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New Sport Truck Products - Speed Shop - August 2008

Calin Head
Aug 1, 2008
Photo 2/13   |   sport Truck Products turnsmart
1. Merge Safely
The TurnSmart Mirror System uses super-bright LEDs that blink in conjunction with the vehicle's turn signals, alerting those drivers in the blind spots. The system consists of left and right wide-angle side mirrors that are wireless and solar powered and an RF transmitter that operates the LEDs. For fast, easy installation, the transmitter attaches to the turn-signal wires or a trailer wire harness. The kit includes Posi-Tap twist-on connectors, zip ties, a cigarette lighter charger, and a test light.
Auto Care Products
(800) 992-2018
Photo 3/13   |   sport Truck Products volant
2. Simple Bling
Volant's new Super Tips allow you to retain the factory exhaust system and add fully polished, T304 stainless steel, mandrel-bent tip tubing and 4-inch dual-wall tips. Volant's Super Tips replace the factory resonator that typically hangs from the back of Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac sport utility vehicles, giving your vehicle a performance exhaust tone. Volant's Super Tips use the factory hangers and come with all of the necessary hardware to bolt them on to the factory over-axle pipe. The dual 4-inch tips exit behind the rear tire and add an expensive look to your SUV, without the expensive price.
Volant Performance
(909) 476-7225
Photo 4/13   |   sport Truck Products accmats
3. Replace That Stained-Up Mess for Less
ACC has you covered for all your sport truck carpeting needs. Whether it's for your Chevy, Toyota, Ford, Datsun, Dodge, Mazda, Suzuki, Nissan, and so on and so on, you are covered. ACC also has a huge selection of custom-embroidered floor mats to protect your new carpet. Use ad code STM08 to receive a 20-percent discount off your first retail order.
Auto Custom Carpets
(800) 633-2358
Photo 5/13   |   sport Truck Products dunlop Tires
4. Sticky Tires for Lightweight Trucks
The Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec is a DOT-approved, summer performance tire for hardcore driving enthusiasts. A high-response directional tread pattern with circumferential grooves helps create a consistent contact patch on the pavement for a smooth feel and seamless transition. An "optimal mold shape" helps provide a consistent footprint shape and uniform pressure distribution across the footprint for enhanced cornering. The tire also features Jointless Band Technology to help enable smooth performance at highway speeds. The Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec is available in 20 sizes with rim diameters from 15 to 18 inches.
Dunlop Tires
(800) 321-2136
5. Light Wheels
Center Line has added a line of super-light forged wheels to its arsenal. These Competition Race Series wheels are up to 30-percent lighter than conventional castings. Right now, they only come in 15-inch diameters, but you can get widths from 4 inches up to 15 inches. There are five styles to choose from (CRS-1 and the Rev shown), and all come in a highly polished finish.
Center Line Wheel Corp.
(800) 345-8671
Photo 8/13   |   sport Truck Products the Brake Man
6. The Brake Man to the Rescue
Pickups and SUVs can now enjoy shorter stopping distances and greater wear resistance thanks to The Brake Man's SuperBrake kit. Using OEM-style rotors treated with The Brake Man's proprietary thermal process and brake pads with an exclusive blend of friction materials, The Brake Man's SuperBrake kit results in performance gains at a fraction of the cost. SuperBrakes reduced stopping distance by 30 feet on a "hot stop" 40-mph panic stop in the company's '01 Ford F-350 Super Duty paramedic unit, which is approximately 12,500 pounds of truck.
The Brake Man
(805) 987-7867
Photo 9/13   |   sport Truck Products eastwood Co
7. Getting Clean With Soda
Blasting with bicarbonate soda has long been preferred by professional shops because it removes paint without warping or damaging the base metal, glass, or trim, so very little disassembly and masking is needed. Commercial soda blasters use a lot of air, but Eastwood's design allows you to soda-blast with as little as 7 cfm at 80 psi. Plus, since soda blasting doesn't remove rust, Eastwood soda blasters can be quickly converted to blast with standard or other more aggressive media to clean up rusty areas.
Eastwood Co.
(800) 345-1178
Photo 10/13   |   sport Truck Products jl Audio
8. Things That Go Thump in the Night
JL Audio has a new sub enclosure geared for us truck folks who don't have a lot of room to spare. The FlatWedge is a very low-profile (less than 5 inches thick), slot-ported box that has a W3v3 driver stuffed into it. A flared slot-port design minimizes turbulence and improves fidelity. JL also has a large selection of wedge-style boxes for all you extended-cab owners.
JL Audio
Photo 11/13   |   sport Truck Products brothers Trucks
9. Right Turn, Clyde
Need to replace your turn-signal switch but have a worn-out housing? Brothers Trucks now offers a replacement turn-signal assembly for '54-'59 Chevy and GMC trucks. Each assembly comes with the outer steering column housing and has the turn-signal switch pre-installed.
Brothers Trucks
(800) 977-2767
10. Weld Easy, Weld Safe
Miller has made it very easy to create a nice weld thanks to these two new products. The new Millermatic 180 with Auto-Set is a 230V machine, giving you the capability to weld 24-gauge up to 5/16-inch mild steel in a single pass. The Auto-Set feature helps out by simplifying the setup: You select the wire diameter and material thickness and start welding. The machine is automatically set to the proper voltage and wire-feed speed for the job. In instances where Auto-Set cannot be used, a manual mode is available. In manual mode, the Millermatic 180 is set up like any other MIG machine. To protect your eyes, Miller offers an auto-darkening helmet with four programmable modes: Welding, Cutting, Grinding, and X-Mode. Digital Elite helmets are available in four popular graphic designs as well as in classic black.
Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


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