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New Products - Exterior - No. 5

New stuff for your truck

Maxwell Matthewson
May 1, 2011
Street Steel
Your dream truck isn't complete without a smooth exterior, and Street Metal is here to help you make that dream a reality. They make roll pans for more makes and models than anyone else, from early classics to the latest trucks, and every pattern is laser cut and precision formed for a perfect fit every time. Street Metal pans are made from heavy-gauge steel, and many applications may be bolted directly into place for an easy installation. Their roll pans are available smooth, with a license box, and with a wide assortment of custom lights-they can build your dream into reality. Street Metal was founded by automotive enthusiasts, and all Street Metal roll pans are proudly made in the USA.

For more info, go to or call (916) 989-3688.
Photo 2/15   |   new Products Exterior street Metal Roll Pan
Are you gellin'?
The new Eagle One Trim Protector Gel is formulated with a unique emulsion technology that provides unmatched protection, durability and a long-lasting satin finish, unlike traditional or general protectants. The exclusive formula quickly penetrates rubber, vinyl, and plastic to restore trim and bumper color and keep them looking like new even after many washes. It cleans, protects, and removes dirt build-up with one easy application. Trim Protector Gel is water-based, has no harsh solvents, and features powerful conditioners and UV protectors that withstand harmful outside elements. Regular use will protect against weathering. The product is available in an 18 oz. spray bottle at leading auto parts retailers.

For more great Eagle One products, go to or call (800) 832-6825.
Photo 3/15   |   new Products Exterior eagle One Trim Gel
One-Step Program
Spray Eagle One Wax As-U-Dry on a wet vehicle, wipe off and you're left with a showroom shine in ten minutes. Boasting an exclusive carnauba formula, Wax As-U-Dry reacts with water to quickly penetrate the surface leaving wax protection without haze, streaks, and residue or discoloring trim. It also contains an anti-corrosion additive that protects paint from rust, road salt, acid rain and bird droppings. After washing and rinsing a vehicle, leave it wet and spray on Wax As-U-Dry. Dry off with a towel or chamois and you're ready for the road with a silky smooth "just-waxed" shine. Wax protection can last three months or longer. For quick detailing and protection, Eagle One offers Wipe & Shine which provides quick touch ups in as little as five minutes. Wax As-U-Dry and other Eagle One waxes are available at leading auto parts & mass retailers.

For more information, go to or call (800) 832-6825.
Photo 4/15   |   new Products Exterior eagle One Wax
Black diamond
Kirker Automotive Finishes has introduced its new BLACK DIAMOND Series-a premium-grade automotive refinish line that raises the bar for performance and ease of use in compliant coatings. This innovative product line is built around a unique low-VOC urethane basecoat. It also features two low-VOC 2K urethane primer surfacer/sealers, a high-solids low-VOC urethane clear, four universal low-VOC urethane activators, and an assortment of low-VOC urethane reducers.

For more information on this new line of products, go to or call (800) 307-7951.
Photo 5/15   |   new Products Exterior kirker Black Diamond
Twice The Action
The dual action polisher from Shurhold Industries allows users to achieve the same high gloss, professional finish as professional detailers, but in a unit that less-experienced, everyday users can operate with the same effectiveness. The lightweight polisher can accomplish heavy-duty car care tasks like waxing and buffing, in about half the time, with half the effort and half the amount of polish or wax.

Suggested MSRP of $149.98. Phone (800) 962-6241 or visit
Photo 6/15   |   new Products Exterior surhold Buffer
Vibrant thing
Vibrance Collection(r) VWM5555 Midcoat from PPG VWM5555 Midcoat is designed for use as a layer over Envirobase(r) High Performance waterborne basecoat. Use of this special midcoat color layer provides a VOC-compliant solution for painters creating custom finishes using Radiance(r) II dyes and such Vibrance Collection special effect pigments as Flamboyance(r), Prizmatique(r) and Liquid Crystal. Painters will find VWM5555 is fast drying and easy to use-an essential tool for having full-range, VOC-compliant capability in creating show-stopping, eye-catching custom finishes.

For more information on PPG's Vibrance Collection, go to or call (440) 572-2800.
Photo 7/15   |   new Products Exterior vibrant
Do-It-Yourself Bolt-Ons
LMC Truck offers a large variety of exterior and interior skins and accessories for many varieties of trucks both new and old. Here are a couple of their products.

The first are LMC Truck quality steel replacement fenders that are now available for truck models up to 2010. If you need to replace some mangled or rusted metal, LMC Truck offers a full line of quality replacement steel body panels from the radiator core to the tailgate at great prices. You will find quality cab floors, hoods, fenders, door panels, door skins, bed panels, and much more... These panels offer a good fit to make your installation easier and give you professional results.
Photo 8/15   |   new Products Exterior lmc Truck Bolt Ones
LMC Truck's cowl induction steel hoods give your truck a high performance look. Cowl induction hoods allow for increased airflow for a cooler engine and increased performance. The outside cold fresh air helps carry a denser air/fuel mixture to the engine's combustion chambers than the warm under hood air. Give your truck a muscle car/street rod appearance and let people know you mean business. The increased engine compartment space allows you to add on high performance accessories. Made from primed high-quality steel with full inner frame. Simply paint and bolt on reusing your original factory latch and hinges. Available for Chevy/GMC Trucks 1967-2010, Ford Trucks 1980-2008 and Dodge Trucks 1994-2008.

For more information or to order a catalog, visit their website, or call (800) LMC-TRUCK (800-562-8782).
Photo 9/15   |   new Products Exterior lmc Truck
Easy Shine
Everyone wishes that waxing and polishing his or her car was easier and you'll be happy to know about a new product called Tech Shine. Unlike wax and wax-like products, Tech Shine is easy to apply. It is a special aerospace polymer formula that makes cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and even airplanes shine like brand new. In a single five-minute application, Tech Shine delivers results that would take hours of conventional waxing and polishing. Tech Shine was originally developed for the aerospace industry. It helped to eliminate small imperfections in the exterior of jets, which made them go faster. We can't guarantee that it will make your truck go faster, but it will definitely make it look better.

Tech Shine is available from the company's website at or call (415) 722-1011.
Photo 10/15   |   new Products Exterior tech Shine
Hi-Def Film
The 3M Graphics Market Center has announced new brushed metal finishes for its Scotchprint(r) Wrap Film Series 1080. The brushed metal finishes join matte and carbon fiber to deliver a wide selection of colors and finishes for a wide range of wrap applications.

The new finishes are brushed aluminum (1080-BR120), brushed titanium (1080-BR230), brushed steel (1080-BR201), brushed steel blue (1080-BR217), and brushed gold (1080-BR241). The Scotchprint(r) 1080 series wrap films are long-term, removable cast films. They are designed for solid color vehicle detailing, decoration, and full wraps without the need for graphic protection. Their pressure-activated adhesive allows them to slide and be repositioned until firm pressure is applied. The non-visible air release channels assure fast, easy, and virtually bubble-free installations, the same great features found in 3M's Controltac(tm) Graphic Film.

For more details on this product family, please visit
Photo 11/15   |   new Products Exterior hi Def Film 3m
One-Stop Shopping
The fine people at Eastwood have four new products that they wanted to share with the automotive community. For more info on any of these products, go to or call (800) 343-9353.

Their new digital air pressure regulator is a lightweight and compact unit that makes it easy to quickly adjust and maintain line pressure with accuracy. A battery-saving internal motion sensor automatically shuts off the gauge when not in use. Ideal for use with Concours paint gun and any HotCoat powdercoating systems.

Eastwood's Muscle Colors are blended to replicate favorite colors of the '60s & '70s, are made from top-quality raw materials and advanced composition technology.
Photo 12/15   |   new Products Exterior eastwood Concours
Eastwood Concours paint gun is a high-performance HVLP gravity fed paint gun that sprays flawlessly even when using a small home shop compressor. The Eastwood Concours gun is compatible with both waterborne and solvent coatings and is compatible with all popular disposable paint cup systems.
Photo 13/15   |   new Products Exterior eastwood Paint Gun
The Eastwood fender roller is an affordable tool, which gently rolls/folds the fender lip to increase clearance between the fender and the tire, safely and quickly while preserving the correct radius. This allows for the installation of oversized wheels and tires, as well as when lowering a vehicle. The fender roller bolts directly to the hub flange, providing a rigid attachment point to evenly roll the fender lip.
Photo 14/15   |   new Products Exterior eastwood Fender Roller
Turbine Power
TP Tools' Showtime 90 HVLP Turbine Paint Spray System produces the best possible finish (trophy-winning) on street rods, classic cars, trucks, and bikes ... right in your home garage or shop-no air compressor required! Whether you're painting enamels, lacquers, urethanes, base coats, clears, primers, or epoxies, single or multiple colors, or pearls, the Showtime 90 will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and without all the overspray of conventional paint guns. The system quickly pays for itself.

For more information, visit their website or call them at (800) 321-9260.
Photo 15/15   |   new Products Exterior turbine Paint System



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