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Look at: Triple Turbo Cummins Kits And More - July 2012 New Power Products

Billet Duramax Block, Tripple Turbo Kits, and More!

Mike McGlothlin
Jul 1, 2012
Triple Turbo Cummins Kits
One-off, custom-fabricated, and time-consuming triple-turbo-system installs may be a thing of the past. Diesel Power Source has just released its new triple turbo Cummins systems for 5.9L second- and third-generation Dodge Rams. Its kits will be the first mass-produced triple-turbo setups made to date. External wastegates will come standard, as well as cast-iron pedestals for utmost flow efficiency. According to Diesel Power Source, its kits will flow as much as 3,800 cfm and provide stock-like spool-up.
Diesel Power Source
(888) 828-2325 •
Photo 2/7   |   july 2012 Power Products triple Turbo Kit
Billet-Block Duramax
Another first for the diesel industry, LSM Systems Engineering is now machining complete, billet-aluminum Duramax blocks for competition use. The billet 6.6L crankcase is said to not only be lighter, but it will also disperse heat much better than the factory cast-iron piece and (in most cases) can be repaired in the event of a catastrophic engine failure. Available through NGM Diesel Performance, blocks can be had with or without aluminum main-bearing caps, optional deck heights, bore sizes, lifter sizes, and come with sleeved or Nikasil-plated cylinders. These billet-aluminum blocks also feature an upgraded oiling system, a more rigid exterior design, and weigh 100 pounds less than stock.
NGM Diesel Performance
(301) 884-2175 •
Photo 3/7   |   july 2012 Power Products billet Duramax Engine Block
Extended Oil Changes
Oil Charge Systems’ bypass oil filtration kits can extend oil changes to 20,000 miles on standard oil, and as much as 60,000 miles on full synthetic. The key to its system is the 1-micron Amsoil filter that works in conjunction with the engine’s full-flow oil filter (which must be changed at regular intervals with the oil topped off). Kits come complete with filter, billet-aluminum caps, stainless-steel hoses, and a laser-cut and powdercoated bracket. Systems are available for 6.0L Power Strokes, ’04½-to-’08 Cummins engines, and all Duramaxes.
Oil Charge Systems
(281) 890-1113 •
Photo 4/7   |   july 2012 Power Products oil Charge System
Seven-Spoke Wheel
Dick Cepek Tires and Wheels recently released its first seven-spoke wheel for truck enthusiasts. Called the Gun Metal 7, the machined-aluminum wheel offers a unique, gun metal gray metallic finish. A tough, glossy clearcoat provides a layer of UV protection for added durability and ease of care, even in harsh climates. The new wheel is available in shallow offsets (for non-lifted trucks) and high offsets (for lifted trucks) to offer extra brake caliper clearance and retention of the factory TPMS. The Gun Metal 7 can be had in 17- or 20-inch diameters.
Dick Cepek Tires and Wheels
(888) 317-2864 •
Photo 5/7   |   july 2012 Power Products dick Cepek 7 Spoke Wheel
VW Power
If you’re looking to get more power, fuel economy, or durability out of your Volkswagen diesel, look no further than Scheid Diesel. It now offers custom tuning for ’96 to ’12 VWs. Performance gains start out at 20 hp and, depending on what stage tune you go with (and whether or not you’ve upgraded your injectors, injection pump, or turbo), 150 extra horsepower is possible. According to Scheid, a 2-mpg increase in fuel efficiency is typical. Tuning starts at $300.
Scheid Diesel
(888) 596-2144 •
Photo 6/7   |   july 2012 Power Products scheid Diesel Vw Tuner
The Wander Solution
Death wobble, wheel shimmy, steering wander, whatever you call it, it’s a very common problem on ’94-to-current Dodge trucks. According to Custom Diesel, the cause of the problem can be traced back to the flex that occurs in the front framerails. Its steering stabilizer eliminates this flex by tying the framerails to the steering box. Kits come with a heavy-duty, TIG-welded and powdercoated main bracket, all hardware, a greasable bearing, and detailed installation instructions. Kits cost just $119 and are available for ’94-to-’11 Dodge Rams.
Custom Diesel
(877) 259-4977 •
Photo 7/7   |   july 2012 Power Products dodge Steering Stabilizer
Thanks for reading this month's Parts Bin. We like to share with you the latest diesel parts and upgrades available on the market that we think are worthwhile. Company's new product lines and applications like for instance Diesel Power Source's triple turbo cummins kit and NGM's Duramax blocks are what we tend to cover, as well as other products that aren't necessarily new but that we are familiar with and like.

Have a favorite product you'd like to share with the Diesel Power community? Let us know and we'll see if we've mentioned it yet. Shoot a message over to Mike on his page.


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