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Wet Okole Neoprene Seat Covers - New Products

John Mata Jr.
Nov 1, 2009
Photo 2/7   |   new Products wet Okole
Take Cover
Wet Okole neoprene seat covers are completely waterproof to better suit those who lead active lifestyles that include sports like surfing, boating, or competitive water sliding. Even if you just like the look of Wet Okole's seat covers, you can rest assured that a simple spill won't stain or ruin them. A large variety of color combinations and styles are available and they can all be customized to meet your personal specifications.
For more information, contact Wet Okole at (888) 246-5653, or visit them online at
Photo 3/7   |   new Products xs Power
Flexible Battery
XS Power's new S3400 series power cell includes their new I-BAR System (Integrated Battery Amperage Rail), which allows the battery to be customized for many different purposes. The system allows for compatibility with marine studs, SAE studs, which fit many domestic and import vehicles, GM posts, or a combination of both. With the addition of XS Power's kit #555, a total of four posts (two positive, two negative) can be utilized for the most demanding audio/video setup but don't worry, the S3400 can handle it as it delivers 2,000 max amps.
For more information, contact XS Power at (865) 688-5953, or visit them online at
Photo 4/7   |   new Products vumaxx
Simple Gauge Mounting
Vumaxx has just released its second-generation universal 21/16-inch ABS gauge cup, which accepts up to a 21/2-inch mechanical or electrical gauge. This upgraded version offers five interchangeable and adjustable mounts, which allows for maximum mounting flexibility. A-pillar mounting is even an option that is as easy as utilizing Vumaxx's patented ball and socket design that provides a perfect viewing angle.
For more information, contact Vumaxx at (509) 927-2305, or visit them online at
Photo 5/7   |   new Products bossco International
Bossco International has revolutionized the everyday wrench by adding a recessed LED light at each of the open ends. The wrench's low and high beam settings are great for near-dark and pitchblack surroundings and the emergency flashing mode can be a great beacon for help if any repairs are needed while stuck on the side of the road. Each wrench is constructed from chrome-plated, drop forged steel that has been hardened to 50 HRC and includes a quick-charge system that supplies each wrench with a maximum five hours of independent light time. Both Metric and Standard wrench sizes are currently available, so grab as many as you can and rest assured that you'll never need to worry about not having enough light ever again.
For more information, contact Bossco International at (866) 933-2595, or visit them online at
Photo 6/7   |   new Products handmade Seat Co
What's In a Seat?
Everything is, if you ask the innovator behind HandMade Seat Co. Jamey 'Handmade' Jordan has just launched his new custom interior company that aims to offer the serious custom builder a fresh perspective on hot-rod inspired seating. HandMade Seat Co. does offer production models for those who feel more comfortable with just calling and whipping out the old credit card, but if you are in search of a completely one-off design, they can accommodate your originality as well. HandMade Seat Co. will also respect your personal design by never reproducing it again. How's that for a truly custom incentive?
For more information, visit HandMade Seat Co. at
Photo 7/7   |   new Products meguiars
Easy Interior Care
Meguiar's is always a one-stop shop when it comes to keeping your ride clean and gunk-free. Their Quik Interior Detailer can be used on virtually any type of material found inside of your truck's cab and is easy to use. Spray the Quik Interior Detailer onto plastic, vinyl, leather, rubber, metal and just about any type of audio/video equipment and wipe it right off for a clean, natural appearance.
For more information, contact Meguiar's at (800) 347-5700, or visit them online at


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