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New Products - Issue 3

New Products For Your Truck

Maxwell Matthewson
Mar 1, 2012
Breathe Easy

Advanced FLOW engineering (aFe Power) has designed a new after-cat exhaust system for the 2011 Ford F-150 Ecoboost trucks. The Mach Force-XP system is constructed out of 3½-inch mandrel- bent stainless steel and utilizes welded-on, bayonet-style hangers for a complete installation that won’t shift under high heat or vibration conditions. A stainless steel straight-through designed free-flowing muffler is used for an aggressive note and maximum flow. This kit is finished off with a slash cut, rolled polished stainless steel tip for a classic look.

For more information, contact:
(951) 493-7155
Photo 2/7   |   new Products Issue 3 advanced Flow Engineering After Cat Exhaust
Pump It

The innovators at Bullet Proof Diesel have come up with an upgrade over the OE Powerstroke water pump. The new feature is an anodized aluminum impeller for the 6.0L Power Stroke water pump. The OEM impeller is made from a composite (plastic) material and is prone to cracking, flexing, and breaking. With the new Bullet Proof Diesel anodized aluminum impeller installed on the water pump it will eliminate these issues and improve the longevity of the pump itself. Bullet Proof Diesel has discovered another way to make the 6.0L Ford Power Stroke a more reliable vehicle with this upgraded version of the OEM water pump.

For more information, contact:
(888) 967-6653
Photo 3/7   |   new Products Issue 3 bullet Proof Diesel Powerstroke Water Pumps

Daystar Products' new shock and steering stabilizer armor offers an inexpensive way to keep the bodies of shock absorbers and steering stabilizers protected and looking good while adding some color to a vehicle’s undercarriage. They are unique, affordable, and work with any type of shock. While beneficial and effective, shock boots don’t do much to protect the body of the shock absorber itself, which is vulnerable to pitting and dents from rocks, sand, and other debris. Daystar’s shock and steering stabilizer armor provides the necessary protection to keep shock bodies looking good for years to come. Constructed out of tough, thermoplastic polyurethane, the armor absorbs the impacts from damaging road debris. Best of all, they install in minutes.

For more information, contact:
Photo 4/7   |   new Products Issue 3 daystar Products Shock And Steering Stabilizer
Got Heads?

GM Performance Parts (GMPP) has released a high-flow, CNC-ported version of the LS3 cylinder head. It flows more than 350 cfm to promote greater power across the rpm band and maximize the advantage of additional performance parts, such as a larger camshaft and high-flow intake manifold. GMPP engineers recommend the LS Hot Cam or the high-rpm “ASA” camshaft as suitable partners with a set of CNC-ported LS3 heads. The LS Hot Cam delivers 0.525-inch of lift and 219/228 degrees of duration on a 112-degree lobe separation angle. The hotter ASA cam matches the 0.525-inch lift, but delivers 226/236 degrees duration on a tighter 110-degree lobe separation angle. Both camshafts are compatible with the valve springs included with the cylinder head assemblies.

For more information, contact:
Photo 5/7   |   new Products Issue 3 gm Performance Parts Ls3 Cylinder Head
Necessary Information

Dakota Digital has unveiled the VHX series of instrumentation, for 1960-1972 Chevy Trucks. The VHX series offers lit needles, backlit faces, and a full character message center for all displays. It also utilizes solid-state sensors and precision stepper motors for the ultimate accuracy, coupled with a limited lifetime warranty for complete support both now and in the future. Either a stock or aftermarket wiring harness can be used when being installed with a stock, modified, or late-model drivetrain. Style options include a blue or red display color and either a satin silver or carbon-fiber-style face.

For more information, contact:
(800) 852-3228
Photo 6/7   |   new Products Issue 3 dakota Digital Vhx Instrument Panel
Higher Elevation

Trail Master’s six-inch suspension lift for 2004-2008 Ford F-150 pickups, allows truck enthusiasts to personalize and add performance that still provides reliability and good looks. The six-inch suspension system features high-quality, ductile iron, CNC-machined spindles and includes a new front driveshaft that is stronger than the factory two-piece unit, to provide the correct pinion angle for vibration free performance. This kit allows the use of 35-inch-tall tires and retains the factory steering geometry for a smooth ride. Also included in the kit is a heavy-duty 3/16-inch-thick differential skidplate and new front struts and rear SSV shock absorbers that automatically adjust to road conditions.

For more information, contact:
(928) 636-7080
Photo 7/7   |   new Products Issue 3 trail Master Ford F150 Lift Kit



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