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New Products - Custom Truck Parts - December 2005

Sport Truck Staff
Dec 1, 2005
Photo 2/13   |   custom Truck Parts December 2005 led Taillights
Red LEDs
Do you want that modern look on the back half of your new F-150? Then, check out these APC LED (Light Emitting Diode) taillights sold through Stylin' Concepts. These direct bolt-on replacement lenses for the '04-and-later F-150 provide easy installation and feature shock-resistant LED technology.
For more information, contact: STYLIN' CONCEPTS(800) 434-4381,
Photo 3/13   |   custom Truck Parts December 2005 chassis Tech Barstools
Push In Your Stool
Keep your garage in the full gearhead motif with these barstools from Chassis Tech. They come in two heights, including 18- or 32-inch and feature a thick pad, covered in one of six different vinyls.
For more information, contact: AIM INDUSTRIES(800) 682-8789,
Photo 4/13   |   custom Truck Parts December 2005 chassis Coating System
Back in Black
Eastwood's new Extreme Chassis Black and Extreme Chassis Black Primer team up to offer a superior Chassis Coating System. Extreme Chassis Black's dramatically improved resin formulation has successfully passed the demanding ASTM 250-hour Salt Spray tests. Specially formulated Extreme Chassis Black Primer, when applied to bare steel, increases adhesion and durability of Extreme Chassis Black and provides a complete frame-refinishing package.
For more information, contact: THE EASTWOOD CO.(800) 343-9353,
Photo 5/13   |   custom Truck Parts December 2005 shurtrax
Bed Bladder
ShurTrax is an item designed to add as much as 400 pounds of traction weight to pickups. When filled, it is only 3 inches thick and sits directly over the rear axle, where weight is needed most. A dual-chamber bladder design features a thick skin that is abrasion- and puncture-resistant. ShurTrax is designed to freeze in winter and will support 500 pounds of cargo, so you can still use your vehicle for hauling.
For more information, contact: SHURTRAX(866) 582-9078,
Photo 6/13   |   custom Truck Parts December 2005 tubular Control Arms
Killer Arms
Introducing the latest addition to Global West's growing line of G-plus tubular control arms, uppers and lowers for '82-'02 Chevy S-10 and GMC S-15 two-wheel-drive pickups and Blazers. These arms are designed to fit with either stock or drop spindles. Upper A-arms are built with 1-1/4-inch-diameter DOM tubing with a cross brace to reduce flex and maintain strength. Upper arms are designed with 5-1/2 degrees of positive caster, built in for better straight-line stability, and dramatically improved corner entry. The camber curve is also changed to keep the tire flatter on the pavement during high-speed maneuvering.
For more information, contact: GLOBAL WEST SUSPENSION COMPONENTS (877) 870-2975,
Photo 7/13   |   custom Truck Parts December 2005 weatherstrip Kit
All Sealed Up
C/K Resto offers a complete weatherstrip kit for your '88-'98 Chevrolet or GMC C/K regular- or extended-cab truck. Whether your truck is a show-winner, off-roader, or daily workhorse, you can put it into shape with the help of these kits. The kits feature two door seals, two run-channel seals, both outer and inner door belt seals, and a new firewall-to-hood seal.
For more information, contact: C/K RESTO (877) 257-3786,
Photo 8/13   |   custom Truck Parts December 2005 silverline Exhaust Tips
Big Tipper
Silverline now has 4- and 5-inch turndown diesel truck exhaust tips. Made of highly polished T304 stainless steel, these Silverline truck exhaust tips are designed to direct the diesel exhaust away from the vehicle. The bolt-on feature allows for easy installation.
For more information, contact: ANSA AUTOMOTIVE(800) 777-2672,
Photo 9/13   |   custom Truck Parts December 2005 wilwood Brakes
Whoa, Henry
Do you have big wheels on your ride? Then, you better get larger brakes, and the biggest brakes out there are Wilwood's TC Big Brakes setup. Featuring 16-inch directional vane rotors, forged six-piston calipers, Wilwood brake pads, and machined aluminum hats, this setup will definitely put the whoas in your Ford.
For more information, contact: WILWOOD ENGINEERING(805) 388-1188,
Photo 10/13   |   custom Truck Parts December 2005 air Intake System
'05 Ford Ranger Cold-Air Intake Systems
aFe introduces its cold-air intake system for the '05 Ford Ranger fitted with either the 3.0L and 4.0L V-6 engines. The Magnum Force Stage 1 Cold-Air Intake System replaces the top half of the stock airbox with an easy-to-snap-in intake system. The high-flow washable/reusable conical air filter replaces the stock paper filter for immediate impact on performance.
For more information, contact: ADVANCED FLOW ENGINEERING (aFe)(951) 493-7100,
Photo 11/13   |   custom Truck Parts December 2005 oasis Air Compressors
Super Airbag-Filling Apparatus
Oasis Air Compressors have the output capability to feed the most demanding air suspension applications. Oasis uses commercial-duty motors directly coupled with 10ci, twin-cylinder York compressors. The low-voltage cut-off protection allows the compressors to output 200 psi. These suckers will fill a 5-gallon tank, from 0 to 150 psi, in 54 seconds.
For more information, contact: OASIS MANUFACTURING(949) 768-4311,
Photo 12/13   |   custom Truck Parts December 2005 vararam Intake
Brrr... Cold
This intake from Vararam is designed to give a true cold-air combination for Duramax diesel engines to provide a real-world power gain. The units come with a high-flow Green air filter and feature a true bolt-in installation.
For more information, contact: VARARAM IND.(866) 507-2648,
Photo 13/13   |   custom Truck Parts December 2005 edelbrock Book
Performance Reading
Edelbrock: Made in USA is a hardbound book that tells the history of the performance aftermarket industry, as it unfolds around Vic Edelbrock, Sr. and many other pioneers of performance. Names such as Wally Parks, Alex Xydias, Ed Iskendarian, and Ed Pink are intertwined in the story about the beginnings of the Edelbrock Equipment Company in the late-'30s and goes from the board tracks to the dry lakes, to the modern manufacturing facilities of Edelbrock Corporation today.
For more information, contact: EDELBROCK CORP.(310) 781-2222,


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