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John Mata Jr
Jun 1, 2010
Built Like a Tank
Classic Performance Products have introduced a newly designed, larger capacity aluminum gas tank for a wide variety of classic haulers. CPP's complete line of 20-gallon gas tanks are fully baffled, and are carburetor and fuel injection-ready. Each tank features 1/8-inch thick aluminum, 3/16-inch mounting flanges, and can be set up for multiple mounting configurations. All necessary mounting hardware and fuel fittings are included and most installations only require drilling for the mounting hardware.
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Classic Performance Products
(714) 522-2000
New Sound
Sony's XAV-70BT audio/video head unit features a 7-inch WVGA high-quality, touch-screen display with a motorized panel, built-in, full-function Bluetooth technology, and multi-channel playback that creates a virtual 5.1 channel surround sound playback. This head unit also features Sony's Advanced Sound Engine (ASE), which creates an incredible in-car sound environment. Simple setting menus, and touch-buttons also make for outstanding user friendliness. This unit won't be available until April, but it will certainly make its mark on mobile audio aficionados once it hits the shelves.
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(800) 222-SONY
Happy 40th MSD
2010 marks MSD's 40th anniversary, and to celebrate, they are releasing a limited edition 6AL ignition control that features the original logo that was used on the original MSD 2 ignition. The anniversary ignition control also features the same proven components and features of the regular 6AL, including the engine-saving Soft Touch rev control. Only 4,000 of these anniversary units are being produced, and each one is serialized to declare its place in automotive history. Each ignition control comes with a classic MSD decal, a free T-shirt offer, and a limited lifetime warranty. You’d better pick one of these up with the quickness.
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MSD Ignition
(915) 855-7123
New Bow Tie Pipes
dB Performance Exhausts by Corsa, has broadened their popular line of high-performance truck exhausts to cover '02-'10 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups with any cab or box configuration. The after-cat exhaust systems feature 409L stainless steel construction and straight-through construction for free-flowing performance. All dB exhausts are single side exit systems and come complete with a 12-inch polished, 304L stainless steel tip.
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dB Exhaust
(800) 486-0999
Cruise with A Copper Top
Duracell batteries are specially manufactured to power the slew of electronic accessories that have a tendency of building up in your ride over time. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology delivers two times the durability to withstand the demands of multiple accessory loads. The micro-fiber glass mat absorbs acid to prevent spilling or leakage, which makes the Duracell perfect for even extreme off-road applications.
Photo 6/6   |   new Products duracell
Even if your truck stays on the roads 99.9-percent of the time, these cells offer extended reliability and will deliver a confident start in the warmest or coolest weather conditions.
(877) 344-8971



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