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Look at the MBRP Diesel Exhaust TD Series and More- August 2012 New Power Products

Exhaust Manifolds, Boost Manifolds, and More!

Mike McGlothlin
Aug 1, 2012
Big Three Exhaust Option
The TD Series of MBRP Diesel Exhaust systems were designed to give diesel owners an extra choice. Made from rugged, 16 gauge, T409 stainless steel, these turndown systems are perfect for lowered trucks with limited clearance in the quarter-panel area. In addition, they’re ideal for lifted trucks where suspension components can interfere with an exhaust tailpipe. TD series systems come with a high-flow, spiral-louvered core muffler and a polished, T304 stainless steel tip. Kits are available for Chevy, Dodge, and Ford trucks.
MBRP Diesel Exhaust
(888) 636-7223 •
Photo 2/7   |   august 2012 Power Products mbrp Exhaust
Revolutionary Exhaust Manifolds
Steed Speed Performance now offers upgraded exhaust manifolds for ’03 to ’10 Power Strokes. During testing (and when paired with a set of 2½-inch up-pipes from Powerstroke Connection), its groundbreaking manifolds provided a 92hp increase in a 6.4L application. According to Steed Speed, its manifolds flow so well they enable large turbos to spool like stock, can lower engine temperature, and vastly reduce EGT. Built entirely from CNC-machined billet-steel components, its manifolds feature V-band outlets and perfectly flat flanges and are ceramic coated. Combining it with something like the MBRP Diesel Exhaust is common for even more power.
Steed Speed Performance
(250) 766-7136 •
Photo 3/7   |   august 2012 Power Products steed Speed Performance Exhaust Manifold
Duramax Boost Manifold
If you’ve been looking for an easier, faster way to install a boost gauge or injectables, like nitrous or water-methanol injection, on your ’01 to ’10 Duramax, Alligator Performance has you covered. Its Diesel Race Parts (DRP) boost manifold rules out having to pull the factory intake manifold, drill and tap it, and run the risk of the cast material cracking later on down the road. According to Alligator Performance, it’s perfect for the shade-tree mechanic as well as shops that are pressed for time.
Alligator Diesel Performance
(208) 777-1977 •
Photo 4/7   |   august 2012 Power Products duramax Boost Manifold
Bulletproof Bellhousing
Lakewood Industries, a brand of Prestolite Performance, recently introduced the RM-2050 diesel bellhousing, which fits ’89 to ’07 5.9L engines to ’92 to ’97 NV4500 five-speed manual transmissions. Built from high-grade steel, its bellhousing has more than twice the strength of a typical steel unit. In addition, the bellhousing’s cone is spin-formed (not rolled or stamped) to provide consistent wall thickness and unmatched strength. All units are precisely manufactured to be the most dimensionally stable bellhousings for today’s high-performance street and pulling trucks.
Lakewood Industries
(216) 688-8300 •
Photo 5/7   |   august 2012 Power Products lakewood Industries Bellhousing
Corrosion-Proof Fuel Tank
Have you been battling fuel line contamination or faced fuel tank delamination on your ’99 to ’10 Super Duty? Titan Fuel Tanks’ new 37- and 40- gallon replacement tanks are constructed of military-grade, cross-linked polyethylene and are said to be corrosion proof. Its tanks feature a rollover vent valve and vent hose and a drain plug for easy maintenance and are compatible with most biodiesel blends. All of Titan’s tanks come with a limited five-year warranty.
Titan Fuel Tanks
(800) 728-4982 •
Photo 6/7   |   august 2012 Power Products titan Fuel Tank
CAT Tuning
Bully Dog’s Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner (HDGT) is now available for various medium- and heavy-duty CAT engines ranging from the C7 to the C16, and even the older 3406E. Its HDGT combines the best-in-class features of the Heavy Duty WatchDog and Bully Dog’s engine and ECM tuning. Owners can choose between a standard-equipped economy tune, an economy-plus power tune, or opt for complete custom tuning. A host of bonus features allow you to adjust engine idle time, change the top speed limiter, read and clear trouble codes, and display instant fuel economy.
Bully Dog
(888) 844-6260 •
Photo 7/7   |   august 2012 Power Products bully Dog Cat Tuner
Thanks for reading this month's Parts Bin. We like to share with you the latest diesel parts and upgrades available on the market that we think are worthwhile. Company's new product lines and applications like for instance the MBRP Diesel Exhaust kits and Steed Speed Performance's Duramax manifolds are what we tend to cover, as well as other products that aren't necessarily new but that we are familiar with and like. It's cool that The TD Series of MBRP Diesel Exhaust systems are already available for all makes.

Have a favorite product you'd like to share with the Diesel Power community? Let us know and we'll see if we've mentioned it yet. Shoot a message over to Mike on his page.


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