Stain-Less Water Filter Product Review

Spotless Wash: Portable Water Filtering and Softening from Stain-Less

Adam Blattenberg
Oct 14, 2013
Photographers: Adam Blattenberg
Water -- be it from the tap, the ocean, any lake, river, or even the clearest stream -- is contaminated. While there can be a multitude of different types of contaminants in water, for the purpose of this conversation we’ll look at contamination that comes in the form of suspended minerals and other particulate. This contamination is suspended in the water, normally unseen by the naked eye but becomes extremely easy to see after washing your RV or really anything at all, in the form of water spots. These water spots are left behind once the pure water has evaporated. Removing these contaminants will result in many benefits, especially when it comes time to wash your rig. This filtered and softened water allows for soap to lather easier, meaning less soap used; it’s less harsh on fiberglass, metal, painted, and other surfaces; it tastes better and has reduced smell; plus it leaves behind little to no contaminants when it dries, meaning no more water spots. The reduced amount of minerals in the water is also much easier on your RV’s plumbing -- no more clogged, tarnished, or stained fittings/faucets.
The Stain-Less Filter removes theses minerals in two ways: first with a carbon filter to remove the larger particles, mostly organic, and then with a second filter known as an Ion Exchange filter, which uses smaller resin beads that work like a magnet to grab the smaller particles. While the first step in the process requires a new carbon filter element from time to time (they’re cheap and readily available), this Ion Exchange portion of the filter is rechargeable. By taking salt tablets and inserting them in the carbon filter housing (sans carbon filter), the process takes only a few minutes of washing plain tap water through the element, flushing all the unwanted particles away.
The Stain-Less Water Filter is portable and lightweight, allowing for use on multiple rigs at different locations but can also be plumbed into an RV. It can be mounted permanently for softened onboard water, whether you’re hooked up or dry camping, all while still having the convenience of spot-less water available for washing.
Photo 2/5   |   Stain Less Water Filter
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Stain-Less Water Filter Softener



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