Portable Night-Vision Camera - Swift Hitch

A Portable Night-Vision Camera For Truck And Trailer

Robin Stover
Jan 1, 2009
Photographers: Robin Stover
Ever try to hook up a trailer in a small area all by yourself? Not only is it a frustrating job to do alone, but doing so also puts your truck, trailer, and surrounding structures at risk, especially at night.
Photo 2/4   |   After putting the Swift Hitch to the test ourselves, we can attest to the quality of the product.
Now you can make the job a whole lot easier and safer thanks to a new wireless wonder of technology by Two Loons Trading Company. Called Swift Hitch, this easy-to-use, battery-powered wireless backup camera system was designed to assist drivers attaching travel trailers, boats, and other towables to their trucks.
As we learned during our test, it takes only three simple steps for you to have a clear picture of what's happening behind your truck. We mounted the magnetic camera on the back of our pickup and turned it on. Once inside the cab, we switched on the handheld color 2.5-inch LCD display monitor. Thanks to the clear image displayed in the monitor, we proceeded to back up our tow rig until the hitch ball was exactly where we wanted it. It was that easy.
We tested the Swift Hitch several times for ourselves and we can say that this product is a homerun for people who tow. We were so impressed, in fact, that we complicated the testing-beyond the manufacturer's recommendations-and used it as a rear-vision camera on a 36-foot diesel pusher towing a 24-foot enclosed trailer. While the screen did show some slight noise and intermittent interruptions, it still gave us a good idea of what was happening more than 60 feet behind us. At night, the camera was particularly helpful.
Photo 3/4   |   0901 8l 02 Swift Hitch Night Vision Camera Swift Hitch Camera
The Swift Hitch transmitted the signal at 2.400 MHZ and had an unobstructed range of 300 feet. The integrated automatic night vision allowed for up to 15 feet of vision in total darkness. A 12V DC rechargeable lithium battery powered the monitor, while a second smaller lithium battery handled the camera's needs.
Both are charged by a 12V cigarette-lighter adapter, which was included in the kit. Two small protective soft-cloth storage pouches protected the units while they were not in use, and an extra battery was included for the monitor. At around $300, this little unit is a must for anyone who pulls a trailer or boat.
Photo 4/4   |   If you pull a trailer, boat, ATV, or anything behind your truck, it's worth investing $300 in the Swift Hitch.
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