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  • DP's DIY Diesel Engine Repair - Common Maintenance Parts and More - October 2012 New Power Products

DP's DIY Diesel Engine Repair - Common Maintenance Parts and More - October 2012 New Power Products

The Latest DIY Parts and More For Your Diesel

Mike McGlothlin
Oct 1, 2012
Blow-by Fix, DIY diesel engine repair
Scheid Diesel’s billet-aluminum tappet cover was designed for street-driven, high- powered Dodge Rams suffering from excessive wet blow-by. It offers an easy DIY diesel engine repair to reduce—if not completely eliminate—the wet blow in many performance Cummins engines. Its tappet cover will fit any ’89 to ’02 5.9L engine, and each has provisions in the cover to accept the VE, P7100, or VP44 injection pump.
Scheid Diesel
(800) 669-1593
Photo 2/7   |   october 2012 Power Products scheid Diesel Tappet Cover
Freer Flow For 6.4Ls
The latest airflow modification on the market for the 6.4L Power Stroke is No Limit Fabrication’s cold side intercooler piping kit. Its system was designed to enhance flow from the intercooler to the engine and is the only kit on the market that works in conjunction with twin K16 high-pressure fuel systems. Piping can be had in stainless steel or aluminum, in raw form or polished, and select powdercoating colors are available. Kits also come with five-ply, silicone boots and stainless steel mounting hardware.
No Limit Fabrication
(805) 732-6268
Photo 3/7   |   october 2012 Power Products intercooler Pipe
Leaky Allison Fix
According to All Season Diesel Performance, one of the biggest frustrations for Duramax owners is leaking transmission lines. To remedy this, it came up with a Duramax Trans Line Repair Kit, which includes three high-quality stainless steel lines and Earl’s reusable fittings. The fittings provide a smooth inside bore, resulting in no flow restrictions, and lines come preassembled and ready to install. According to All Season, the only special tools required for this DIY diesel engine repair are two 1-inch wrenches and a small tubing cutter (tubing cutter also available).
All Season Diesel Performance
(989) 479-0444
Photo 4/7   |   october 2012 Power Products stainless Steel Lines
Exhaust Manifold Shield
Looking to make better use of your engine’s exhaust heat? Heatshield Products’ HP Manifold Shield for Cummins engines is designed to retain heat in the exhaust system, which decreases gas density and allows gases to leave the manifold, turbo, and downpipe faster. The payoff can be increased boost, less turbo lag, and an overall improvement in turbo efficiency. Its HP Manifold Shield can withstand 1,800 degrees continuous, and 2,200 degrees intermittently. Units are available in black or aluminum finishes.
Heatshield Products
(800) 750-3978
Photo 5/7   |   october 2012 Power Products exhaust Manifold Heatshield
Mobile Refueling Station
Transfer Flow has introduced its 40-gallon toolbox and refueling tank combo for truck owners looking to manually refill their tank, as well as other vehicles and equipment. The toolbox provides more than 6 cubic feet of storage space, and the fillneck is located inside the locking storage compartment to keep your fuel safe. Its 40-gallon fuel tank combo fits all domestic and imported fullsize trucks and comes preassembled with a 12-volt transfer pump, 12-foot hose and nozzle, wiring harness, dash-mounted power switch, and all mounting hardware.
Transfer Flow
(800) 442-0056
Photo 6/7   |   october 2012 Power Products fueling Station
Legendary Bumper
Now available for ’11 and ’12 Ford Super Dutys is Ranch Hand Truck Accessories’ Legend front bumper. According to Ranch Hand, its front bumpers offer peace of mind and can possibly even protect you in the event of an accident. The Legend is a one-piece, fully welded design that mounts to the frame for unmatchable strength and vibration elimination. Units also come with a high-quality black powdercoat finish and grille inserts that match the vehicle manufacturer’s original grille design.
Ranch Hand Truck Accessories
(800) 366-9712
Photo 7/7   |   october 2012 Power Products ford Super Duty With Ranch Hand Bumper
Thanks for reading this month's Parts Bin. We like to share with you the latest diesel parts and upgrades available on the market that we think are worthwhile. This month, we have some DIY diesel engine repair kits and parts on display such as Scheid Diesel's blow-by fix for Cummins and All Season Diesel Performance's Duramax tranny line leak fix.

Have a favorite product you'd like to share with the Diesel Power community? Let us know and we'll see if we've mentioned it yet. Shoot a message over to Mike on his page.


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