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Speed Shop - New Products - May 2009

See It, Buy It!

Calin Head
May 1, 2009
Photo 2/11   |   new Products design Engineering Hi Temp Spray Adhesive
Stick It
Design Engineering has just introduced a Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive that is ideal for multiple automotive uses. The adhesive bonds a variety of materials including fabrics, foams, vinyl, wood, plastics, and more. Its three-way adjustable valve allows you to select the spray pattern that best suits the area to cover. One 10 oz. can of Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive can cover 15 square feet. Now you have no excuse for not fixing that sagging headliner in your truck.
Design Engineering
(800) 264-9472
Photo 3/11   |   new Products rimz One Seal It
Seal It
Rimz One knows you need protection not only for your wheels but your truck, car, or SUV as well. The 3-D Performance Ultra Glaze is designed to go on and come off easily. It will protect paint, chrome, polished aluminum, decals, and vinyl stripes from UV rays, acid rain, and other airborne fallout. The company is so sure of the product that it is offering a money-back guarantee.
Rimz One
(800) 710-9411
Photo 4/11   |   new Products muscle Car Cold Air Intake
Chill It
Check out the universal Muscle Car Cold Air Intake Kits from Spectre. These kits bring the advantages of cold air induction to just about anything, and as we all know cold air equals more power. Because the kits are universal, you can choose the location to draw the cold air from-wheelwells, cowls, front gravel shields, or with the optional headlight scoops you can utilize the high-beam location of some models.
Spectre Performance
(909) 673-9800
Photo 5/11   |   new Products edelbrock Vs 3 Shocks
Lift It
Edelbrock VS-3 shocks for Toyota and Dodge trucks offer improved ride and height adjustment. The VS-3 shock system provides you the option of stock height or a level ride height at the time of installation, which can provide up to 2 inches of lift for the front of the vehicle. Applications are available for the '09 Dodge Ram 1500, '95-'08 Toyota Tacoma, and '00-'08 Toyota Tundra. '07-'09 GM 1500 and '04-'09 Ford F-150 applications are coming soon.
(310) 781-2222
Photo 6/11   |   new Products chassis Tech Control Arms
Drop It
Anyone who owns a Dodge Dakota knows there isn't a lot of stuff out there for you when it comes to suspension. Well, Chassis Tech is there for you with these '97-'04 Dodge Dakota 2WD Air Arm Control Arms. The lower arms are made of 1-1/4-inch x 0.250-wall DOM tubing, while the uppers are 0.120-wall DOM. They have a 1/4-inch plate bag mount and greasable polyurethane bushings. The arms accept the factory ball joints and cross shafts and correct static alignment and ball joint angles at a 3-inch dropped ride height. They also allow you to lay frame on 26-inch-tall
tires with no drop spindles.
Chassis Tech
(800) 842-8789
Photo 7/11   |   new Products southern Kentucky Classics Steel Bed Floor
Floor It
Thanks to Southern Kentucky Classics, no more patch panels or Bondo are required for your '68-'72 Chevy/GMC longbed projects. The company has come up with steel bed floor and bedsides to replace those beat up or rusty panels. The new panels come complete with all of the cross sills and proper holes for a bolt-in installation. This is a great way to cut labor costs for patch jobs or repairs when restoring your truck.
Southern Kentucky Classics
(800) 765-9277
Photo 8/11   |   new Products classic Tube Brake Line
Stop It
Classic Tube now has a comprehensive line of stainless steel and OE steel brake line and fuel line kits for '40s-current Chevrolet and Ford trucks. These pre-bent lines are fitted with the correct SAE or metric end fittings for each application. Custom lines for non-stock brake or engine modifications or upgrades can be created from your supplied patterns. Classic Tube also has vacuum, transmission, hydraulic, and return lines for most early and late-model truck applications.
Classic Tube
(800) 882-3711
Photo 9/11   |   new Products pace Edwards Retractable Truck Bed Covers
Roll It
The new Dodge 1500 series trucks are here and Pace Edwards stands at the ready with its line of retractable truck bed covers. Choose from the manually operated Roll-Top and JackRabbit, the all-aluminum JackRabbit Full Metal, or the power-operated Bedlocker. All Pace Edwards covers can be retracted either completely or partially into a canister located at the front of the bed, providing unobstructed access to stowed items.
Pace Edwards
(888) 640 5902
Photo 10/11   |   new Products moroso Clear Roll
Guard It
Moroso has come out with this clear 4x6x0.008-inch-thick roll of material. Once applied, the material will protect painted surfaces from abrasion, chips, and minor impacts. It can be used to protect rollcages, door sills, bumpers, front ends, and rear quarter panels to make cleaning up burnout residue much easier.
(203) 453-6571
Photo 11/11   |   new Products pro Comp Team Associated Race Truck
Jump It
Pro Comp is proud to announce the release of the new Team Associated SC8 1:8 scale R/C Pro-4 race truck. It's designed to look just like the fullsize Pro Comp/Coyne Motorsports Pro-4 race truck that runs in the CORR short course off-road series. It comes with a Pro.28 engine, XP3D Computerized Digital FM Radio system, battery operated starter, and fluid filled shocks and differentials. This sucker is fully assembled and ready to go, just add some nitro fuel to the tank.
Pro Comp Motorsports
(800) 776-0767


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