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Speed Shop - Custom Truck Parts - January 2009

See It, Buy It!

Calin Head
Jan 1, 2009
Photo 2/12   |   custom Truck Parts January 2009 banks Diesel Tuner
Get More MPG Out Of Your Diesel
Banks Power has come up with a new-generation diesel tuner that's aimed squarely at helping to take some of the sting out of today's sky-high diesel prices. Working in concert with Banks' free-breathing Ram-Air intake systems and Monster exhausts, the EconoMind can deliver fuel mileage gains as high as 20-percent. Even though the Banks EconoMind tuner was designed to provide fuel economy first and foremost, that doesn't mean its users will ever have to take a back seat in over-the-road performance.
Banks Power
(800) 601-8072
Photo 3/12   |   custom Truck Parts January 2009 hawk Performance Brake Pads
Stop Your Big Toy
The brakes on the new Tundra are very good; in fact, they stop the truck from 60 to 0 in 131 feet. The factory built 13.9-inch rotors and dual-piston calipers for the truck, but there is something you can install to shorten the stopping distance even more. A performance set of brake pads like the ones from Hawk feature specific friction materials to increase stopping power for your needs. For the Tundra, Hawk Performance offers pads in its LTS Ferro-carbon friction compound, Performance Ceramic, and Ferro-carbon, severe-duty SuperDuty compound. Contact Hawk to see which pads will work best for you and your Tundra.
Hawk Performance
(800) 542-0972
Photo 4/12   |   custom Truck Parts January 2009 hobart Welding Products
Look Mom, No Hands!
A new line of welding tools and accessories from Hobart Welding Products allows you to free up your hands for greater control and faster setup. A series of heavy-duty clamps and fit-up magnets vary in strength and function for most welding situations encountered in the shop or garage. The new line includes: F-Clamps, 2-Axis Clamp, Locking Pliers/Welding Clamps, 360-Degree Swivel Magnet, Magnetic Ground Clamp, and Quick Release On/Off Magnets.
Hobart Welding Products
(877) 462-2781
Photo 5/12   |   custom Truck Parts January 2009 better Life Technology G Floor
Create A Cool Garage Floor
G-Floor from Better Life Technology (BLT) is easy to install and it can prevent water and dirt from migrating all over the garage. G-Floor is a 10-foot-wide, roll-out polyvinyl pad in four different styles that can be installed in minutes. Once down, it hide cracks, stains, and makes that old floor look new. The G-Floor is easy to clean and is impervious to oil and other fluids that tend to leak from vehicles.
Better Life Technology
(913) 894-0403
Photo 6/12   |   custom Truck Parts January 2009 mopar Performance Blocks
Mopar Performance blocks
If you own a Dodge pickup that is in need of a new block, then you are going to love this. Mopar is now offering 340, 360 Street Blocks, and R3, R4, R4-P5 Race Blocks. These new blocks have all of the cool stuff you would want for your Mopar like ARP Main Cap Bolts, Heavy Duty Casting, and a Hardware kit that has the oil filter plate, gaskets, and fittings. The Street blocks are ready for assembly without the need for any additional machining and work with all stock-style component parts. Race Blocks are sent with a rough bore to allow you to hone to desired specifications.
Mopar Performance
(888) 528-4364
Photo 7/12   |   custom Truck Parts January 2009 retroliner
Making New Vehicles Old
Bed Wood and Parts, manufacturer of custom and exotic bed wood for pickup trucks, announces the release of the new product series known as RetroLiner. The RetroLiner series allows you to achieve a classic design in a late-model truck by the addition of wood and strips. The kits are available in a choice of 40 species of exotic and domestic wood for any '09-and-older truck.
Bed Wood and Parts
(877) 206-9663
Photo 8/12   |   custom Truck Parts January 2009 amsoil Performance Improver
Get More MPG Out Of Your Gas
Amsoil's P.I. Performance Improver fuel additive increases fuel economy, reduces emissions and restores vehicle power and performance by dissolving and removing combustion chamber, intake valve, and fuel injector deposits. The company is offering a money-back guarantee if the product fails to improve your vehicle's mileage. Company-run field tests showed an average fuel economy improvement of 2.3 percent and up to 5.7 percent.
(800) 777-8491
Photo 9/12   |   custom Truck Parts January 2009 wilson Manifolds
Uninterrupted Air Flow
Wilson has expanded its throttle body range to include new flanged high-performance single-bore units for forced-induction EFI engines. The flanged mouth of the throttle body is counter-bored to accept a machined aluminum mating ring. The mating ring is secured to the throttle body by a V-clamp. The other end of the mating ring is counter-bored to accept a 4-inch-od alloy tube, which can be welded to the mating ring. The result is a smooth, tubular, pressurized air passage from the intercooler to the throttle body-no steps, no restrictions, no hose clips.
Wilson Manifolds
(954) 771-6216
Classic Rims
Stockton Wheel's 36-series wheel is exactly like the original Ford wheel and is built in a variety of sizes from 15x5 to 17x9 in 5 on 4.5, 5 on 4.75, and 5 on 5.5 bolt patterns. The 36-series wheel comes in either a chromed or powdercoated finish or in raw steel so you can paint and match to your truck. If you want to finish off your wheel with some chrome, the company also stocks the original polished stainless steel Ford hubcap with the correct ribs and V-8 logo in the center. Additionally, Stockton Wheel replicates the original polished stainless steel trim rings in up to 17-inch-diameter sizes and offers them in a smooth or ribbed style.
Stockton Wheel Service
(800) 395-9433
Photo 12/12   |   custom Truck Parts January 2009 performance Lift Package
Big Lift
Skyjacker's 8.5-inch performance lift package for the '08 Ford Super Duty F-250/F-350 includes everything you need to go big. Specifically designed for ease of installation, this 100-percent bolt-on setup includes the Softride front coils, a heavy-duty drop track-bar relocation bracket, front bumpstop brackets, front extended stainless-steel-braided brake lines, replacement sway-bar end links, and a stronger replacement hydro steering stabilizer. Also included in this kit are high-impact, heavy-wall, DOM tubular four-link conversion arms. If the 8.5-inch lift is too much, Skyjacker also offers 2-, 2.5-, 4-, and 6-inch lifts.
Skyjacker Suspensions
(318) 388-0816


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