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Dec 1, 2012
Helper Spring

Hellwig Products has added the new Express van helper spring to the Pro Series spring family. For cargo vans, the Pro Series features bolt-on design, plated and powdercoated components, and easy-to-follow instructions. Manufactured with heat-treated ASTM 5150 alloy spring steel, these helper springs provide control and a level ride.

Hellwig Products
Photo 2/8   |   1212 8l 11 Hd Truck Parts Work Products December 2012 Hellwig Express Van Helper Spring
Inline Thermostat

An added feature that complements the Bullet Proof engine oil system for the Ford 6.0L Power Stroke is this inline thermostat and pressure bypass for use in cold weather climates. The new cold weather package automatically regulates a minimum working oil temperature of 180 degrees and allows for faster oil pressure buildup at startup. The kit regulates the oil pressure difference between supply and return for better oil feed under high-demand conditions.

Neal Technologies
Photo 3/8   |   1212 8l 10 Hd Truck Parts Work Products December 2012 Inline Thermostat And Pressure Bypass Kit
Lower Intake Temps

Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) has introduced a CryO2 4-inch intake that redefines cool. The new patented air intake features an aerodynamically designed bulb with an internal cryogenic chamber mounted in a short, modular air tube. This kit harnesses the extreme cooling properties of liquid CO2 to reduce air intake temperatures up to 50 degrees. Lower intake temps result in more power.

Photo 4/8   |   1212 8l 09 Hd Truck Parts Work Products December 2012 Design Engineering Intake
Proportional Brake Controller

Factory Direct Equipment has brought the X10 Trailer Mate series mid-range brake controller to the market, and it features a six-segment LCD display, harness plug for easy connections, easy mount bracket, ramp time slider, manual override level, reverse wire protection, and a lot more.

Trailer Mate
Photo 5/8   |   1212 8l 12 Hd Truck Parts Work Products December 2012 Factory Direct X10 Trailer Mate Series Mid Range Brake Controller
Replacement Tailgate Handle

BOLT (Breakthrough One-key Lock Technology) has introduced a GM replacement handle assembly that allows truck owners to quickly switch a non-locking tailgate to a locking tailgate. Available for ’07 and newer trucks, the BOLT system works with one key for everything. BOLT also has a variety of locks, such as padlocks, receiver locks, cable locks, and spare tire locks that all work off the same key.

Strattec 877-251-8798
Photo 6/8   |   1212 8l 13 Hd Truck Parts Work Products December 2012 Bolt Gm Replacement Handle Assembly
Part Finder App

Bosch is making it easier to find parts through the use of apps that work with iPhones, iPads, and Android phones or tablets. Bosch products currently covered in the Vehicle Part Finder app include oxygen sensors, fuel pumps, air management sensors, and glow plugs—with a part number and photo for every one. Go to the Apple iTunes App store or the Amazon App store (for Androids).

Photo 7/8   |   hd Truck Parts Work Products December 2012 bosch Part Finder Application
Cetane Boost

Hellfire 8+ Cetane Booster is the latest product from Fuel Bomb, the company that sells F-Bomb diesel additive. Low-quality fuel can lead to incomplete combustion, rough idle, reduced fuel economy, and more. Hellfire 8+ Cetane Booster lowers the flash point of the fuel. It encourages early and uniform ignition, which leads to quicker throttle response and a host of other good things.

Fuel Bomb
Photo 8/8   |   1212 8l 08 Hd Truck Parts Work Products December 2012 Hellfire Cetane Boost



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