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New Products - October 2013 - Budget Special

Twelve New Products That Won't Break the Bank

Patrick McCarthy
Aug 22, 2013
Best of the 'Bagged
Who: Ekstensive Metal Works
What: Ekstensive app for iPhone, iPad, and Android
Why: Get your daily dose of slammed custom trucks with snapshots from one of Texas' finest fabricators. Check out in-progress build photos, trucks of the day, photos from around the shop, and much more.
Where:, (281) 442-1050
Photo 2/13   |   Ekstensive Metal Works App
Luxury Rumble
Who: Flowmaster
What: Force II cat-back exhaust for '12-'13 Escalade 6.2L with dual exhaust
Why: We know why Cadillac gave the Escalade a quiet, reserved exhaust note, but in our opinion, the Caddy's 403hp 6.2L V-8 deserves a little more rumble. Flowmaster has the solution with their dual 3-inch after-cat system, and it delivers their signature sound with a factory look and minimal drone.
Where:, (707) 544-4761
Photo 3/13   |   Flowmaster Force II Cat Back Exhaust
American-Made Blade
Who: Benchmade
What: 300 Axis Flipper folding knife
Why: This clever blade opens three ways: with the lever-action "flipper," with the thumb stud, or by pulling back the patented AXIS lock slider. Also, the textured grips have a natural wood look, but they're actually a highly compressed fiberglass that's extremely durable and lightweight. Best of all, it's made right here in the USA.
Where:, (800) 800-7427
Photo 4/13   |   Benchmade Folding Knife
Shielded Lift
Who: Pro Comp
What: Lift Shield for suspension lift kits
Why: Pro Comp's Stage II lift kits are smoother and stronger than ever, and if anything does go wrong once the kit is installed, their free Lift Shield warranty has you covered. It protects your engine, transmission, transfer case, gears, and axles for 5 years or 50,000 miles, even if the truck's manufacturer denies your warranty claim.
Where:, (800) 776-0767
Photo 5/13   |   Pro Comp Lift Shield
Clean and Simple
Who: T-Rex
What: Four-piece Billet Grille for 2013 F-150
Why: With an easy install and minimal hardware, T-Rex continues to make some of the cleanest grilles on the market. They also offer the most comprehensive warranty of any grille manufacturer, so if something does go wrong, they've got your back.
Where:, (951) 270-5388

Photo 6/13   |   T Rex Billet Grille
Who: Rancho
What: Torsion Key Leveling Kit for '99-and-newer GM Trucks
Why: Rather than using extended shock brackets, Rancho's new forged torsion key system includes extended-length RS5000 front shocks. This means your truck will ride smoothly and handle precisely, even with up to 33-inch tires.
Where:, (734) 384-7806
Photo 7/13   |   Rancho Torsion Key Leveling Kit
Who: Trend Performance
What: One-Piece Pushrods for Cummins, Powerstroke, and Duramax
Why: These one-piece pushrods are forged and heat-treated for absurd strength and rigidity. When you're going for maximum power in a diesel application, strong internals are key, and these can take all the abuse you can dish out.
Where:, (586) 447-0400
Photo 8/13   |   Trend Performance One Poece Push Rods
Tactical Tool
Who: SOG
What: PowerLock S62 multi-tool
Why: Every truck's glovebox needs a good multi-tool, and SOG's newest model is packed with 17 tools to get you out of sticky situations. It's even got a V-cutter for slicing through straps, cables, or wiring, and compound leverage pliers that provide powerful clamping force.
Where:, (888) 405-6433
Photo 9/13   |   Sog Powerlock Multitool
Under Pressure
Who: Viair
What: 400P-A Automatic Portable Air Compressor Kit
Why: Viair's first automatic shut-off portable compressor, this convenient kit can pump out 150 psi of pressure for 40 minutes at a time. It also includes a quick-connect air hose, gas station-style air gun, pressure gauge, and rugged storage bag, so you can take it anywhere your truck goes.
Where:, (949) 585-0011
Photo 10/13   |   Viair Portable Air Compressor Kit
Rok Hard
Who: Rokform
What: iPhone and Galaxy SIII Cases
Why: Rokform's solid construction protects your phone from everyday dings, dents, and scratches. Plus, they offer more than 10 mounting options, including a built-in magnet.
Where:, (855) 765-3676
Photo 11/13   |   Rokform Phone Cases
Slick SVT
Who: Recon
What: SVT Raptor Illuminated Emblems
Why: Add a tough new look to your Raptor with these backlit SVT fender emblems. Available in amber, red, or white, you can match your truck and tell everyone that it's no ordinary F-150.
Where:, (877) 377-3266
Photo 12/13   |   Recon Svt Raptor Illuminated Emblems
Voodoo Magic
Who: Voodoo Ride
What: Shoq Wheel and Tire Cleaner
Why: Don't bust your butt scrubbing off stubborn brake dust and grime off your wheels. Shoq is gentle enough to be safe on all wheel finishes, but strong enough to leave your wheels shimmering—without all the extra work.
Where:, (877) 944-0465
Photo 13/13   |   Voodoo Ride Wheel And Tire Cleaner


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