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New Products - Lowered Suspension Guide

Maxwell Matthewson
Jun 1, 2011
Slam Specialties has introduced a new design in air springs that takes performance to the next level. The SS series incorporates custom CNC T-6061 Billet Aluminum inserts and -inch ports, composite end plates, and updated rubber profiles to increase stroke, and improve pressure ratings, all while reducing weight up to 40 percent over the RE series. SS series air springs also boast an additional inch of stroke over the RE series while preserving the non-ballooning design that Slam Specialties is known for. With 250 psi pressure ratings and sizes from 5-inch to 8-inch, Slam Specialties raises the bar in quality, comfort, and performance. Since 2001, Slam bags are proudly Made in the USA from USA made materials. For more information, contact Slam Specialties at or call them at (888) 352-5225.
Photo 2/14   |   new Products Lowered Suspension Guide slam Specialties
Ekstensive has a brand-new front end kit for the 99-’07 classic GM -ton 2WD pickup. This kit will lay your truck on the frame on wheels up to 28 inches. Upper and lower control arms are provided and have been narrowed 1 inches. New upper and lower ball joints are also included. The frame plate has new upper control arm mounts, upper bag mounts, and upper shock mounts. There are new steering pieces and adapters to the factory steering rack. These parts eliminate bumpsteer and toe problems. Most installs take 3-6 hours depending on skill level. For more information, go to or call (281) 442-1050.
Photo 3/14   |   new Products Lowered Suspension Guide ekstensive Front End Kit
Western Chassis Inc., in Fresno, California, has a new line of drop and stock replacement spindles for 1960 to 1987 Chevrolet and GM -ton pickups. These spindles are designed with the correct tapers and geometry for each year of manufacture. The stock replacement spindles are perfect for the popular restoration market. Western Chassis spindles are also designed to upgrade the early-model trucks that came with front drum brakes to disc brakes using the factory parts from 1973 and later. To contact Western Chassis, go to or call (559) 579-1005.
Photo 4/14   |   new Products Lowered Suspension Guide western Chassis Spindle
AccuAir introduces the eXo Mount bracket system that integrates air management components into one easy-to-install unit for all vehicles with air suspension. This modular design allows the tank, compressors, ECU, and valves to be mounted together in a variety of orientations to simplify installation in the trunk of a car, the bed of a truck, or the side of most framerails. This system also incorporates AccuAir’s new aluminum air tanks in 3- or 5-gallon sizes, and utilizes Hover-Mount compressor isolators for quieter operation. The versatility of the AccuAir eXo Mount makes it the perfect air management mounting solution for most truck applications. For more information regarding the AccuAir eXo Mount and Air Management Packages, visit
Photo 5/14   |   new Products Lowered Suspension Guide accuair
VIAIR Corporation is proud to introduce another powerful Dual Pack to their Dual Performance series of compressors. The 444C Dual Packs feature two, 200-psi rated compressors that pull approximately 20 amps each, as well as heavy-duty stainless steel leader hoses with inline check valves, remote mountable air intake filters and assemblies, fittings, mounting hardware to make installation simple, and a helpful instruction manual. Like all high-performance VIAIR compressors, the 444Cs are equipped with a thermal overload protector meant to protect the compressor in case of damaging overheating situations. The 444C Dual Pack is rated to fill up to 10 gallons of reserve air up to 200 psi. For more information on this and many other high-performance compressed air solutions, contact VIAIR at (949) 585-0011 or
Photo 6/14   |   new Products Lowered Suspension Guide viair Dual Pack Compressor
Firestone Industrial Products long known for its easy-to-install air helper springs for cars, light trucks, sport/utility vehicles, vans, minivans and motor homes has developed an innovative, new product for custom car builders. The new air spring is available with , 3/8, and -inch single and dual ports and comes with Firestone’s two-year limited warranty (see dealer for details). Contact Firestone with any questions at or call (800) 888-0650.
Photo 7/14   |   new Products Lowered Suspension Guide firestone Air Spring
CPP has new modular 2-inch drop spindle kits for 1960-1987 Chevy trucks. Their exclusive new design helps solve tire to fender interference commonly found with lowered trucks. For a high-performance option, combine the new spindle with the new CPP 13-inch Rotor Twin 52mm piston calipers for the ultimate in braking performance. For more information, contact CPP at (800) 522-5004 or
Photo 8/14   |   new Products Lowered Suspension Guide cpp Spindle Kit
McGaughy’s has released a new line of lowering kits for all configurations of the 09-11 Ford F-150. The truck rides very similar to factory once it is lowered with McGaughy’s Suspension parts since you are not changing your leaf springs or front coil springs. Also, since McGaughy’s Suspension supplies rear shock extenders with their kit, which maintain the factory shocks and angle, the ride is comparable to factory. You also are not losing load capacity since you are still maintaining the factory leaf springs and shocks. McGaughy’s has been manufacturing the highest quality suspension parts for more than 25 years. They are known for their easy-to-install, bolt-on kits that give your truck the look you’ve been wanting without sacrificing the ride quality. You can check out their website at for more information.
Photo 9/14   |   new Products Lowered Suspension Guide mcgaughys Lower Kit
Looking back, 2009 was a better year for Ford than some others and one big reason was the F-150. Still the most popular truck, it just keeps getting better, and DJM keeps building Calmax kits to lower them. DJM’s 3/5 Calmax kit uses those famous Calmax control arms and a rear flip kit to lower the new F-150’s 3-inch in the front and 5-inch in the rear. Of course, the SuperShox are also available for an even better ride. For more information, DJM can be reached at or (800) 237-6748
Photo 10/14   |   new Products Lowered Suspension Guide djm Calmax
Sulastic rubber springs are a suspension aid designed to reduce vibration on empty and loaded trucks while increasing vehicle stability, providing a safer, and smoother ride. Available for Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Ford, Nissan, Jeep, and Toyota trucks, these springs bolt onto the leaf and the leaf hanger, providing extra support when you really need it. Sulastic springs offer a 60-80 percent reduction in vibration, 20-30 percent increase in stability, and 10-20 percent reduction in braking distance. For more information, go to or call (210) 492-4469.
Photo 11/14   |   new Products Lowered Suspension Guide sulastic Ruber Springs
Eibach truck and SUV lowering kits are carefully designed to lower the center of mass of today’s most popular trucks and SUVs, which improves handling, increases safety, and enhances the truck’s appearance all at the same time. Like every Eibach Performance Spring Package, their Pro-Truck lowering kits are the perfect complement to increasingly popular large-diameter wheel-and-tire packages. Eibach can be contacted at or (800) 507-2338.
Photo 12/14   |   new Products Lowered Suspension Guide eibach Truck Suv Lower Kit
If you are building a ’67-’72 C10 and want a better stance and sports car-like handling from it, Hotchkis has introduced a new kit for this truck. The C10 Total Vehicle System, or TVS, is the most complete high-performance bolt-on suspension system ever offered for classic pickups, providing the perfect lowered stance, sports car handling and a family-friendly ride. After installing the kit, your truck will sit four inches lower in the front and six inches lower in the rear. Contact Hotchkis at or call them at (877) 4-noroll.
Photo 13/14   |   new Products Lowered Suspension Guide hotchkis C10 Kit
The LayArm line of front suspension systems and components from KP Components is an excellent choice for improving the stance and handling of many popular 1963 through 2006 GM midsize and fullsize trucks, with only minimal effort required for installation. System packages include tubular upper and lower control arms with poly bushings, double-convoluted airbag, bolt-on upper bag mount, shock absorber, and required mounting hardware. Optional components include VariShock billet-aluminum single- or double-adjustable shocks, dropped spindles, and KP antiroll bars. To keep installation simple and to maximize compatibility, control arms utilize the factory chassis mounts and bolt directly to stock or aftermarket dropped spindles. Arms are finished in textured-black powdercoating. For more information contact KP at or (888) 388-0299.
Photo 14/14   |   new Products Lowered Suspension Guide kp Components Layarm



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