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Oil Dipstick Adapter for Your 7.3L Power Stroke - May 2012 New Power Products

From simple dipstick fixes to all new turbos, pay attention to this month's Power Products!

Mike McGlothlin
May 1, 2012
Innovative 7.3L Oil Dipstick Adapter Solution
If you’ve ever experienced a leaking oil dipstick adapter on a 7.3L Power Stroke, you know the engine has to be pulled in order to fix it. Not anymore! Strictly Diesel’s oil dipstick adapter kit was born out of the need to truly fix this common-occurring problem. Its kit installs easily and offers an instant fix. With a double O-ring seal, future leaks are highly unlikely. But should they occur, this kit could easily be removed, resealed, and reinstalled with no special tools required.
Visit Strictly Diesel for this oil dipstick adapter
(623) 582-4404 •
Photo 2/7   |   may 2012 Power Products 7 3 Dipstick Adapter Repair Kit
The Killer B
Looking for the perfect turbo to support that hot programmer on your ’03 to ’07 Dodge? BD Diesel’s Killer B turbocharger may fit the bill. Based on an S300, the Killer B was designed for engines making as much as 200 hp more than stock. It features a 63mm extended-tip compressor wheel; special, 90-degree, turned-outlet compressor housing; full-floating axial bearings with five-point thrust pads; and a dual-throated turbine housing. The Killer B is rated to flow 73 pounds of air per minute, which translates to an impressive 1,060 cfm.
BD Diesel Performance
(800) 887-5030 •
Photo 3/7   |   may 2012 Power Products bd Performance Turbo
Threaded LB7 Sleeves
Whether you daily-drive your LB7 Duramax or use it for extreme competition, you may have experienced the factory injector cups lifting in the cylinder heads. Industrial Injection takes that out of the equation with its Torque Lock Injector Cups, which won’t budge under extreme cylinder pressures. The threaded injector cups are made from high-quality stainless steel and are manufactured using precision CNC machines and quality craftsmanship. Industrial Injection installs them (the cylinder heads require machining) but also has kits available for shop or customer install.
Industrial Injection
(800) 955-0476 •
Photo 4/7   |   may 2012 Power Products torque Lock Injector Cups
CAT Filtration For Duramax
What works in heavy industry usually does wonders for the diesel truck market. This couldn’t be truer in the case of better fuel filtration for the Duramax crowd. Underground Diesel Performance offers the CAT 1R-0749 filter, and its adapter plate for $89 (shipped). The 2-micron filter utilizes a super-fine filtration media, removes more than 98 percent of particles 2 microns or larger, and outperforms the Duramax’s OE filter. The CAT filter is said to also be less susceptible to freezing temperatures, making cold starts easier.
Underground Diesel Performance
(702) 737-7333 •
Photo 5/7   |   may 2012 Power Products cat Duramax Filter
2012 Tuning Now Available
Once again, Bully Dog was first to market with tuning options for ’12 model GMs, Rams, and Fords. On-the-fly tuning options will be available on its Triple Dog GT (gauge tuner), which combines four functions into one: adding power, adjusting multiple drivetrain settings, providing vital gauges, and offering a driving coach for optimum fuel economy. Buyers can expect exceptional power gains while retaining the factory emissions systems.
Bully Dog
(888) 817-5580 •
Photo 6/7   |   may 2012 Power Products bully Dog Tuner
’11 to ’12 Super Duty Bumper
Fusion Bumpers now offers the ultimate in front-end functionality and dress up for your ’11 to ’12 Ford Super Duty. Its bumpers feature clevis mounts, factory foglight mounts, air vents, and a ¼-inch faceplate with up to eight gussets for superior strength. All its bumpers are 100 percent made in America, CAD-designed, built using laser-cut American steel, and can be installed with basic handtools with the provided hardware.
Fusion Bumpers
(877) 208-0525 •
Photo 7/7   |   may 2012 Power Products fusion Bumper


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