance to create a variety of options, including smooth, smooth & lights, billet & lights, or just lights, will get you on the road to custom. The hoods come in black primer, while the bumpers are available in raw paint grade or chrome.
For more information, contact: Aim Ind., (800) 682-TRUX (8789),
Photo 11/14   |   custom Truck Parts October 2005 auto Optics Car Care Line
Peta-Approved Car Care
Auto Optics has developed a car-care line formulated to be environmentally friendly and provide long-lasting protection. The company's new car care products are formulated without petroleum solvents or harsh chemicals. These products consist of waxes, polishes, leather care, paint detailers, plastic care, interior dressings, tire dressings, and soap.
For more information, contact: Auto
Photo 12/14   |   custom Truck Parts October 2005 heat Sink
A Sink You Won't Find In The Kitchen
Barry Grants' new heat-sink is designed to work with flow-through-style fuel pumps on carbureted or fuel-injected high-performance vehicles. It keeps fuel cool in slow traffic conditions when much idling occurs to prolong fuel pump life. Equipped with a check-valve arrangement in the outlet port to promote rapid pump priming, this new, finned, extruded aluminum heat-sink has 5-1/2-inch mounting centers and is available with either -8 or -10 AN fittings.
For more information, contact: Barry Grant Inc.(706) 864-8544,
Record On The Fly
With this new head unit from Clarion, you can record a full CD or individual tracks by simply loading a CD and pressing the Record button. Additionally, because this technology uses flash memory instead of a removable hard drive, you can enjoy hours of skip-free playback. You also have the capability to interface an iPod, as well as connect to Sirius Satellite Radio. Additional features include a spectrum analyzer, CD text and titling, station titling, a blinking LED for anti-theft, a detachable control panel, and remote control.
For more information, contact: Clarion Corporation of America, (310) 217-4207,



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