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Highest-Flowing 6.7L Power Stroke Intake on the market - December 2011 New Power Product

Great new intake for your 6.7L Power Stroke, and more great new products!

Mike McGlothlin
Dec 1, 2011
6.7L Power Stroke Intake
S&B Filters has released one of the highest flowing air intakes on the market for ’11 Ford Super Dutys. Its system provides a 34 percent airflow improvement over stock. According to S&B, its system pulls air from the factory location, which allows for use of the OE ducting for an excellent seal. A reinforced, four-ply, silicone adapter securely connects the intake tube to the turbo inlet as well. 6.7L Power Stroke Intake Systems are offered with either a dry or cleanable (oiled) air filter and retail for just $289.
S&B Filters (6.7L Power Stroke Intake)
(866) 767-7575
Photo 2/7   |   december 2011 Power Products air Intake
Duramax Girdle kits
Pursuing big horsepower with your Duramax? It’s no secret that engines using a main bearing girdle can handle more power. Industrial Injection’s 14mm Gorilla Girdles for the 6.6L are said to decrease friction in the main bearing bore, provide improved alignment of the piston and crankshaft bores, and stabilize the bottom end of the block. In addition, load is evenly distributed across the main bearing caps, virtually eliminating main cap walk. All girdles are CAD-designed and machined using a CNC mill and lathe.
Industrial Injection
(800) 955-0476
Photo 3/7   |   december 2011 Power Products duramax Girdle Kit
Ultimate Rebuild Package
Now available for ’96 to ’07 Dodge 47RE and 48RE transmissions is a complete rebuild kit from Goerend Transmission. The parts installed in its very own bulletproof transmissions are now available to the public—in the form of two stages of transmission rebuild kits (basic and master). All the internal parts required to make your 47RE or 48RE more durable are supplied, and even a new filter, flexplate stiffener, and Automatic Transmission Service Group (ATSG) book is included. Pricing starts at $725.
Goerend Transmission
(563) 778-2719
Photo 4/7   |   december 2011 Power Products transmission Rebuild Kit
OBS Regulated Return
Driven Diesel now offers a regulated-return fuel system for ’94½ to ’97 Power Stroke engines. Its regulated- return kit provides the necessary plumbing and fuel pressure regulation to simplify the removal of the stock fuel filter reservoir and mechanical fuel pump in the lifter valley. The system comes with larger-than-stock, Teflon-lined, stainless steel fuel lines; CNC-bent, stainless steel tubing in areas subject to heat or tight radius locations; and a Fuelab fuel pressure regulator. All hardware and full-color installation instructions are also included.
Driven Diesel
(623) 582-4404
Photo 5/7   |   december 2011 Power Products fuel Return System
Amp Research, creator of the popular PowerStep, has unveiled its latest step accessory: the BedStep2. Units install on either side of your truck’s bed, flip down with your foot for no-hands operation, and support 300 pounds. The BedStep2 utilizes a high-traction, glass-reinforced, nylon composite material, and the linkage arms are made from high-strength aluminum alloy. Precision, stainless-steel pivot pins and self-lubricating bushings are also used. All units are made in the United States and come with a three-year warranty. To see the BedStep2 in action, go to: http://youtube/37OOJlqoNho.
Amp Research
(800) 301-2826
Photo 6/7   |   december 2011 Power Products amp Research Step
6.2L & 6.5L Starter
IMI Performance Products recently introduced its newest Hi Torque starter. These units are made to replace the most problematic starter motor in the diesel industry: the 6.2L and 6.5L GM V-8 starter, as used in the H1 Hummer. All of IMI’s Nippondenso starters are made right here in the United States, and they replace the Delco starters (part number IMI-25005 for the 12-volt unit, and part number IMI-45005 for the 24-volt version) used by AM General through all H1 production years.
IMI Performance Products
(562) 907-9400
Photo 7/7   |   december 2011 Power Products starter
Thanks for reading this month's Power Products. We like to share with you the latest diesel parts and upgrades available on the market that we think are worthwhile. Company's new product lines and applications like for instance S&B Filter's 6.7L Power Stroke Intake and Amp Research's BedStep2 are what we tend to cover, as well as other products that aren't necessarily new but that we are familiar with and like.

Have a favorite product you'd like to share with the Diesel Power community? Let us know and we'll see if we've mentioned it yet. Shoot a message over to Mike on his page.



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