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6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Upgrade from Elite Diesel - June 2012 New Power Products

Torsion Key's, Built 68RFE, 6.0L Turbo, and More!

Mike McGlothlin
Jun 1, 2012
Big Power 6.0L Turbo
Based on the popular drop-in PowerMax 6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Upgrade , Elite Diesel’s PowerMax-SSX unit may be the ultimate complement for your highly modified ’03 to ’07 Super Duty. By using a larger, 65mm compressor wheel, and a larger-trim, Inconel, 10-blade turbine wheel, intake and exhaust flow is greatly increased. Other turbine upgrades aid in variable-vane reliability, and each unit comes with a VGT solenoid. The SSX was designed for trucks that see up to 45 psi of boost and make 550 hp (or more) at the wheels. This is a 6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Upgrade you can count on to handle your power requirements.
Elite Diesel
(866) 631-8518 •
Photo 2/7   |   june 2012 Power Products garrett Turbo
Built 68RFE
ATS Diesel’s latest endeavor has been bulletproofing the 68RFE found behind ’07½ to present Dodge Rams. Its built version of the six-speed automatic features several key improvements over the factory unit. The Under Drive (Forward), Overdrive, 2C, and 4C clutch packs all receive an increase in surface area (as much as 34 percent), and a modified valvebody adds an additional 100 psi of available line pressure. For the ultimate in transmission control, ATS developed the 68RFE Co-Pilot as well, which can demand high pressure when under full load, smooth shifts while cruising, and also features a tow-haul mode.
ATS Diesel
(866) 490-5573 •
Photo 3/7   |   june 2012 Power Products ats Diesel Transmission
Low-On-Fuel Fix
Xtreme Diesel Performance (XDP) has come up with the ultimate solution for ¼ tank issues associated with the in-tank draw straws used in AirDog and FASS fuel systems. Thanks to a single-piece, billet-aluminum, horseshoe-shaped internal ring, its fuel sump can be bolted to the bottom of any tank or fuel cell (eliminating the need to actually drop the tank). Made from aircraft-grade, T6 billet aluminum and using precision CNC machining technology, XDP’s sumps fit perfectly in both factory or aftermarket fuel tanks, and come with all necessary install hardware.
(888) 343-7354 •
Photo 4/7   |   june 2012 Power Products xdp Sump
Torsion Bar Keys
No longer just a mega parts outlet for gas-powered hot rods, Summit Racing is fast becoming a prime outlet for diesel truck parts including turbos, exhuasts kits and assorted bits and pieces. Its latest offering is torsion bar keys for ’01 to ’08 Chevy and GMC 2500HDs, which are perfect for reversing front-end sag on an older four-wheel-drive truck or adding 2 additional inches of ground clearance to a new one. Summit’s torsion bar keys are crafted from forged steel, protected with a gray powdercoat finish, and retail for just $129.95.
Summit Racing
(800) 230-3030 •
Photo 5/7   |   DSLP 2012 04 PROD 002
Power Stroke Coolant Filtration
Cooling system contaminants can damage your engine’s water pump, coolant hoses, and even the radiator, so why not protect these vital components? Sinister Diesel (parent company of MKM Customs) has released coolant filter kits for both 6.0L and 6.4L Power Strokes for this very reason. Its bypass-style system works by filtering a small amount of coolant on each pass throughout the cooling circuit and collects all solid particles in a spin-on filter. Kits include a coolant filter, filter assembly, coolant hoses, hose clamps and hardware, ball valves, and installation instructions. Not as glamorous as the 6.0 Powerstroke Turbo upgrade we mentioned earlier, that's for sure, but worth every dollar for your engine's longevity.
MKM Customs
(877) 692-4110 •
Photo 6/7   |   june 2012 Power Products mkm Customs Cooling Filtration System
EGR-Compatible Y-Pipe
Another industry first from the Duramax experts at Pacific Performance Engineering (PPE) is the optional Y-pipe. It was made for owners seeking the best of both worlds: It has the power and reliability increases PPE’s high-flow exhaust manifolds and up-pipes provide, yet it retains the stock EGR system. The Race Y-pipe is built using 11-gauge, 0.120-inch-wall stainless steel and features aircraft-grade bellows. According to PPE, it was designed to the same exacting standards as its regular up-pipe, albeit with an additional section that completes the connection to the EGR cooler.
(714) 985-4825 •
Photo 7/7   |   june 2012 Power Products ppe Egr Y Pipe
Thanks for reading this month's Power Products. We like to share with you the latest diesel parts and upgrades available on the market that we think are worthwhile. Company's new product lines and applications like for instance Elite Diesel's 6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Upgrade and XDP's low-on-fuel fix are what we tend to cover, as well as other products that aren't necessarily new but that we are familiar with and like.


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