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Jun 14, 2007
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Nitto Tire North America announces the launch of its new corporate website at Nitto's primary goal was to connect with automotive enthusiasts by creating an engaging interactive user experience. The website educates consumers about the Nitto product line and integrates the company's tires with its racing program. Above all, the site was designed for enthusiasts. "From the second you enter our site, it just feels like it was designed with enthusiasts in mind," says Tim Coltey, Marketing Assistant at Nitto Tire. "Enthusiasts will want to see every video, wallpaper, and image-and then show their friends." Focusing on enthusiasts is a marketing strategy that is central to Nitto's identity and branding.
The site's content is also driven by enthusiasts' demands. Fast-paced action videos, interesting racer interviews, and current news keep the content fresh, interesting, and constantly evolving. "We wanted to create the most interactive tire site. A site where the content is always new and exciting-something for automotive enthusiasts," says John Wu of Nitto Tire. "Our content will always be changing. On one visit, you'll see a new video for our UROC team; on another you'll see an interview with one of our drag racers. Each visit will be different."
The new interactive content helps educate consumers. An icon-based tire comparison rates each tire within Nitto's lineup on performance criteria. "We wanted to help consumers choose the right tire without forcing them to read lengthy tire descriptions and reviews. The comparison charts will help users select the appropriate tire at a glance and then to learn more about the tire they've chosen," says Conrad Galamgam, Technical Director at Nitto Tire. Additionally, each tire has a technology section, where users can interact with the tread to learn key benefits.
"We wanted to do something that hadn't been done before. We wanted to integrate interactive footage and entertaining videos into an informative, product-centric site. This site is truly designed for and fueled by enthusiasts," says Jonathan Ozeretny, Marketing Supervisor at Nitto Tire.
Nitto Tire North America develops performance tires for all uses, including racing, off-road, and street. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities in both Japan and the United States, the company strives to provide innovative and high-quality performance tires for the most demanding enthusiasts. For more information about Nitto Tire or its products, visit the company's website or contact the company directly. Nitto is a registered trademark of Nitto Tire North America Inc., located at 6021 Katella Ave., Ste. 250, Cypress, CA 90630,
Is It Stalking If the Other Person Wants You to Call Them 97 Times a Day?Delta Meridian announced it is now beta-testing its new network, called SameLane, which enables riders in vehicles on any roadway to call other riders (or drivers) in other vehicles by simply calling a premium charge phone line and entering the license plate of the vehicle in view they wish to contact.
The SameLane network has two component parts. A website,, where anyone in the U.S. or Canada can register at no charge with their vehicle license plate and cell phone number. Once they register, they can purchase a bumper sticker or rear window transparent decal for a nominal fee at a nationwide distribution outlet, which will let other road users know they can make calls to the rider in the vehicle by calling a premium charge phone number.
The second component is the premium charge phone (900) system, which has an IVR voice response system linked to the service website. Callers are prompted to enter the license plate number of the vehicle they wish to contact. The SameLane system employs patent-pending technology, which enables callers to use one keystroke for any character or number, avoiding the tedious multiple keystrokes normally required to send characters or numbers when sending SMS text messages. The SameLane system proprietary software is able to distinguish between similar keystroke license plate combinations, such as ABC123, BCA123, CBA123, and so on, and find the intended plate number. The software can also distinguish between the exact same license plate number combination in different states or provinces.
A unique feature of the SameLane system is its ability to connect cell phone calls between vehicle riders without either party knowing the other's cell phone number.
Will the highway replace chat rooms or 976 phone numbers as the most widely used form of casual hookup media? We can see it now. Cars swerving even more as singles try to get a glimpse of the license plate of some car that just passed them in order to make phone call. Isn't talking on your cell phone while driving illegal in many states already? If you want to check this deal out, then just visit
Roush Introduces Dedicated Propane-Powered F-150 Pickup TruckThe Roush F-150 LPI is designed and manufactured to operate solely on propane, while providing the same horsepower, torque, and driveability of an F-150 equipped with a gasoline-powered 5.4L, three-valve Triton V-8 engine. Roush will begin taking orders for the propane-powered F-150 immediately. The 2007.5 model-year truck can be ordered, delivered, and serviced through a nationwide network of select Ford dealers. The Roush F-150 is available in Regular Cab, SuperCab, and SuperCrew cab styles with XL or XLT trim and the full range of bed lengths. The LPI option includes the dedicated propane fuel lines, the fuel rail assembly, and the fuel tank. Additionally, the vehicle's computer has been recalibrated to provide optimum performance and fuel economy. The base LPI option is $6,500 and includes a unique 20-gallon toroidal fuel tank, mounted in place of the underbody spare tire. For customers in need of increased range, a 50-gallon, in-bed fuel tank is available as an additional option.
"Aside from its superb engineering, this vehicle is right here, right now. It is an alternative fuel vehicle that has an established refueling infrastructure to support it," says Tom Arnold, director, alternative fuel products for Roush. "This vehicle will have a positive impact on reducing emissions and our dependency on foreign oil."
Vehicle start is controlled by a one-touch system, where the engine controls take over from the driver to provide the fastest possible start with the lowest emissions. The OEM engine control is used with unique calibration values to suit the changes in properties from gasoline to propane. The maintenance schedule for the Roush F-150 LPI is similar to that of a gasoline engine schedule with no special oils or change intervals required.
For more information or to order a Roush F-150 propane-powered truck, call (800) 59ROUSH (597-6874), or visit
10 Mostly Worthless Facts1. Remember when 18s were considered big? Back in the day, we thought a 245/40R18 tire was tough to tuck at 25.72 inches in diameter. Now builders are tucking 305/35R24 tires under the beds of compact pickups. That's a 32.4-inch-tall tire!
2.The 40-inch mark for wheels and tires has been hurdled by USA Motorsports of Texas. The company built a Buick Regal lifted with airbags and custom-machined 40s. If that's not enough to make you sick to your stomach, the shop is already working on a set of 50s.
3. The photo shoot for last month's poster began at Galen's house at six in the mornin' and ended up at his next door neighbor's driveway, who wasn't home at the time. Surprise, neighbor!
4. The six-man staff of Sport Truck collectively has a 7-1/2-hour commute to and from work each day. We don't really "go the extra mile," it's just that the traffic in Orange County sucks balls.
5.The six-man staff of Sport Truck collectively owns 12 vehicles. That's small by automotive magazine standards. We know one staffer who owns that many vehicles by himself. Parking space is at a premium in Southern California, so we try to keep it tight here at ST.
6. The H&C Studebaker Blacksmith Shop opened in February of 1952 and began building horse-drawn carriages and buggies. By 1902, the company introduced its first electric car, and in 1937, the company produced its first pickup, the Coupe-Express.
7. We spent 131.00 dollars on props during production of the October issue of ST. See if you can spot where the money went in the poster. Oh, and the model doesn't count as a prop. She's talent, and that's a different expense altogether.
8. In 1948, Ford offered its largest powerplant at the time, called the "Cargo King V-8." It was rated at 145 hp at 3,600 rpm and 255 lb-ft of torque at just 1,800 rpm.
9.Ford Trucks not only sponsor country singer Toby Keith's concert series, but are often used in Toby's grand entrance onto the stage.
10.If you took the time to add up the number of trucks photographed in this issue of Sport Truck, you'd be on the toilet for a very long time.
Say What?The staff speaks and you listen. It's that simple. This month's question is:Mike:I don't want to give the clich "I like all kinds of music" answer, but I do seem to develop an extreme case of A.D.D. in terms of my listening habits when I slide behind the wheel of my truck, even on short trips. My truck is always full of CDs because I'll listen to one song on a disc, hit the eject button, then toss it in the back seat and grab another. I don't have time to make the perfect compilation disc of MP3s, either. I'll bounce from Snoop Dog to Agent Orange to The Charlie Daniels Band between freeway exits without thinking twice. It scares the crap out of my wife, sometimes, when I try to change discs doing 70 mph around a hairpin turn.
Kevin:For everyday driving, it's all about punk rock. My tunes are always banging loud to keep me motivated through the highly populated SoCal streets. Fast-paced music is the only way to keep my mind from dazing off and getting into an accident. Now, on long drives on the wide-open highways, I can listen to anything because all I have to do is keep my eyes open and look forward.
David:What music I listen to depends on how long the drive is going to be and where I'm going. If it's going to be a long road trip, then I have to have more options than a six-disc changer can afford. Thank the music gods there's a 60GB iPod with my name on it. I can shuffle all my music at random, and at every turn it's a good surprise. However, on short to moderate trips, I can rely on my disc changer to play anything from Beck or Gorillaz to The Shins or Radiohead, depending on my mood.
Calin:Right now, my favorite thing to rock out to while driving is commercial-free Sirius Satellite Radio. If I couldn't have that, then I would make sure to have these three staples of my music taste: AC/DC's Back In Black, Bob Marley's Legend, and Sublime's 40oz to Freedom.
Andy:Usually before I take a road-trip, I'll load up the iPod with anything I feel I will listen to on the trip. Most trips out to The River end up being an 85-mph slam pit! Subhumans, Social Distortion, and The Business pumping out of my subs and tweeters makes for a nice fast drive. After a while, though, things mellow down and some smooth ska and reggae starts chiming in. Next thing you know, the deep-blue river is on the horizon and the windows open, the stereo turns off, and I soak in the scenery, feel the warm air of the evening, and the world goes away for awhile.
Galen:I don't really have a specific set of driving music. When I'm cruising around SoCal, I usually listen to the radio and jump between rock, alternative, hip hop, and a little adult contemporary. When I'm traveling, I will download my favorite songs onto my iPod. Really though, the radio's prime function is to drown out whatever noise your truck is making-the louder the noise, the louder the radio.
Stylin' announces winner of Colorado sweep stakesWe didn't even know the company was giving away a Colorado, but we are glad someone got a truck, nonetheless. Stylin' Concepts congratulates Jennifer Eubank of Brick, New Jersey, as the winner of its Goodmark/Stylin' Concepts '06 Chevrolet Colorado Sweepstakes. The Stylin' Concepts sweepstakes truck, co-sponsored by Goodmark Industries and painted with its signature orange-over-black flame job, is loaded with the newest truck accessories on the market, including a Skyjacker suspension lift kit, an off-road wheel/tire package from Pro Comp, and a replacement grille and front bumper cover from Street Scene. Additional custom accessories include a Westin front bullbar and lighting kit, aftermarket LED taillights from In.Pro.Car Wear, an All-Sales third brake light cover, and a Lambo door kit from LSD Doors. Finally, a K&N intake system was installed to work with the Goodmark cowl-induction hood.
The truck was awarded to Eubank by Stylin' Concepts' President, John Milos, in a presentation at Stylin' Concepts' facility in Independence, Ohio. "You hear about these giveaways and never think that anyone wins. Well, I won! Thank you, Goodmark and Stylin' Concepts," Eubank said. Her name was chosen randomly from more than 34,000 entries.
Other Stylin' Concepts sweepstakes vehicles have included an '04 Chevrolet Silverado, an '05 Ford F-150, an '05 Chevrolet Tahoe, and an '06 Ford F-150. To learn about other sweepstakes and promotions, visit Stylin' Concepts' website at
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