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17 Hot New Products From The SEMA Show

Adam Blattenberg
Apr 1, 2012
Illinois Lock Company
Dial Combination Locks
We have too many keys. One for the truck, the camper door, three or four for the storage/fuel/generator/water doors. Now we (and you) can throw away a few of those keys thanks to these dial combination locks from Illinois Lock Company.
Photo 2/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More dial Combination Locks
Remote Control Search Lights
GoLight produces high quality, remote-controlled searchlights. The perfect tool for shedding a little light anywhere, in or on the way to camp. GoLight produces multiple lamps from handheld flash lights all the way up to remote-controlled thermal imaging systems with a whole slew of mounting styles.
Photo 3/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More remote Control Search Lights
Weld Racing
Truck and Trailer Wheels
Give your truck (and now your trailer) a new set of shoes. Weld Racing has just released their new line of matching truck and trailer wheels. These are some of the thickest and beefiest wheels we’ve seen here at RV. By increasing the thickness Weld has helped with heat dissipation and added significant strength raising the weight carrying capacity substantially.
Photo 4/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More truck And Trailer Wheels
Travel Trunks
These burly bags are made for carrying anything and everything. Built with thick Nylon Kodra fabric, reinforced with two inch wide webbing and equipped with YKK’s heavy-duty zippers these bags are practically bullet proof.
Photo 5/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More travel Trunks
Side-Mounted TrekStep
The TrekStep from Bestop gives easy access to your truck bed from the rear or now, from the front too. It easily extends and retracts with light pressure from your foot allowing you to unhook that fifth-wheel or grab a tool from your tool box. Made from high-strength, die-cast aluminum alloy and powdercoated for lasting looks, these steps hold up to 300 pounds.
Photo 6/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More side Mounted Trekstep
Whispbar Roof Racks
This innovative, wind tunnel-tested family of roof racks is, simply, the quietest, most aerodynamic and fuel efficient line of roof racks in the world. As beautiful as they are sturdily built, Whispbar by Yakima products are crafted for the outdoor-minded among us with a more discerning taste.
Photo 7/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More whispbar Roof Racks
Trailer Suspension
When it comes to suspension performance, it’s all about suspension travel. Increased travel means smoother towing, improved tow-ability and better protection from damaging road shock. The MOR/ryde SRE 4000 provides more than 4 inches of suspension travel. This gives you the smoothness you need with today’s rough roads.
Photo 8/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More trailer Suspension
Yulara and Boulia Roof Tents
A TJM Roof Top Tent is always there — where you are. This roof top accommodation will not only get you off the ground, it will also get you away from those annoying leaves, sticks, sand, and nocturnal creepy crawlies that can ruin a good night’s rest. Set up takes just minutes, so you’ll have a place to stay wherever the road (or trail) takes you.
Photo 9/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More yulara And Boulia Roof Tents
YKK Fasteners
Adhesive Backed Snaps
YKK Snap Fasteners America offers a new adhesive-backed snap product that is designed to keep all of your RV accessories securely attached to your vehicle. “SNAD” snap components product line works great for mounting sunshades, curtain rods, drink holders, racks, camping gear, awnings, lighting, antennas, and many other accessories to the inside and outside of an RV.
Photo 10/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More adhesive Backed Snaps
Braille Battery
Lithium-Ion Batteries
Weighing in at about 12 pounds with their own internal computer operating system, these are some extremely light and sophisticated batteries. Braille Battery has a full line of lithium ion batteries ready to swap into whatever RV or vehicle you may have. These batts are more efficient than standard lead-acid or even AGM battery types and will last much longer.
Photo 11/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More lithium Ion Batteries
LMC Truck
Heated Windshield Washer Kit
The Heated Windshield Washer Kit installs inline between the windshield washer reservoir and spray nozzles. It heats your washer fluid to 125 to 135 degrees F, melting snow and ice almost instantly. Suited for year-round use, the heated washer fluid also helps remove bugs, bird droppings, and other nuisances while preventing nozzle clogs at the same time.
Photo 12/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More heated Windshield Washer Kit
Enfotrace GPS
Eye On You Tracking Systems
The EyeOnYou GPS unit is a small, self-contained tracking device that can quickly and effectively locate anything with a 12-volt power source. This GPS technology is smaller than a credit card and combines the universal coverage of the GPS satellites with cellular based communications from different cellular providers.
Photo 13/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More eye On You Tracking Systems
Andersen Hitches
Weight Distribution
Hands down the most innovative new product we saw at the 2011 SEMA show is Andersen Hitches new take on the weight-distribution hitch. It redesigned everything right down to the 2 5/16-inch ball. The Andersen Silent No-Sway Weight Distribution hitch is quiet, smooth and simple. Keep an eye out for a field tested review of this new design in an upcoming issue of RV.
Photo 14/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More weight Distribution
Fun in the Shade Awnings
Awning Tarps
Add a little flair to your boring awning with Fun in the Shade’s customizable vinyl awning tarps. Pick from over 30 different designs from collegiate to patriotic, or even a bamboo/tiki hut design. The folks at Fun in the Shade can also custom design anything you can think of. Send a picture and they’ll turn it into a high-quality awning.
Photo 15/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More awning Tarps
Rhino Linings Roof Solutions
Roof Coating
The spray liner in the bed of your truck is now available as an indestructible (almost) roof coating for your RV. Gone are the days of peeling, cracking, and leaky roofs. Rhino Linings has reformulated the popular bed lining material into a new product we’re really excited about. The Rhino Eco-Coat is 100-percent seamless, won’t peel or crack, and generally lasts three times longer than previous roof styles.
Photo 16/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More roof Coating
GSI Outdoors
Kitchen 23
GSI Outdoors has this cool little kit with just about everything you need to cook and eat a gourmet meal. All 23 items come in a case about the size of a hardback book. The case makes it super easy to store and reduces clutter in your kitchen drawers.
Photo 17/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More kitchen 23
Magne Shade
Magne Shade
Magne Shade is a high-quality custom shade designed to fit the windshield area of your motorhome or other windows. The main difference between a traditional exterior mounted shade and the Magne Shade is the way it is fastened to your windshield. No more snaps, straps, or suction cups. The Magna Shade mounts with extremely powerful magnets in seconds.
Photo 18/18   |   17 Hot New Products From The Sema Show And More magne Shade


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