Personal Cargo: Bags, Boots & Silverware

Adam Blattenberg
Jul 1, 2012
Personal Cargo is dedicated to the accessories you put not on your RV but rather on you (or in your hands). From essential survival tools to the latest camping gear, we’ll review equipment aimed at helping you enjoy your next road trip.

In this issue we take a look at a few completely different but still highly handy items for the outdoor-adventuring clan: lightweight and compact kitchen set for camping convenience; boots for hiking excursions; and a darn near bombproof bag for hauling all your personal cargo.

For the hiker in you, LOWA’s got a great new boot that should fit your needs. The engineering that went into creating this boot is beyond belief. From the lacing designed to distribute pressure evenly down to the asymmetrical walking platform intended to reduce fatigue and help balance, LOWA has really put some love into their Ranger GTX boot. It’s strong and sturdy where it needs to be and soft and flexible where it doesn’t. Constructed with famous Gore-Tex technology, these boots are guaranteed to keep your feet dry and comfortable.
Photo 2/6   |   personal Cargo Bags Boots And Silverware lowa Ranger Gtx

We all need more quality storage solutions, and those plastic crates from Wal-Mart keep breaking on us. Mountainsmith’s line of Travel Trunk bags are just what the doctor ordered. Available in four different sizes all with YKK’s heavy duty zippers so there is no worry of the bag popping open at the worst possible moment. Travel Trunks are made with super thick d600 and d1000 Nylon Kodra fabric and reinforced like a battleship with loads of two inch wide webbing. Add on the Strapette shoulder straps and the Travel Trunk becomes a back pack for the trail. Seriously these bags are so beefy one’s now our new tool bag. Although maybe we should have gone with the smaller bag...way too many tools, we can’t even lift the thing!
Photo 3/6   |   personal Cargo Bags Boots And Silverware mountainsmith Travel Trunk Bags
GSI Outdoors

This company specializes in what we like to call expedition-style gear. Its products have made it across the globe, from your local campsite to the top of Everest. One reason we like GSI Outdoors is because of the memories of our early days of RVing. We had spent many hours cleaning up broken plates and glasses that fell from the top cabinet of our first cab-over camper due to windy roads. Needless to say paper plates and Dixie cups have become our friends. But thanks to GSI Outdoors there’s a better solution. Every RV should have these great, nearly-indestructible kitchen products in stock.



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