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New Sport Truck Products - Speed Shop - November 2007

New Products

Calin Head
Nov 1, 2007
Photo 2/13   |   new Products gale Banks Engineering
Ready, Set, Tow
The Banks Power Pack system for 5.9L Cummins offers a full gamut of intake, turbo, exhaust, fuel tuning, and intercooling upgrades. This fully engineered system improves airflow and air density going into the engine and is calibrated for hauling heavy loads without placing undue stress on the engine. The Banks Power Pack can deliver as much as 100 additional hp and 235 lb-ft of torque (at the rear wheels), with adjust-on-the-fly power, lower exhaust gas temperature, and virtually no backpressure. Fully compatible with Dodge's factory warranty, the entire system is covered by Banks' lifetime warranty.
Gale Banks Engineering
Photo 3/13   |   new Products explorer Competition Products Inc
Know Your Speed
Pro Comp's new Accu Pro calibration tools are the perfect upgrade for lifted vehicles with larger wheel and tire combinations or gear ratio changes. Accu Pro calibration tools plug directly into your vehicle's diagnostic port for easy installation. The calibration tools can read and clear vehicle DTC (diagnostic trouble codes). Accu Pro calibration tools also calibrate the speedometer and the odometer for tire size and differential gear changes. There will be no more wondering how fast you are traveling or what the true mileage on your vehicle really is.
Explorer Competition Products Inc.
Photo 4/13   |   new Products classic Chevy 5 Speed
Shift Into Fifth
Classic Chevy 5-Speed has added a new five-speed, Tremec TKO conversion kit to its lineup of manual Overdrive transmission offerings. This new kit is now available for '60-'72 GM trucks. Each kit includes a new Tremec TKO five-speed Overdrive transmission, a custom-made tubular crossmember, a roller pilot bearing, a polyurethane transmission mount, a custom speedometer cable, a complete driveshaft, factory-style electrical connectors, as well as complete hardware and instructions for an at-home installation.
Classic Chevy 5-Speed
Photo 5/13   |   new Products street Scene Equipment
Silverado Nose Job
Street Scene Equipment, a manufacturer of styling components, has announced the release of its new Generation I bumper cover for the new '07 Chevy Silverado. This bumper cover adds an aggressive yet modern stance to the new '07 Silverado, whether lifted or lowered. It is constructed of rugged urethane and comes with all hardware, adhesives, and instructions for an easy installation. Speed Grilles are also available in brushed aluminum or chrome to complete your presentation.
Street Scene Equipment
Photo 6/13   |   new Products brake Performance
Stop With Less Dust
Brake Performance auto, truck and SUV brake pads deliver increased stopping power, reduced brake fade, and reduced wheel dust by as much as 80 percent over many aftermarket semi-metallic offerings. Brake Performance disc pads offer high initial bite and are effective to as much as 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. These pads are manufactured from man-made fibers. And best of all, they come with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects if they were to occur.
Brake Performance
Photo 7/13   |   new Products interco Tire
A Tire For All Seasons
The VorTrac design combines all of the features that make up great all-terrain tires. It has a tight pattern that is well-supported toward the base of the tread for good stability and long tread life. It has a lot of siping to provide traction in wet weather, snow, and ice conditions. Some of the features are designed to prevent large stone retention. All of this is brought into a design that is smooth and quiet, along with good looks that will enhance the appearance of any vehicle. Sizes currently available are: 35x12.50R17 (10-ply) and 35x12.50R18 (10-ply), with upcoming 35x12.50R20 and 35x12.50R22.
Interco Tire
(337) 334-3814
Photo 8/13   |   new Products american Shine
Sit On It
Far more than an organizer on wheels, the Detail Caddy comfortably accommodates you with a rubber diamond-plate-patterned seat cover and an easy-pull handle. It allows you to sit while you work with your supplies and bucket close at hand, reducing the typical fatigue and back strain that sometimes come with cleaning your vehicles. Made from injection-molded HDPE plastic and engineered for strength and durability, the Detail Caddy supports as much as 350 pounds.
American Shine(877) 777-4463
Photo 9/13   |   new Products vp Racing Fuels
The Sweet Smell Of Race Gas
VP Racing Fuels, a manufacturer of racing fuels and other performance products, has a new fuel in its lineup, VP113. Steve Burns, VP's president and CEO, says, "VP113 will make up to 2 percent more power than competitive 110-114 octane fuels, for a competitive price." VP113 is oxygenated to street gas levels and is applicable in drag racing, circle track, road racing, off-road-for virtually anything that moves.
VP Racing Fuels
Photo 10/13   |   new Products stylin Concepts
The Tow Claw
Stylin' Concepts, retailer of truck and SUV accessories, announces the addition of The Dragon Claw hitch ball mount to its product line. Manufactured as a super-strong one-piece forging, the Dragon Claw ball mount has a maximum tongue weight of 1,000 pounds and exceeds Class 4 load ratings. The Dragon Claw comes with a show-quality, polished finish, and the claw conceals the hitch ball hardware.
Stylin' Concepts
Photo 11/13   |   new Products orison Marketing
Quick Metal Prep
Removing mill oil, dust, surface rust, and white rust from metal before welding, painting, or powdercoating is a long and tedious process. Picklex 20 is the one-step, one-coat metal preparation cleaner. It is a 100-percent rust converter, rust inhibitor, and protective coating. Picklex 20 is easily sprayed or brushed onto steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel, and provides a protective primer for top-coating purposes, providing for an excellent bonding of paint and powdercoat. Upon drying, it provides a very longterm rust protection, if stored indoors.
Orison Marketing
Photo 12/13   |   new Products greg Weld Inc
The Wheel Deal
Greg Weld has a new line of forged wheels, featuring hot-forged, one-piece construction. The new wheels are custom-built, forged, 3-D-machined, and meticulously finished, and they are available in a range of sizes, including 20x10, 20x12, 20x14, 22x10.5, 22x12, and 24x12. The wheels will be available in chrome-plated or a new proprietary coating that ensures resistance to extreme temperatures, brake dust, and weather, along with ease for cleaning. These new designs are purpose-built in six- and eight-lug applications with an aggressive offset to fit GM, Ford, and Nissan SUVs and pickups.
Greg Weld Inc.
Photo 13/13   |   new Products gaylords Kustom Lids
Let There Be Light
Gaylord's 3rd Brake Light is the newest item to be added to the company's extensive line of products. It is an optional feature for the SpeedSturr Wing Lid. The 3rd Brake Light will provide more brake light visibility for your truck, and it is 100 percent American-made. Gaylord's has applications to fit most makes and models, including Chevy/GMC, Ford, Dodge, and imports.
Gaylord's Kustom Lids



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