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50 New Products From SEMA 2009 - Trendsetting

A Huge Toy Store

John Mata Jr
Apr 1, 2010
SEMA usually means a few things to us: lots of walking, lots of talking, closely inspecting the coolest, customized rides on the planet, and most importantly, taking note of the most innovative products for the upcoming year. SEMA is pretty much a huge toy store for us, but sadly we rarely have the opportunity to bring anything back for ourselves. That's fine with us because our job is to serve our readers first and foremost. With that said, check out some of the hottest products for 2010 that we thought you'd want to score for your own project truck.
Who: Amsoil/Injen
What: Power-Flow Diesel Air Intake System
Why: Amsoil's collaboration with Injen has resulted in an innovative line of air intake systems that feature their Variable Induction Technology, which is a multipower air induction system that provides added power on demand.
Where: (715) 392-7101,
Photo 2/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 amsoil Injen
Who: Valley Industries
What: Smart Trailer Wireless Lighting Monitor
Why: The in-cab monitor displays all trailer signal light functions without having to run any type of wiring from front to back. The trailer-mounted transmitter is water resistant and submersible, making the system ideal for all weather conditions as well as with marine use. With Valley's trailer lighting monitor, you'll never be surprised when you're stopped for a busted taillight or non-operating turn signals.
Where: (248) 588-6900,
Photo 3/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 valley Industries
Who: Borla Exhaust
What: Exhaust Cleaner and Polish
Why: With the production of stainless steel exhaust systems on the rise, Borla made the move to produce a specially formulated cleaner and polish to restore the luster of your new pipes. Oxidation and discoloring doesn't stand a chance against the world's first exhaust-specific cleaning and polishing agent.
Where: (800) Go-Borla,
Photo 4/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 borla Exhaust
Who: DynoMax
What: '09 Ford F-150 Stainless Exhaust System
Why: The exhaust system features 3-inch mandrel-bent, 409-grade stainless steel piping, which will provide extended protection from corrosion while delivering pure power. The new system also includes a performance, show-styled, logo-embossed 4-inch exhaust tip.
Where: (734) 384-7806,
Photo 5/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 dynomax
Who: Carriage Works
What: '09 Dodge Ram Billet Grille
Why: The billet grille has become a staple in the custom world and for good reason. The style is simple, timeless, and easy to achieve with Carriage Works' "ease of installation" design.
Where: (816) 966-1405,
Photo 6/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 carriage Works
Who: Banks Power
What: OttoMind Programmer for GM Trucks
Why: The OttoMind module for gas powered GM trucks delivers solid hp and torque improvements and is easy to install. The OttoMind also allows you to scan, read, and clear diagnostic codes, which will ultimately save time and unnecessary headaches down the road.
Where: (626) 969-9600,
Photo 7/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 banks Power
Who: Specialty Wheel
What: Hot Rod Steel Smoothie
Why: Do we really need to give more of a reason why Specialty Wheels are perfect for your classic project build? Each wheel is made in America, features quality, all-steel construction, and has an attractive retro charm and sophistication.
Where: (800) 959-5800,
Photo 8/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 specialty Wheel
Who: Edelbrock
What: Pro-Flo XT Fuel Injection System
Why: This EFI system delivers more power and is perfect for retrofit engine projects such as an LS1 drop-in. The Pro-Flo XT includes an advance ECU featuring sequential injection and an exclusive handheld calibration module for tuning without a laptop, however, laptop tuning is still an option. The modern intake manifold features a 90mm throttle body for maximum performance.
Where: (310) 781-2222,
Photo 9/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 edelbrock
Who: Firestone
What: R4Tech '09 Ford Air Suspension Kit
Why: This hybrid air/leaf suspension system features Ride-Rite air spring and SANLUIS Rassini leaf spring technology for great ride quality no matter the load capacity. Better axle control during acceleration and deceleration is also another bonus to this kit.
Where: (800) 888-0650,
Photo 10/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 firestone
Who: Con2R (Concept To Reality)
What: Custom(er) Designed Steering Wheels
Why: Con2R offers nearly 200,000 different ways to fully build a true custom steering wheel. Trust us, that number is not exaggerated, as we spent quite a bit of time on their website trying out different spoke patterns and colors, front and back grip color options, trim styles, offsets, and horn buttons. The best part of Con2R's product is that their complete package falls within the average going rate of other custom steering wheels on the market.
Where: (503) 626-6390,
Photo 11/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 con2r
Who: DiabloSport
What: Extreme PowerPuck
Why: Using the 'Diablo Dial', you can adjust up to 100 different power levels on the fly, which in turn will deliver 50-100 hp. The inline PowerPuck system will also increase fuel economy by 2-4 mpg.
Where: (877) 396-6614,
Photo 12/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 diablosport
Who: ReadyLift
What: '07-up Silverado/Sierra 4-inch SST Lift Kit
Why: Mild lift kits are all the rage right now and Ready Lift created a kit that that will jack your late-model Silverado up high enough in the air to fit 33-inch tires. If you ask us, this is a well-balanced street and off-road setup that is perfect for the long haul.
Where: (877) 759-9991,
Photo 13/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 readyLift
Who: 3dCarbon
What: Foose Special Edition F-150 Body Kit
Why: The eight-piece Chip Foose designed body kit for '06-'08 Ford F-150 Super Cab trucks is pretty darn stylish. It comes complete with a front air dam, three-piece side skirts, and a rear lower skirt that has been constructed for a dual exhaust system, which is not included. The styling kit is manufactured from durable high-pressure injection molded polyurethane and is backed by 3dCarbon's factory matching warranty.
Where: (949) 650-1999,
Photo 14/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 3dCarbon
Who: Mickey Thompson
What: Mechanic Gloves
Why: Not only do these gloves look great, they feature a Velcro closure, sonic welded MT logo, lyrca piping, and 'gripper' silicone print on the middle and index fingers for better handling. The flexible four-way stretch and suede palm area are great functions for overall maneuverability and protection.
Where: (330) 928-9092,
Photo 15/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 mickey Thompson
Who: Exide Batteries
What: NASCAR Extreme Battery
Why: Extreme temps and vibrations are the leading causes of premature battery failure, but that's not the case with Exide's NASCAR Extreme battery line. The Silver Shield positive grid technology offers great corrosion protection and the STABL-LOK anchored plates help resist vibration damage.
Photo 16/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 exide Batteries
What: Air-Engine
Why: Because wiring is a real pain in the neck. The Air-Engine V-8 valve manifold comes prewired and includes all necessary fittings, just plug and play into your air bag system. All Air-Engines are assembly-free and are bench tested before being shipped out, which means a simpler, less time-consuming install on your end.
Where:(800) 842-8789,
Photo 17/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 airBagIt
Who: Nitto Tires
What: Trail Grappler M/T
Why: This tire blends rugged off-road performance of the Mud Grappler with the on-road comfort of the Terra-Grappler to create a tire with aggressive traction, but with a quiet ride quality. Sizes range from 32-37 inches to better accommodate mild to wild applications.
Photo 18/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 nitto Tires
Who: B&M Racing
What: High Capacity GM 4L80E Overdrive Transmission
Why: Because it can handle up to 800 hp and its an overdrive transmission, that's why. B&M's GM 4L80E provides firm shifts, features a standard shift pattern, and is perfect for high-performance street and mild strip use. The new GM tranny is available for '93-'96 and '97-up applications.
Where: (818) 882-6422,
Photo 19/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 b And M Racing
Who: KP Components
What: Four-link and Cantilever Suspension For '63-'72 Chevy C10
Why: This kit is 100 precent bolt-on, and completely replaces the factory trailing-arm-style suspension for superb ride quality. KP Components' kit features 10+ inches of suspension travel, is fully powdercoated, and includes Slam Specialties RE7 'bags and all the necessary Grade 8 hardware. KP also offers optional bolt-on step notch kit and bolt-on Watts link kits for even better results.
Where: (800) 722-2269,
Photo 20/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 KP Components
Who: OER
What: Car Care Products
Why: OER's Complete Car System comes with everything you’ll need to keep your vehicle's delicate finish protected and always looking its best. OER has decided to bypass expensive advertising and high-dollar packaging in order to invest more into creating highly effective cleaning products with a meager price tag.
Where: (800) 955-1511,
Photo 21/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 OER
Who: Bully Dog
What: Watchdog Digital Display Gauge
Why: The Watchdog is a multi-function digital engine display gauge that conducts performance testing, and features unique Driving Coach software that maximizes fuel efficiency and promotes better driving habits.
Where: (866) 285-5936,
Photo 22/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 bully Dog
Who: Airaid
What: Concept Air Filter
Why: Airaid is taking a new modern approach to the classic 14-inch air cleaner with their 3-, 4-, and 5-inch high applications. The air filter features SynthaMax, a 100 precent synthetic, no-oil media that makes cleaning easier. The kit will also include a custom anodized billet hold-down.
Where: (800) 498-6951,
Photo 23/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 airaid
Who: Accuair
What: VU4 and E-Level TouchPad
Why: The VU4 four-corner valve unit makes airbag installation as easy as possible and the E-Level system features three programmable heights, and the accompanying TouchPad allows easy access to the auto ride levels, as well as individual control over each corner.
Where: (877) 247-3696,
Photo 24/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 accuair
Who: Softride Inc.
What: Quietride Tightening Aluminum Ball Mount
Why: The locking, solid aluminum ball mount eliminates the clank and jerk that is usually the norm while towing, which makes for a more secure pulling experience. The Quietride ball mounts are available with 2-, 4-, and 6-inch drops and are available now.
Photo 25/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 softride Inc
Who: Ansani Designs
What: Ford Super Duty Replacement Bumper with 8-inch Light Pods
Why: Instead of worrying about mounting a set of auxillary lights with brackets or drilling unnecessary holes into your bumper, try replacing the entire setup with Ansani Design's all-in-one bumper with three, 8-inch light pods built right in. These replacement bumpers look aggressive and make things easier when wanting to incorporate more light and style.
Where: (480) 323-0504,
Photo 26/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 ansani Designs
Who: Bob's Chevy Trucks
What: Analog Gauge Cluster
Why: These analog clusters for '55-'59 Chevy trucks are certainly attention grabbers as they are available in four unique colors. These clusters fit in the original dash bezel and feature a speedo, tach, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel, and voltage gauges.
Where: (888) 57-Pickup,
Photo 27/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 bobs Chevy Trucks
Who: ProCharger
What: Supercharger System For '09 F-150
Why: With ProChrager's intercooled centrifugal supercharger system for the 5.4L, you can expect 60-65 percent more hp from your truck's engine. The system comes complete with all the components necessary for a tire-roasting good time.
Where: (913) 338-2886,
Photo 28/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 proCharger
Who: BlackJack Tire Repair
What: Dale Jr. Tire Repair Kit
Why: Because being stuck on the side of the road isn't a good thing. This kit comes complete with professional-grade, heavy-duty tools with padded handles, and all permanent repairs are guaranteed for the life of the tire. You might even enjoy breaking down and getting down and dirty just like an actual NASCAR pit crew technician.
Where: (816) 662-4465,
Photo 29/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 blackjack Tire Repair
Who: MagnaCharger
What: MP 1900 TVS Supercharger '03-'09 GM 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L
Why: The new superchrager utilizes the same advanced Eaton rotor technology found in the new ZR1 Corvette and '09 Cadillac CTSV. The four-lobe, high-helix design requires less power to drive, has cooler discharge temps, is quieter than pervious models, and offers a slight increase in fuel economy at steady cruise speeds than the MP 112 unit it has replaced.
Where: (866) 534-6417,
Photo 30/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 magnacharger
Who: ProComp Suspension
What: MX10R Shock Absorber
Why: Just look at this thing, it's definitely built for abuse. The high-performance 10-way adjustable mono-tube is gas charged and features an external reservoir. Contact ProComp for applications.
Where: (800) 776-0767,
Photo 31/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 proComp Suspension
Who: Billet Specialties
What: Pro Touring Wheel Line
Why: The Pro Touring wheels are engineered to accommodate large, six-piston brake systems with custom caliper clearances and are available in 18-22-inch sizes. The two-piece wheels are available in either a polished or polished/satin finish, and come with the option of polished or black stainless hardware.
Where: (800) 245-5382,
Photo 32/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 billet Specialties
Who: Volant
What: 2010 Ford F-150 Intake
Why: Once you get your new truck, you're going to want better performance, which is exactly why you'd want Volant's brand-new cold air intake kit for the 5.4L engine. Volant has already built a great reputation for their high performance CAI kits, so treat your new F-150 to a much deserved dose of fresh air.
Where: (909) 476-7225,
Photo 33/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 volant
Who: ISIS Power
What: InMotion Module
Why: ISIS has improved upon their first module and added forward and reverse electronic controls with their InMotion system. Electric windows, door locks, sunroofs, convertible tops, and other OEM and custom applications can now be easily wired up and used thanks to the InMotion module’s plug and play nature. The possibilities are endless.
Where: (847) 759-0226,
Photo 34/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 ISIS Power
Who: Hooker Headers
What: 'Darksides' Black Ceramic Coated Headers
Why: These headers have a nostalgic, menacing appearance, and provide a thermal resistance of 1,700-degrees Fahrenheit. The ceramic coating lends a more refined texture and look over just plain paint. Not only do these headers provide more power, they also look great doing it.
Where: (270) 782-2900,
Photo 35/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 hooker Headers
Who: Viper
What: SmartStart Alarm System
Why: Aside from keeping your ride safe and secure, Viper's SmartStart system allows you to unlock and start your vehicle from virtually anywhere with your cell phone. No need to carry around another annoying key fob in your pocket, all you need is a compatible Viper alarm and an iPhone to make things happen.
Where: (800) 753-0600,
Photo 36/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 viper
Who: Dakota Digital
What: PAC-100 Automatic Light Headlight Control
Why: Not only does this module automatically turn on the headlights during low ambient light, but it also adds dome light and accessory power options. Instead of an abrupt on/off function, the dome light slowly fades in and out, and once the ignition is turned off, accessories such as the radio, and power windows and door locks will remain functional for 20 minutes.
Where: (800) 852-3228,
Photo 37/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 dakota Digital
Who: Premier Auto Products
What: License Plate Flipper
Why: The electric plate flipper will rotate the plate 90 degrees with the simple flip of a switch. Hit the switch again, and it goes back down to position. Each kit comes complete with a black powdercoated bracket, lighted toggle switch, connectors, plate nuts, and all necessary wiring.
Where: (814) 898-2811,
Photo 38/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 premier Auto Products
Who: Pro's Pick
What: Quick Release Tonneau Hinge
Why: Pro's Pick manufactures a wide range of aluminum hard tonneau covers for early model trucks and this new hinge assembly allows for quick and easy installation and removal without the use of any tools whatsoever. Convenience is always king.
Where: (800) 865-7366
Photo 39/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 pros Pick
Who: MITO Corporation
What: '07-up GM Full Size Truck Tailgate Handle Camera
Why: This replacement bezel, which is equipped with an integrated backup camera, is an easy way to incorporate a great safety feature. The camera is stealthily placed on the handle bezel and is high enough to give you a great reference point when backing up.
Where: (800) 433-6486,
Photo 40/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 mito Corporation
Who: BMF Wheels
What: Toyota Tundra Leveling Kit
Why: BMF's leveling kit is built in the USA from premium 6061 T6 aircraft billet, and is a completely bolt-on system that maintains factory ride and alignment specs. All you need now is a set of BMF wheels to compliment your Tundra's new taller ride height.
Where: (888) 313-2580,
Photo 41/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 BMF Wheels
Who: Meguiar's
What: Clear Coat Safe Polishing Compound
Why: This product should be a staple in your cleaning product lineup. The clearcoat safe compound will remove light scratching and hazing, restores brilliance to dull areas, and is made to be applied by hand—perfect to take along to a show.
Where: (949) 794-8019,
Photo 42/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 meguiars
Who: JOSN Electronic Co.
What: Wireless TPMS Monitor System
Why: Factory equipped tire pressure monitoring systems are helpful but we have yet to see a product that works quite like this wireless solution. This kit includes 5 TPMS universal sensors (one for the spare) that transmit to the dash mountable transmitter a live PSI reading of each tire. Installation requires no wiring at all and is complete within 10 minutes.
Photo 43/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 JOSN Electronic
Who: Star Billet
What: Colored Billet Grilles
Why: These billet aluminum grilles are available in red, blue, black, grey, and white, but can be custom color treated for a truly unique appearance.
Where: (888) 589-7447,
Photo 44/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 star Billet
Who: Auto Meter
What: Analog LED Clocks
Why: To fully complete your dash, or just to add a classy touch anywhere in the cab, check out Auto Meter's analog clocks that feature through-the-dial LED illumination as well as illuminated hour and minute hands. These clocks are available in Auto Meter’s most popular series models.
Where: (815) 895-8141,
Photo 45/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 auto Meter
Who: Dale Adams Enterprises
What: The Tailbone Mechanic's Stool
Why: Because sitting on old tires and beat up old office chairs gets uncomfortable after a while. This plush stool features 5-inch diameter wheels that easily roll over air hoses, and feels just like sitting in a bucket seat, which sure would be nice while turning wrenches. The seat and base are molded from engineering grade polymer, and its 13 1/2-inch height is similar to most other rolling workshop stools.
Where: (800) 266-3321,
Photo 46/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 dale Adams Enterprises
Who: Fashion Paint USA
What: Flash Chrome Aerosol Paint
Why: Need a few items chrome plated but don't have the funds or the time to get it done? FlashChrome aerosol paint can add a polished metal look to just about any paintable surface including metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, or even leather.
Where: (702) 387-7200,
Photo 47/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 fashion Paint USA
Who: Ride Tech
What: Shockwave Black Series
Why: Ride Tech's Black Series Shockwave air springs feature all the bells and whistles as the regular Master Series Shockwave line, but have a friendlier, more economical price tag. Who would argue with paying less for the same exact fit and performance as a tried and true classic?
Where: (812) 481-4787,
Photo 48/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 ride Tech
Who: SSBC Brakes
What: Big Bite Performance Rotor
Why: Stopping is just as important as going, which is why SSBC has designed their rotors with turbo slots and/or cross drilling to fully maximize braking performance. The rotors are plated with an extended-life finish and are available for a wide variety of applications.
Where: (716) 759-8666,
Photo 49/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 SSBC
Who: TFP Inc.
What: '09-up Ford F-150 Logo Vents
Why: These vents are designed to fit over the front fender logos and are a quick and easy way to a bit of luxury to your truck in mere minutes.
Where: (562) 220-1370,
Photo 50/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 TFP Inc
Who: Grip-Tite
What: Grip-Tite Super Wrenches
Why: The six-piece Metric and SAE Grip-Tite wrench sets are the best way to successfully remove rounded, rusted, and damaged nuts and bolts. Don't risk stripping hardware further, remove those used and abused nuts with ease and save yourself time and frustration.
Where: (866) 576-3216
Photo 51/51   |   50 New Products From SEMA 2009 grip Tite


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