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Speed Shop - Custom Truck Parts - November 2008

See It, Buy It!

Calin Head
Nov 1, 2008
Photo 2/15   |   speed Shop intro Wheels
1. Get Your Kicks...
The new Rte 66 rollers from Intro Custom Wheels are big, shiny, and chock-full of hot-rod styling. There are six different styles in the new line to choose from, including the Sedona shown here. They are available in five-lug versions with six and eight coming soon. You can get them in 17- to 24-inch diameters depending on how high your cool factor is. All Rte 66 wheels are 100-percent billet aluminum and come polished inside and out.
Intro Custom Wheels
(800) 454-6876
Photo 3/15   |   speed Shop lunati Power
2. Affordable Bumpstick
BareBones is a new line of affordable cam-and-lifter kits for high-performance street and mild race engines from Lunati. Starting at just over a 100 bucks, these aggressive, hydraulic, flat-tappet cam-and-lifter kits deliver more usable horsepower for your Chevy or Ford mill. BareBones cam kits feature asymmetrical lobe designs paired with high-quality lifters. The camshaft improves throttle response and acceleration and maintains good engine vacuum on street machines.
(662) 892-1500
3. Single-handed Steering
Borgeson offers a power steering conversion for '66-'87 trucks with outside-the-frame box mounting. These conversions are based around the variable-ratio GM 700 power steering gearbox, giving you a smooth, comfortably driving pickup. Borgeson offers both self-contained and remote-fill style pumps, pump brackets for multiple applications, and hose kits in both rubber OE-style and braided stainless steel.
Borgeson Universal
(860) 482-8283
Photo 8/15   |   speed Shop the Reel Deal
4. Clean Connection
The Reel-Deal is a self-adjusting retractable wire-harness device that keeps your trailer's wiring safe and tidy. It will protect your trailer's wires from low-lying brush, road debris, and ongoing damage due to loose or dragging wires or from unexpected tension, preventing accidental disconnects.
Independent Solutions
(682) 365-2664
Photo 9/15   |   speed Shop late Model Restoration
5. Front Resto
Do you have an '88-'93 Chevy truck but want a '94-'98-style grille? This kit from Latemodel Restoration has everything you need in one kit. It includes a new chrome grille assembly, factory-style headlights, park lights, and side markers. Bumper filler sold separately. Also available with clear, diamond-style lighting.
Latemodel Restoration Supply
(866) 507-3786
Photo 10/15   |   speed Shop hamburgers Performance
6. Racy Covers
Hamburger's is now welding up fabricated aluminum valve covers for popular Chevy and Ford applications. The tall design offers clearance for rocker-arm assemblies and stud girdles. They are available with or without baffles and breather holes; all models are built using 6061-T6 aluminum and employ sturdy, 1/4-inch billet flanges for a leak-free seal.
Hamburger's Performance Products
(562) 921-0404
Photo 11/15   |   speed Shop royal Purple
7. Break It In Right
Engine builders using flat-tappet cams have grown increasingly concerned that motor oils do not provide adequate wear protection for new engines. Royal Purple Break-In Oil is formulated to allow optimal ring seal and protect rotating assembly components during the break-in process. Royal Purple combines highly refined mineral oil, preferred for engine break-in, with advanced additives containing high levels of zinc and phosphorus to optimize protection in flat-tappet and roller engines.
Royal Purple
(281) 354-8600
Photo 12/15   |   speed Shop TRD Usa
8. Tundra Ponies
Toyota Racing Development (TRD) and Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) now offer an all-new supercharger system for Toyota Tundra and Sequoia vehicles equipped with the 5.7L V-8 engine. Once installed, the V-8 will crank out 504 hp at 5,500 rpm and 550 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. The supercharger is a Roots type that produces a boost pressure of 8.5 psi, and it's available at Toyota dealerships right now. TRD superchargers installed by an authorized Toyota dealer carry a 12-month, unlimited-mileage warranty, or the balance of Toyota's new-vehicle 5-year, 60,000-mile powertrain warranty, whichever is greater.
Toyota Racing Development
Photo 13/15   |   speed Shop barry Grant
9. Evil Carbs
If you're looking for that traditional dual-quad look for your classic truck, check out the Pro Twins from Barry Grant. Two inline-mounted, 525-, 625-, or 725-cfm, Road Demon Jr. vacuum-secondary 4-bbl carburetors sit atop an AeroRam intake manifold and provide grunt and crisp throttle response. There's an electric choke on the primary carburetor for easy starting and rapid warm-up. Red and black fuel hoses, a chrome fuel block, and nickel-plated linkage are included.
Demon Carburetion
(706) 864-8544
Photo 14/15   |   speed Shop TD Performance
10. A Little Security
You're only one speed bump, dip, or ditch away from costly engine work. Slam-Guard oil and transmission pans give you the added insurance you need to reduce that risk. These pans from Trans-Dapt have an integrated 3/16-inch-thick steel skidplate that reinforces the exposed bottom of the pan to protect against deformation or rupture. The pans are manufactured for GM, Ford, and Mopar engines and are available with either a chrome or silver powdercoat finish.
Trans-Dapt Performance Products
(562) 921-0404
Photo 15/15   |   speed Shop undercover Info
11. Store Your Stuff
If you're tired of crap sliding around in the bed of your truck but don't want one of those huge storage boxes, we have a product for you. The Swing Case from UnderCover stores in that empty space behind the wheelwell and is hinged so that with the pull of a lever the case swings out over the tailgate. The case also sits 3 inches above the bed floor, allowing you to fit things like plywood. The Swing Case also fits underneath a tonneau cover. And if you ever need to take the case with you to the job site or a great fishing spot, it lifts off the hinges and is completely portable.
(866) 900-8800


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