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COMP Cams Valve Covers - New Products

John Mata Jr
Sep 1, 2010
COMP Covers
COMP Cams has just released their cool, die-cast valve covers for small- and big-block Chevy engines, as well as small-block Ford powerplants. The black wrinkle powdercoat finish and the polished laser-etched logo will add a style-minded look underneath the hood of any custom hauler. The valve covers are perimeter bolt style, and include two chrome breathers with matching laser etched logos, two black rubber grommets, and preinstalled baffles. These covers were also designed to be tall enough to provide the necessary clearance to accommodate aftermarket valvetrains.
Photo 2/7   |   new Products COMP Cams
(800) 999-0853
Easy Waxing
Eagle One has made cleaning and protecting paint easier than ever before with their unique Gel Wax, which leave a glossy, wet shine that will last as long as paste but is as easy as liquid wax to apply. Eagle One's new Gel Wax requires less effort and time than conventional waxes, as it does not need to haze or dry after application. After the wax is applied, it can be wiped off immediately. Eagle One's Gel Wax is made from natural carnauba and unique polishers that produce long lasting durability and excellent water beading abilities. The gel will not leave any white residue behind and will not discolor black trim or molding. What's not to like about a quick and easy protective cleaning?
Photo 3/7   |   new Products eagle One
Eagle One
(866) 276-7040
Protective Specs
Miller Electric has added safety glasses to their line of protective welding products. The new, attractive Arc Armor glasses have three frame colors, and two lens options to choose from, but no matter which you chose, each pair offers exceptional comfort, protection, and durability. The lenses, which are shatter and scratch resistant, are available in either clear or tinted options that are ideal for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting, and also feature a reflective outer coating that protects against UV rays. Form-fitting orbital eye coverage keeps dust and perspiration out, and rubber ear pads reduce annoying facial discomfort that can occur after long periods of use.
Photo 4/7   |   new Products miller Electric
Miller Electric
(800) 426-4553
Billet Reservoirs
Kugel Komponents offers remote fill reservoirs that are built from a solid piece of billet aluminum and available in a single, double, or triple reservoir option. Kugel's reservoirs feature threaded outlets on both the back and bottom sides, which allow them to be mounted anywhere above the master cylinder. Other notable features include twist caps, a vapor barrier with seal, and stainless steel mounting hardware.
Photo 5/7   |   new Products kugel Komponents
Kugel Komponents
(562) 691-7006
Better Forward Vision
Mothers has put together a nice, all-inclusive kit that will cure cloudy headlights, taillights, and any other dulling plastics. The latest PowerBall accessory line, the PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration All-In-One Kit can quickly cure your suffering headlights that are probably shining low, unsafe lighting at night. Along with the included PowerPlastic polish, the PowerBall 4Lights attaches to a drill and beautifully restores, maintains, and protects your beat up plastic lenses. Yellowing, oxidation, and stains will quickly disappear, and unsightly hairline scratches will be buffed clean from the surface. If you consider your headlight housings to be extremely abused, Mothers also includes a supplemental Severe Damage Headlight Restoration Pack to tackle heavy pitting and imperfections.
Photo 6/7   |   new Products mothers
(714) 891-3364
Hot Gun
Craftman's no-touch infrared thermometer uses a 9-volt battery to accurately measure temperatures from -58 to 1,000 degrees F (and whatever that translates into Celsius) from up to six feet away. We've used it to measure the temperature of track surfaces, tires, brake rotors, and A/C ducts with the help of the built-in laser pointer.
Photo 7/7   |   new Products craftman
Sears Tools
(800) 349-4358



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