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LLY, LBZ, and LMM Duramax Performance Upgrades and More - December 2012 Power Products

The Latest Goodies For Your Rig

Mike McGlothlin
Dec 1, 2012
6.0L Power Stroke crate engines
Performance Machine is now offering complete 6.0L Power Stroke crate engines in various forms. All engines are completely torn down and rebuilt from scratch, including new pistons and rings after the block has received a 0.020-inch overbore. At the request of the customer, engines can be upgraded with ARP head studs, a different camshaft, Carrillo rods, coated pistons, stiffer valvesprings, and stronger pushrods. All 6.0L Power Stroke crate engines are preassembled and come with new injectors, an IPR valve, cam and crank sensors, ICP sensor, turbo, oil cooler, and water pump.
6.0L Power Stroke crate engines by Performance Machine
(877) 408-3256 •
Photo 2/7   |   december 2012 Power Products ford 6 0 Power Stroke Crate Engine
600hp Turbo
BD Diesel’s latest Super B Special turbo was designed for ’08 to ’12 6.7L Cummins engines. Units feature an extended tip, 64½mm compressor wheel, BD’s own compressor housing with a 90-degree outlet, and a six-pad thrust bearing design. Turbos also come with a heavy-sprung dual wastegate actuator and a Boost Control Turnbuckle (to better control boost creep). According to BD, its unit flows 1,160 cfm, supports 600 rwhp, and won’t increase EGT beyond peak operating conditions. Complete kits come with a two-piece exhaust manifold, 4-inch downpipe, and complete Special EGR hardware kit.
BD Diesel Performance
(800) 887-5030 •
Photo 3/7   |   december 2012 Power Products bd Diesel Turbo Kit
Duramax Performance Upgrades Package
Air intake modifications arguably benefit the Duramax more than any other engine. Advanced Flow Engineering capitalized on this and put together a performance package for LLY, LBZ, and LMM owners for improved airflow. The Duramax performance upgrades include a BladeRunner intercooler, which is 15 percent larger and outflows the OE unit by 48 percent, helps lower EGT. A 3-inch, mandrel-bent, hot-side intercooler tube can yield as much as 16 additional hp (49 lb-ft). And a freer-flowing turbo inlet manifold (Y-bridge) improves spoolup, lowers EGT, and can add as much as 9 hp (23 lb-ft).
Advanced Flow Engineering
(888) 901-7693 •
Photo 4/7   |   december 2012 Power Products afe Power Duramax Intercooler
Power Stroke Pod Mount
As electronic monitors continue to advance more and more, many diesel owners are getting away from mounting multiple gauges along their A-pillars. H&S Performance has just finished its latest product for 6.4L and 6.7L Power Stroke owners using its Black Maxx and Mini Maxx programmers. Its new pod mount was designed in-house, with factory quality and looks in mind. The new pod mount comes pre-painted to color-match your truck’s interior and is texture-matched as well. Installation is easy, and pod mounts even come with detailed instructions.
H&S Performance
(888) 628-1730 •
Photo 5/7   |   december 2012 Power Products power Stroke Pod Mount
Power Jack
Husky Towing Products’ Brute Power Jacks have created a new standard in RV power jacks. Its HB3000 (3,000-pound lift capacity) and HB4500 (4,500-pound capacity) models fit any A-frame coupler and utilize a ball screw design for reduced friction, less noise, and increased motor life. They can be lowered or raised 10 inches in just 38 seconds, while 18 inches of full stroke provides plenty of height. Standard features include three LED work lights to illuminate the hookup area, hardened steel gears, weather-resistant motor, 30-amp fuse and inline fuse holder, and a manual emergency crank.
Husky Towing Products
(800) 495-5858 •
Photo 6/7   |   december 2012 Power Products husky Towing Power Jack
Dmax Diff Cover
Looking to dress up or cool down the AAM 925 under your ’11-or-newer Chevy or GMC HD? Pacific Performance Engineering’s new Duramax performance upgrades include the front differential cover that's cast from high-grade aluminum alloy and features 5⁄8-inch internal heat-absorbing ribs for reducing gear oil temperature (as well as ¼-inch external cooling fins). The sight level fill plug has a large, 17mm hex head and a 1-inch Neodymium magnet to attract and collect harmful debris. PPE’s cover also increases fluid capacity by 24 ounces. Duramax performance upgrades
(714) 985-4825
Photo 7/7   |   december 2012 Power Products ppe Diff Cover


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