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EFILive: Now For Cummins

The Ultimate Common-Rail Tuning Tool: Now Available For Dodge Rams

Mike McGlothlin
May 1, 2011
Photographers: Mike McGlothlin
Diesel Power wrote the following paragraph in the April, ’09 issue:

"Solely available for Duramax owners, EFILive tuning can yield serious power gains for the 6.6L. Arguably, no single tuning software empowers the diesel owner quite like EFILive. With its OBD-II FlashScan tuning tool, the end user is in total control of reading, writing, and modifying programs in order to fine-tune the way the Duramax runs."
Photo 2/10   |   With EFILive, you basically have access to (and control over) most parameters on the engine, and in the future, some control over the transmission will be possible. So far, more than 200 tables are available to tuners performing beta testing using EFILive software (things like timing, rail pressure, boost, throttle position, engine redline, boost, and fueling).
Fast-forward to the present day, and EFILive is on the verge of empowering Cummins owners in the exact same way. Finally, the ultimate tuning tool will be available and capable of solving the age-old injection rattle, smoke, and harsh driveability concerns associated with any modified common-rail Cummins.
We caught up with Nick Priegnitz of Calibrated Power Solutions in the early stages of the beta testing process (using the initial software released by EFILive). At the moment, Priegnitz’s goal is not as much about peak horsepower gains as it is about driveability concerns (on stock or modified trucks). Making the higher-horsepower trucks more driveable will not only make 800, 900, and 1,000hp Rams more enjoyable for their owners, it will also make the engines themselves and the drivetrains behind them live longer (cooler operating temperature, more progressive throttle response, less smoke, improved transmission functionality). So stay tuned. We’ll be revisiting this subject in the future, on both modified and heavily modified trucks. For now, tuners are starting at the bottom, modifying stock fuel-injection maps and parameters, and working their way up.
The Promise of Custom Cummins Tuning:
  • Linear throttle response (making the engine more predictable)
  • More progressive power curve
  • Better driveability
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Less smoke
  • No injector rattle
  • Better ability to maintain rail pressure
  • Control over the pilot injection event
  • Control over the post injection event
EFILive: Three Separate Software Release Dates
First: ’06 to ’07 5.9L with CAN-bus
Second: ’07 to present 6.7L
Third: ’03 to ’05 with SCI
Due to the fact that EFILive for the Cummins is in its infancy, many business owners are using (or have purchased) their own ’06 to ’07 Dodge Rams to test with. Nick Priegnitz of Calibrated Power Solutions has performed all his initial tests using this standard-cab, shortbed-converted, ’06 common-rail provided by Randall’s Performance and Accessory. The truck offers the perfect platform to start with in that the engine is completely stock—but a built 48RE automatic transmission from DTT resides underneath. This was done to prevent the factory transmission from slipping when the horsepower level increases during testing. The only other aftermarket parts on the truck are a 165-gph AirDog fuel system and AFE intake, and the intake-air-grid heater has been deleted.
Photo 3/10   |   1105dp Efilive Now For Cummins Diesel ram Rear Three Quarter
We still feel EFILive is not for the novice and should be left up to the experts—namely shops that have a lot of experience writing custom calibrations. In this case, the top tuners from the Duramax world will be your best bet once the software goes public (as we went to press, EFILive was slated for its public beta release as early as March).
Photo 10/10   |   1105dp Efilive Now For Cummins Diesel efilive Tuner


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